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Everyone in the world, including the US, has one type of blade or the other in their homes and offices. Some use only Fixed Blade Knives, while some use both daily. We are no different. You must know that no one can do without kitchen knives, another type of fixed blade used to prepare meals every day.

So as you may have guessed, in this blog, we want to talk about why and when people prefer using fixed blade knives instead of spring assisted pocket knives. However, if you just came looking to buy wholesale knives at an extremely cheap cost, do not worry because you are in the right place. Knife Import offers all of its high-quality products at affordable rates. No matter its knives, swords, and daggers, you will get the best for the lowest price!

Now before anyone starts to wander off, let’s get back to the main topic and talk about the various reasons why people like to use fixed blade knives in the place of assisted opening knives for sale, available in stores near them or online.

Fixed Blade Knives – Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

As many blade enthusiasts know that a fixed blade knife has been in use since forever, even though not in its modern form, but it has always been around people for skinning, cutting, and preparing game. This is why perhaps no one knows better than a hunter or outdoorsman what best fixed blade knives have to offer to its user(s).

You will find all types of knives for sale in stores and markets. But how the fixed blades are different and way better than most others, let’s discuss that starting with the uses of fixed blade knives:

  • Hunting with the help of fixed blade hunting knives
  • Skinning using the carving knife
  • Cutting up animal meat and carcasses
  • Fighting or self defense
  • Cutting small wood pieces
  • Making sharp-tipped wooden weapons

The list will go on and on if we don’t stop ourselves and move on to the next topic, which is what’s happening right now as we want you to know what makes all the above uses of big or small fixed blade knives possible.


We are sure everybody wants to know the exact pros of getting cool knives with fixed blades. As they are too many advantages of a sheath knife, that’s why we are going to talk about a few, and they are as follows:

  • It is almost impossible to break: As they are no parts that move or bend, fixed blade knives are tough to fall apart.
  • Bigger size and better durability: Compared to other types of knives, the fixed blades can be bigger or longer without losing their strength and durability.
  • Easy to Clean: The cleaning part is elementary and straightforward.
  • Tactical Use: Given its various uses, the fixed blades are the backbone of tactical knives used and/or carried by military personnel, special forces, and many other law enforcement agency officers.
  • Best survival knives: As fixed blades are the strongest and highly durable, this is the reason why they make the perfect tools for survival under the open skies in the wilderness.
  • Cheaper than Pocket Knives: If you buy a folding and sheath blade at the same low price, you will find out that the cheap fixed blade knives will be usable for a more extended period of time. While the cool pocket knives might turn out to be excellent in their looks but not their usability, as the cheap pocket knives for sale, in the market these days often break too easily.


With good comes wrong. Similarly, everything that has advantages must have some disadvantages, and these fixed blades that make the best tactical knives are no exception.

  • Constant maintenance is required to keep the blade in top shape for efficient use.
  • Fixed blade knives are often heavy and larger, making them hard to carry around at all times, unlike spring assisted knives.
  • Once broken, the blade cannot be replaced, which is possible only with disposable blade knives that can be one of both, folding or fixed.

Qualities of Top Fixed Blade Knives

Full Tang Blades

What makes any fixed blade dependable, for its varying uses, is that it is usually made out of the same piece of metal, from the tip of the knife to the butt of its handle. On the other hand, the half, partial, rat tail, and other tangs are no good to anyone if the blade comes out of the handle. This can make further use of these quality-wise, cheap fixed blade knives, both impractical and dangerous.

Nice Grip and Handle Material

The handles should be made out of top quality material and must not come off quickly. While the grip should give you the perfect control to make it the best fixed blade knife in the world. Namely, the top materials used for handles are G10, Zytel, Micarta, and Carbon Fiber.

Comes Sharp Right out of the Box

If you have gotten yourself a good fixed blade knife, then it must come out of its box as sharp as a razor. If that’s not the case, then at least it should give a fine cutting edge after only a little bit of sharpening.

Which Are the Best Fixed Blade Knives?

If you have been visiting our blog for a long time, you may already know that we keep informing you about various types of fixed blade knives best for their respective areas. So, for a detailed understanding, we recommend that you read our blogs on the best Tac Force knives for sale in the market right now, which are without a shred of doubt the top tactical blades you can find anywhere.

In the end, we hope you are satisfied with our research on fixed blade wholesale knives that people often use more than folding pocket knives due to its various uses and advantages. In case you want to provide any feedback or suggestions, do contact us through the given details on the website. So, I will be seeing you next time until then; we bid you farewell!

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