The world of weapons is always advancing, which is majorly due to increased crime as well. People are finding new ways to protect themselves because it's not all based on the law anymore. Self defense has long been a thing and it will continue to be so for long after as well. In the meantime, from punching and kicking, self defense devices have come a long way in innovation as well. One basic and useful device in recent decades is the stun gun, and it continues to be used to this day. People who use them already know how potent they are for self defense. The question is, which stun is the most effective? That answer is also subjective to who you might ask and who is using them. For someone who can fight their way out of a bind can do with a simple one too. For someone who relies solely on stun guns will need something extremely powerful. The best in that case, would be the DZS 10 Million Volt Self Defense Forest Camo Stun Gun. It has an immense charge that will get anyone flying off in shock and it is also manageable.

Using A Stun Gun Versus A Taser Gun

In any case, when you are using a weapon, personal strength and ability is important. In terms of self defense services, as mentioned earlier, that aspect is also quite vital. But those that do use them, also know there is a choice between tasers or stun guns. While they are potentially the same thing, some key features would make the best stun gun the more effective one based on their use.

Stun guns, as we know them, are commonly used by civilians. These are remote-like devices that are usually like little boxes or cases. They have tongs at their edges that create a powerful electrical charge when turned on. This device needs to be shoved into the body of the perpetrator you are encountering. The stun gun is a direct contact weapon that will only work if you are close to the person you are countering. But once it does, it means you can put all your energy into making sure you fight off the person who’s harming you.

Taser guns on the other hand are a slightly different story. For one, the term taser comes from the original gadget created by the inventor, Jack Cover. He was inspired by the fictional inventor, Tom Swift who created a stun gun. That design was manufactured by the company Taser International that then became a household name in self defense weapons. Secondly, a taser gun is also different in mechanism because it’s a projectile weapon. It has a little wire that shoots out of the end and clips into the perpetrator’s skin. The key is distance here, so you can attack someone who is running away or too dangerous to get close to.

Types Of Stun Guns You Can Get Now

It may be safe to say that fewer devices have seen the kind of innovation and advancement in weaponry as stun guns. They are ever-changing and each one is becoming cleverer than the last one in usage. They are the one device that has truly warped to the needs of the user and not the other way around. The best thing about stun guns and tasers is that they are handy and easy to procure. More people tend to invest in devices that cater to them and their comfort, especially in self defense. Here are some truly impressive stun guns that have been invented in the past few decades.

Professional Grade Stun Guns

There is no doubt about the fact that the most widespread and common use of tasers was in the police. Before they became common in the masses, we would usually see or hear the police using them in reprimanding suspects. So it also makes sense that some of the most powerful stun guns you will find are used by rescue teams and police officers. In that case, you will get something like the DZS Police Tactical Self Defense Flashlight Stun Gun with 120dB Alarm. This is the best stun gun flashlight weapon you will find in the market for professional use. It comes with an alarm, an actual LED that has three settings, and also a powerful surge. It is the perfect tool for pursuing suspects and also taking down criminals in dire situations.

Discreet Stun Guns For Civilian Use

Despite the fact that stun guns are legal for civilians to use, sometimes you don’t want to be found hiding a weapon. Stun guns work as hidden weapons because they are easier to conceal and quick to draw when needed. This seemingly undetectable vibe is a plus point for common people who need self protection. The best one, in that case, is a recent invention, the DZS Small Pen Sized 6 Inches Rechargeable Stun Gun. It looks like a legit pen, which means it can be carried into all kinds of formal and casual settings. This kind of stun gun works well in an office environment, a hangout at a bar, and can be kept in your car as well.

You can truly have the element of surprise with these discreet stun guns and keep yourself safe. The new and inventive, DZS Discreet Smart Cell Phone Stun Gun Golden is the perfect example of that. It looks like a regular cell phone but it has a built-in taser. Anyone who tries some funny business with you will be at the receiving end of a real shocker.

Buying Cheap Stun Guns And Saving Lives

The ultimate goal for anyone buying a self defense device is to ensure their safety. That also means that the device they can use should be easy to access and use. In that regard, stun guns are the most viable options as they cost less and they are readily available in the market. But if you really need the cleverest inventions in stun guns, Knife Import online store is where you go. They are the masters of selling wholesale stun guns that will cost you half of the market price. Staying safe without flushing your budget is the best thing about buying cheap stun guns online so get yours today.