Your Best Life Hack Friend – Buy Awesome Pocket Knives for Sale

Who amongst us has not found ourselves in a place where we have had to use a life hack to make things easy? Even the best of us have been in situations where we wish we could have had a handy tool with us to get some of the most basic and important things done. The best part is that there are many things out of those sticky situations that can be accomplished with a pocket knife. 

Yes, you read that right. Consider being out camping, and you need to find the fire for kindling, or you need to cut ropes and steady a tent, or maybe you need to cut fruit and food to prep it faster over a small fire – what do you do? You accomplish all these little tasks with a single pocket knife.

Pocket Knives were initially made to be used by the military. That is where the famous Swiss Army knife comes from. This knife became so popular in the first place that they were the ultimate life hack tool created to assist soldiers in tough living conditions and defend themselves when need be. They are light, and they come with all sorts of helpful little additions with the blade to help with an array of different tasks.

The average pocket knife blade's size is somewhere between 3 inches to 6 inches, which makes it non-threatening and safe to use in a myriad of situations. So it might be a little strange for you to carry a knife everywhere, but short from brandishing your knife at passerby and terrorizing people, pocket knives are legal and quite helpful tools in the house and outside as well.

Here Are Some Ways to Use a Pocket Knife to Make Your Life Easier

There are often small inconveniences and situations that we don’t consider when we think about what we need to prepare for. That is where it might surprise you how many ways a pocket knife can be used to help make your life easier. So this list will cover some basic, often ignored situations that can be made easier if you keep your best pocket knife close by at all times.

  • Cutting Parcels, Wrappers, Tough Seals and Bags;

This particular task props up unexpected in the house and on the move all the time. You receive a package that is tough to taping and seals; rather than worrying about opening it, a simple slice with your pocket knife saves time and safely opens your sealed package without damaging anything inside. 

The same is the case with wrappers and tough packets in the kitchen and on road trips; how many times do you wish you had a scissor nearby to swiftly open packets of food without spilling; keeping these cheap knives close saves the time and energy of making a mess.

  • Camping buddy to do all the small annoying things;

Usually, when you’re out camping and in the great outdoors, there is little that you can carry with yourself and even less that can be carried in terms of tools. You can find these dull knives for sale that will be useful. It can dig small holes to set up tent pegs; it can cut ropes to make hammocks, it can slice the wood into kindling, it can poke holes in a plastic bag to make a makeshift shower, and can be used to forage small herbs and plants.

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  • Personal Defense Tool for Safety;

Usually, when people think of knives, the first thing they think about is danger. While this may not be the case with the humble, cheap pocket knives, but they are something that can get you out of a rough spot. If you want to keep a small knife with you, they can be the difference between life and death in some cases. They are ideal for fending off wild and rabid animals as well as an attack by a criminal.

  • Emergency life-saver tool;

Besides being handy for personal defense, pocket knives are easy to keep in your pocket and purse, which makes them an excellent tool on the go. In case of accidents like car crashes, these knives can cut the seat belts of victims. They are also useful to cut animal leashes if they get stuck somewhere to prevent them from choking.

  • All-time Life Hack Gadget;

One of the best things about these cool pocket knives is that even if you use them occasionally, you won’t ever regret keeping a pocket knife close by; one way or the other, you will find some use for it wherever you go and whatever you do. 

These knives have blades, filers, corkscrews, screwdrivers, and sometimes even little hooks known as parcel carriers to carry bags that can prevent your hand from getting blistered. They are useful for removing splinters from your hands and seeds from fruits. They can even be used to clean scales off of fish and slice meat.

Your Best Life Hack Friend – Buy Awesome Pocket Knives for Sale

What Kinds of Pocket Knives are there?

Usually, whatever kind of knife you get, if it is easy to handle and can fit in your pocket, it will qualify as a pocket knife. Still, one category is primarily known for being super handy, and that is spring assisted knives. As indicative by the name, most small knives are useful because they come with a spring loaded blade that clicks the blade open.

It is fast and swift, making it handy to use in an emergency where you don’t have time to use both hands or remove a knife's sheath. They close back up and retrieve into the handle of the blade, so they are safe to keep on your person; some of them even have clips for your pocket and belt. There are many varieties of spring loaded blades that you can find, which are perfect for daily use and occasional.

That Begs the Question - Where can I Buy Pocket Knives Online?

It is almost too easy to find good pocket knives online, especially if you are familiar with some of the best knife brands that create excellent knives for everyday use and unique collection. You can search for wholesale knives on the internet, and you will get a selection of quality brands like MTech USA and Tac Force that have created well-crafted and high-quality knives. These manufacturers are some of the front runners of the knife game, and you can search for them correctly to make sure that the knife you get is guaranteed to be durable and easy to use but are also affordable.

That brings us to the next question: to get cheap knives that still have the same quality as an expensive knife. The answer to that is also quite straightforward. You can go online and look up Knife Import, and you will find the most extensive and diversified collection of the most impressive looking pocket knives for sale. To give you an idea of what you can expect, here are a few pieces from their collection that are worth every penny.

  • MTech Pocket Knife Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife Camo

If you’re going to get a personal pocket knife, you might as well get the stylish one as well as badass. After all, knives do have a certain tough image, and what better way to get that style than to get a camouflage pocket knife that also has a bottle opener. Utility and design go hand in hand in this cool number.

  • Pakkawood Handle Pocket Knife Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife

Besides being of incredible use, this particular knife has the quintessential look of a classic knife in a small package. The blade is wide and sharp, and it has a hook and a strong handle, which makes this knife perfect for outdoor use and carving and whittling wood.

  • 8.5 Inch Pocket Knife Rainbow Blade Spring Assisted Knife

Other than utility, there is a major market for knife collectors; there are many creative designs out there in pocket knives made, especially for people who like to collect cool knives. One of these designs is also this rainbow blade knife. It is appropriately sized, sharp with a rainbow sheen running across the handle as well, and that makes for the most swag one can expect from a little weapon like a pocket knife.

  • Karambit Knife with Marijuana Leaf Spring Assisted Knife

Out of an abundance of these knives that you can find online, this is probably the most experimental ones you can find. The real snatch with this is the design; for collectors who like out of the box things, this cool knife has a full blade to handle design detail, making it an excellent piece to keep for show.

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