If you think about any time that you were in trouble, what was your first thought? I wish I had a weapon on me I could take everywhere. When you are in a situation like that, you can’t only focus on law enforcement. It is always better to have something that will make it much easier for you to tackle the trouble. Self defense weapons are actually quite important when it comes to protecting yourself. You should look into self defense keychains and how they can help you stay safe as well. If you are wondering, why is self defense keychain useful, the first idea is availability. They are easy to carry wherever you go because they are usually smaller. If you can fasten a small weapon to your bag, belt or keys, that is the best kind of protection you can get. On the other hand, each self defense keychain is different but light and discreet so you can hide it easily.

In terms of the way that you can utilize a keychain self defense weapon, you need to know what you can handle. Some people would go for blades that are threatening and more intense while some would prefer something less dangerous. You can always look at options that work for you and choose what better place to do that than Knife Import. We have a collection of self defense weapons that can cater to your specific needs.

How Is Self Defense Keychain Effective For Self Defense?

There are actually many different kinds of self defense weapons you can get. Depending on the kind of weapons you need, if you get a particular one it can serve you better. But many people don’t know what these devices can do for you. In each kind of weapon, there is a different impact and effect that you can expect. If you want to know how they can be effective, let’s look at different weapons and what they can do.

The Kubotan Ring

This is a special kind of weapon that was invented in Japan and has become quite popular now. The idea is to carry a small and solid version of a nightstick that you can carry easily. The Kubotan can be shaped in two ways, one is the stick that is medium-sized and made from hard plastic. It usually has a few ridges as well so you can hit someone on the softer parts of their body to immobilize them.

The second kind of Kubotan you can get is the one that has spikes on it. It looks a lot like a small dagger and arrow but is actually made for a tight grip and proper slashing. The sharp ridges of the Kubotan are actually really effective for self-defense. If you get cornered or assaulted by someone, you can fight back with its sharp edges. It allows you to carry a light weapon that literally tears someone a new one if necessary.

Assorted Keychain Knives

There is no doubt about the fact that knives are and always will be used for self-defense. They are menacing and if you know how to use them right, they can be really useful too. All knives are made for slashing, stabbing, disarming or cutting someone depending on how they attack you. While it may not work getting a large knife to walk around with, keychain knives can work. These are essentially pocket knives that can be fastened to your keys or bag for instant protection.

Cat Self Defense Keychain

One of the most vulnerable people in society are women and they need protection from various crimes. If you are looking for a women’s self defense keychain, cat knuckles are pretty high on that list. These are usually slim and slick ridged, spiked knuckles that can be worn like a ring. They can pass off as accessories but are actually built for serious hurt to anyone who encounters them. In the case of harassment or assault, they can be used for stabbing, gauging, cutting, and slashing someone badly.

Pepper Spray Keychain 

Even though this might not be the most high-impact or dangerous thing, the pepper spray keychain is amazing. It can actually slow down any kind of criminal and give you a chance to escape. It can also be easily fastened to your bag, or pockets or car keys to be used at all times. Most people may not appreciate a confrontational tool that requires engagement, this is the perfect alternative.

Mini Tasers Keychain 

In many situations where you have to deal with unprompted violence, you might not fight back. If a situation like this arises, the best way to fend that off is with a forceful and impactful weapon. The keychain taser is one thing that can definitely help in such a situation. It is small and easy to disguise as actual car remotes and it has a high voltage current as well. If you feel threatened, you can use it without hesitation, and it will keep you safe.

Buying A Keychain Weapon For Yourself

The idea of carrying a weapon is something that appeals to almost all of us at some point. The issue with that instinct is that most people don’t know the kind of weapons they can actually handle. With a keychain weapon, you can always handle the size and the intensity of the weapon you are using. It’s always better to rely on the kind of device that can make it easier for you to handle trouble. Knife Import boasts of a whole collection of weapons that can be really beneficial for everyday carry. You cannot determine when you might feel the need to protect yourself. Another considerable advantage is getting a range of different weapons in one place. If you look in your local market, you might find some options but they might be expensive or limited. Here at Knife Import, we make sure we do that for you with the best self defense keychain collection at good prices as well.