Ladies come here and let you know about how to defend yourself in a life-to-death situation! The fact is that we live in a very vicious society where the safety of a woman is threatened in various situations by other people. Muggings can happen in many places at many times. If we are not to be left feeling like powerless victims, what can we do to protect ourselves against such often surprising attacks? There are many self defense weapons available that you can use to protect yourself without putting the life of your attacker in danger. But, here we are going to discuss one of the most effective tools of self defense for women and that is a baton.

Defining a Baton

The concept of baton or truncheon is not completely new. It has been around decades and the professional ones are being used by all law enforcement agencies and police and military as well. The traditional batons were made of wood, nevertheless, these cylindrical sticks are also made of plastic, rubber or metal too. They are the best self defense weapon that are convenient yet powerful enough to make anyone immobile and unable to carry on an attack. Hence, remember that if you are not careful, they can be deadly.

So, if you travel a lot and go to places that have a potential risk factor, you can easily use a truncheon for acts of self-protection. Well, if you are worried about the weight, there are actually no reasons to worry about it since these weapons usually come in lightweights. Of course, police baton is a little on the heavier side.

Police Baton

It is one of the most operational self defense products used by the police force. The first police baton was known as billy club and its utilization in the police training brought the evolution of a variety of batons. The most popular one is the expandable police baton as it has replaced fixed ones in the police force and law enforcement agencies.

Expandable Baton - The Best Ever Defensive Tool

Also known as extendable, retractable or collapsible baton. It is not only suitable for police but also for the general public especially ladies. The top advantage of using this tool is that it does not kill but disables an attacker long enough and provides time to the victim for self-protection.

An expandable baton is typically composed of two or more shafts. The outer (top) one is fixed and works like a handle, while the inner (bottom) shafts are ones that you can adjust, depending on your required length. Its overall length is up to 26 inches.

Furthermore, the modern batons are easier to conceal and convenient to carry, which makes them a preferred choice for women.

Reasons Why Women Should Choose an Extendable Baton

Below are some key reasons that can convince women as well as men to own this best self defense weapon:

1. Collapsible

Unlike the old-style fixed truncheons, the extendable baton can be collapsed between 6 to 15 inches long. This means, when it is compressed, it is quite small, whereas, when you need to use it, this tool can extend depending on its total length. Thus, when you leave a mugger unaware of your defensive tool, it is quite easier for you to make him feel satisfied and then attack him once his weapon is already down. You can hide it in your hand and expand it in the same movement as your secret attack enhances the element of surprise and also improves your chances of success.

2. Easy to Carry

If you are out on the street, it is best to carry a retractable baton. This steel-made weapon can fit not only in bags but also in your pocket or a special holster because of its foldable and lightweight size. Moreover, some products have a foam handle or even rubber and typically a steel truncheon comes with some sort of carrying case, with a loop so it can be put on a belt or pocket. There are some others that feature a wrist strap, making it easier to control. You can also get some accessories such as a flashlight with these self defense weapons. In this way, they offer you ultimate protection from life-threatening situations.

However, you should check the laws and regulations of the state where you are living or going because in some US states, the utilization of baton is not allowed. So, it is better to confirm its legal status.

3. Simple to Use

As so many women feel scared to use a lethal weapon like a gun, the use of a collapsible baton is so easy and simple. Even the cracking sound it makes when flicked open is enough to scare the mugger. With little practice, you can use it properly and can temporarily immobilize the opponent in case of any danger. In addition, the best thing is that you don’t really need to put an extreme physical effort to hit the target.

4. Non-Lethal Self Defense Product

A number of women don’t prefer to use anything for their protection because they are afraid of getting involved in any criminal act. Well, don’t fret! Self defense baton is a non-lethal tool if you use it accurately. Its key purpose is just to make the attacker temporarily disabled so that the user can call someone to help him/her or run away from the critical situation in order to keep themselves saved.

It is important to note that muscle strikes (legs, arms and shoulders) cause pain or little injury, while if you badly hit the bony areas of the body (head, neck or backbone) with a truncheon, it might be deadly or cause a serious bone injury.

5. Affordable Defensive Weapons

Last but not least, if you are looking for a baton for sale, you will be happy to know that it come in different variety and is fairly reasonably priced. Some products are as low as $5 and there are some that are $20. It just depends on the length, handle type, and what accessories are counted in.

However, to buy a good-quality expandable baton, it is good to visit Knife Import. Hence, there are key things you must consider before buying it:

  • Decide on its size, and
  • Opt for the best brand.


So, when it comes to defending yourself from an attacker, there is no morality and ethics. All you need to do is to act in self defense. Carrying a collapsible baton will not only provide you mental strength but can assist you to travel fearlessly and confidently anywhere. Thus, it is a must-have tool for all women who often go outside. If you are one of them, you should get it now. However, get some training before using it practically so that you can gain some physical ability and confidence to handle a serious situation. As well, don’t forget to check the local and state laws before carrying it.

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