Nunchucks for Sale

When the word nunchucks comes up, the first thing any Kung Fu movie fan’s mind would immediately go to is Bruce Lee. Yes, it is thanks to the amazing skill and action of the legendary martial arts champion and star that these weapons have come to be so popular around the world. Even for people who are not action movie fans, nunchucks need no introduction as they have been made incredibly popular through the lovable and childhood favorites Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But how did they come to be so popular in cinema and visual culture? The same way many weapons eventually earn their fame, notoriety, and history.

The seemingly harmless real nunchucks or nunchaku were originally invented in Okinawa Japan. When the military took over the island, farmers and civilians were banned from using any weaponry, which led them to improvise ways and tools to protect themselves. As they say that invention is the mother of need, nunchucks were born out of a real need for personal defense. Farmers used wooden sticks or blocks and ropes to fashion what was also known as stick chains, to be swung around and used to hit your opponent to block assault and disarm someone.

They became very popular weapons, Central Asia, due to their unique inventiveness and discreet simplicity, and later trickled into mafia culture as a deadly weapon. Their reputation as dangerous weapons obviously made them more attractive to collectors, weapon enthusiasts and their elegant design kept them alive as usable martial arts weapons centuries later. Even now you can find Nunchucks for Sale in the market which is still used in professional martial arts training self-defense technique classes. There are mainly three varieties available in the market depending on their usage;

Foam practice nunchucks – primarily used for martial arts training to develop upper body strength and a balanced posture, these are amateur level nunchucks used to learn martial arts techniques. The foam and rope cords prevent injury for students who are new to the game. Wooden nunchucks – are a step ahead from the trainer nunchucks, used both by training athletes and professional martial artists. They are safer than their metal versions but can still be utilized for disarming, inflicting pain, and practicing agility.

Metal and carbon fiber nunchuks – potentially lethal if used wrong, and incredibly swift defense weapons if used right; these types of nunchucks are used by professional martial art fighters and are still in use in Okinawan karate techniques. They are made from hard materials and have metal chains, which are primarily meant to inflict pain and can even cause death.

Where to Find the Best Nunchucks for Training

For the training budding martial artist, it can be challenging to find something like nunchucks outside of a professional training school. But if you are interested in learning fighting techniques, there are many options for training nunchucks that you can find online. What you need to know is where to look when you look for the most suitable ones. You can get training foam nunchucks that are used to practice martial arts moves and learn the balance and technique before moving onto the actual weapons. This is one of the most widely sold categories of nunchucks available in the market, as they are non-lethal and can be equally ideal for collecting as they can be for training. These are easily available online and are cheap to buy, which makes them ideal for beginners. There are varieties of foam nunchucks like the Black Dragon Graphic Corded Foam padded Nunchaku available in 4 exciting colors that are collectible as well as usable for training. It also helps that they cost a mere $3.99 only.

Along the same lines, you will also find various qualities of practice nunchucks made of light wood and rope that are light to carry and easy to train with. As nunchucks are mainly used for learning posture, balance and to build reflexes, it is best that you start off with something simple and then move onto the advanced level quality material like metal and chains. Another famous choice is wooden nunchucks, made from the finest quality of polished wood like the light and sleek Round Rattan Wood Nunchaku made from the light and bendy rattan wood which has a great comfortable grip and is perfect for swing and hit practice. It is actually easier to get wooden nunchuks for sale as there is a lesser chance of injury or casualties in using wooden nunchucks, and depending on your skill level, they suit both the amateur and the professional.

The Real Deal – Find Excellent Real Nunchucks for Sale

If you are a serious martial artist and professional fighter, you don’t have to worry about finding quality real nunchucks for sale. Despite the fact that they might be hard to find in some places, the internet will always have a collection of nunchucks for you to choose from. There are various designs available like the formidable Black Round Nunchaku with Chrome Studs or the classic Dark Wood Nunchaku that is aesthetic and provides great grip. Function and incredible form go hand in hand in these beautiful designs that are also available for under $6 only, talk about a really great deal.

Who doesn’t love duplicity and multi-purpose tools when it comes to driving a good bargain? That is exactly what you get with the stealthy Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku it is a hidden weapon inside a sleek baton, which can be snapped into a nunchaku, making it a double threat for anyone who encounters it. If you are a real martial arts enthusiast, you can revel in this modernist design for its simplicity and high quality finish which will make this particular piece a dangerous weapon to own. Something like this nunchaku is easy to conceal and carry around, and quite handy is you know how to use it right, to beat off bad guys, and keep yourself safe.

Is Metal Nunchucks Legal in the United States?

There have been avid debates about the use of nunchucks and whether or not they should be classified as dangerous weapons or marketed for training purposes. Despite the fact that nunchucks look like simple tools, they are far from it. And so to address the question of safety; yes there is a strict policy and prohibition against the sale of professional metal nunchucks in some states like California, Arizona, Massachusetts, and New York City. There are exceptions for the sale of nunchucks in these regions for martial arts practice, where people have argued that the ban limits martial arts schools and professional martial artists from practicing their sport due to the prohibition.

Other than that the sale of nunchucks and nunchaku is legal in most states, but you would find more of the wooden handle quality than the metal ones because of their deadly nature. Even though they are seen as sports equipment and self-defense tools, their ownership is still policed. Just as guns and knives have earned their reputation of dangerous weapons due to their use, nunchakus have also been frowned upon due to their use by ethnic street gangs and mafia. So you will still be able to find nunchaku for sale with the proper permits, but buyer discretion is advised to responsibly use them for learning purposes only.

The Collector’s Fancy – Decoration and Trophy Nunchucks

Even though there are valid reasons to assume that nunchucks should be illegalized due to their harmful implications as gang weapons, the same can be said for guns and knives, and all sorts of weapons. It is really how you use a weapon that defines it. There many people who admire the design and the style of the weapon and that have been the case with most Asian weapons like the Samurai swords and ninja throwing stars. There is a growing community of people who love collecting novelty weapons and nunchucks are a collectible favorite as well.

If you are a collector then you would understand the need to own customized and novelty weapons and that is why there is a widespread collection of the best nunchucks in store for you that will be the perfect addition to your weapon wall of novelties. Given their popularity in films, you can find film prop nunchucks and cosplay items that are ideal for safe use and dress up without having to worry about safety.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional looking for a suitable weapon to enhance your practice in martial arts or a budding student or if you just like to collect cool historic weapons, nunchucks are an awesome addition to that array of fancy collection of weapons. It is a double bonus when a collector can find a beautiful collectible item that won’t empty their pockets, and with the list of cool nunchucks listed for you here, you can have the perfect self-defense weapon and the most elegant collectible all in one without having to compromise on your budget.

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