Spring Assisted Knives

Are you in need of buying a knife? However, like so many people, you are also confused about what to choose between spring assisted knives and switchblade knives. Well, don’t fret! This blog will describe a detailed comparison of these two popular types of knives. So, read out the complete article and make the right decision on what to buy.

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Come back to our main topic and tell you the difference between spring assisted knives and switchblades, but before comparing them, you should take a look at what they mean in actual.

Spring Assisted Knives

A spring loaded knife is a folding knife that has been tailored with an internal spring mechanism in order to open the blade. It is quite simple and quick to open as compared to a manual folding pocket knife.

The assisted opening knives can have a thumb stud along with a point that offers a strong grip to your thumb. When you press it outwards, you see that the blade begins to open and unfold. As it comes to the threshold point, the spring mechanism of these types of knives opens the blade quickly and completely. In addition, they have a lock that you must unlock to fold the knife again. The notable thing is that all this you can do with one hand.

Switchblade Knives

A switchblade knife is also called an automatic knife or springer. It is an advanced type of pocket knife that has a folding blade along with a handle. It is opened automatically with the help of a spring mechanism when you push a button, switch or lever on the handle.

Keep in mind, most switchblade knives have a locking blade like the spring assisted knives. When you unlock the blade with the button, the spring extends the blade to give it the completely opened position. Further, the blade can be folded and locked in a closed position when you simply push the button to operate this spring mechanism.

Similarities Between Switchblade and Assisted Opening Knives

Nowadays, both the switchblades and assisted opening knives are very capable tactical tools that are stronger, durable and with a multitude of different kinds of blade configurations to choose from. There are a few similarities you can find in these two types of pocket knives. Both knives support one-handed operation and have portable blades. As well, they both require spring-loaded action to open the blade and they both are used closely in the same way.

Moreover, both are useful tools for more than you expect and do an equally good job whenever you need to open, cut, pry and scratch things. Naturally, if you do a lot of hunting, hiking or angling, both types of knives are perfect to use and a must-have product to portability and easy one-handed opening. Being able to open a knife with one hand may make a big difference in an emergency situation.

Though you may now think a spring assisted pocket knife is the same as a switchblade knife, they are in fact quite different.

Differences Between Spring Assisted Knives and Switchblades

Below is what makes these two cool pocket knives different from each other.

1. Background of the Knives

Spring Assisted Pocket Knives: The first spring loaded knife was made up in 1995 by Blackie Collins and then the similar concept was followed three years later by Ken Onion. The concept was that the knife is in the closed position, the blade gets opened with the help of an internal opening spring when some pressure is released on the thumb stud.

Besides, assisted opening knives are legal to own and carry in the United States and Canada as well. They are quite popular with outdoorsmen and first responders such as police, security person and firefighters.

Switchblade: Manufactured in the 1850s, switchblades were popularized in the 1950s when they were portrayed in movies. An image of the young fictional gang with a stiletto switchblade was published in the reputed US newspapers and other media agencies; actually, this was for movie promotion. At that time, they became quite popular.

But after that, they were soon associated with street crimes and gangs. This was the reason; they were quickly outlawed by the 1958 US Switchblade Act. Even at that time, most police and military officials have started to use automatic knives instead of traditional spring assisted knives.

Nonetheless, these days, in many US states, a switchblade is illegal to own but not a spring assisted pocket knife. For the legal use of switchblades, you need to get a permit from a local law authority.

2. How Do They Work?

Beyond their legal differences, the way in which both knives work is slightly different.

A switchblade has a button that opens the blade through an ‘always on’ spring. It means the blade opens fully at the moment when the release button is pressed. On the other hand, in case of the spring assisted pocket knife, you need to press the thumb stud and it will open the blade about one-quarter of the way first. Then, the spring mechanism is able to open the blade the rest of the way and lock it into the place.

The blade of a spring loaded knife itself is not under constant pressure like a switchblade. Therefore, it is not opened like a switchblade. Instead, it opens about 45 degrees by the user before the internal opening mechanism completes the opening process of blade.

How to Make Switchblade and Spring Assisted Knives Rust-Free?

The blades of both knives are usually made up of stainless steel. However, stainless steel does not mean ‘no rust’. Though both knives have a stainless steel blade, they still contain some amount of carbon that can rust. So, here are some considerations that will help you to keep your switchblade and spring assisted knives rust-free:

  • The best way to minimize the possibility of rust on the blade is to ensure you keep the blade clean and dry whenever it gets wet. Moistness is the cause of rust on metal. This is particularly important before you save your knife for extended periods during the use.
  • If you want the long term protection for a rust-proof and corrosion-proof knife, you should keep alight coat of oil on the blade.
  • Also, keep in mind all other metal parts of your knife are also exposed to rust - make sure to care for the entire piece of the knife - not just the blade.


Spring Assisted Knives and switchblades are most-selling pocket knives nowadays. Although both have some similarities, there are some features which make them different from each other. We have explained all the similarities and differences in this article. So, we hope, now you will easily make a decision on what you need in actual.

To buy wholesale knives for sale, don’t forget to visit Knife Import. Also, keep frequenting this platform for more interesting articles. Thanks for reading till the end!

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