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Another day goes by and you still left wondering where to get some high quality brass knuckles. That’s not right. What do you say should we fix this? Ok, let’s do this! We have decided to dedicate today’s blog to serve as a guide on Where to Buy Brass Knuckles, which are made with quality materials and available at low costs. provides a large variety of cool knives along with many martial arts and self defense weapons. You will love our products because for one they are of great quality and second you can buy them at cheap wholesale prices. Basically, you don’t have to worry about buying cheap brass knuckles after going through our amazingly vast inventory. Still, we are going to keep on discussing where and how to find the best knuckle duster for you!

But first, let us shine some light on the types of brass knuckles for sale in the market. So, you can make your mind about which one to purchase when they are all available at a low wholesale price.

Types of Brass Knuckles You Can Buy

Effective weapons like the self defense knuckles don’t just get made overnight. They go through a whole evolution process. That’s why you should know, brass knuckles evolved from an ancient Roman glove-like handguard named “caestus”, which was made up of leather and metal. When worn during gladiatorial boxing matches, it intensified the power behind the wearer’s punches to punish the opponent. It’s fair to say that cestus was the equivalent of modern-day knucks, as one could put them on to knock out the lights of his/her opponent.

That’s enough history we think, let’s talk about the different variety of cool brass knuckles for sale online:

1. Real Brass Knuckles

These are the authentic articles that can be used in fights and/or for self defense. In general, when people refer to knuckles they are usually talking about real brass knuckles. As they are the weapons that can give you the upper hand against your opponent or attacker in any scuffle. Following are a few popular examples of real brass knuckles for sale available online:

Four Finger Knuckle Duster (Simple)

The most basic design of a knuckle duster is one with four finger holes and palm grip. You can wear it by inserting your fingers into the holes and gripping it by forming a fist. Usually an average sized person can easily keep hold of the standardized version of this self defense weapon. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your brass knuckles custom fitted for your hands.

Rainbow Brass Knuckles

Not any different from the previously explained knuckle duster. The only difference between simple and rainbow brass knuckles is that the latter is multi-colored. That means all the great qualities of the best self defense weapon coupled with an awesome rainbow shaded exterior. You must search for one as soon as you are done reading this blog.

Plastic Knuckles

Even though many people just hear the term “brass knuckles” most of the time. It’s not necessary that the weapon is made out of brass only. You can find a number of knucks made with other metals, wood, and yes -- plastic. Just keep in mind it’s not the same plastic used for children's toys. So, never take the hardened plastic knuckles lightly, they can still pack a great punch.

Composite Knuckles

As the name suggests, they are basically constructed out of a composite material, utilizing different metals, plastics or carbon fibers. Composite knuckles can vary in their weightage. Thus, always try to get a feel for all the items available in this category before buying any one of them. A fine example for this type is the Lexan knuckles circling in the market.

Brass Knuckle Keychain

Most individuals don’t have any idea about the brass knuckles ring, or keychain, being as real as any other type of this weapon. Having two finger holes instead of four doesn’t make the self defense keychain any less threatening. In the past century, there have been examples of two finger brass knuckles, which were considered to be in the same league as other knuckles. So, why should it be any different now? The laws are resolute on taking both types (the normal two finger weapon and keychain) as real ones.

2. Knuckles as Fashion Accessories & Novelty Gifts

These categories of the weapon include fancy or plain looking knuckles to be used as a part of your outfit or presented as a novelty to someone. Let’s start with:

Knuckles as a Part of Outfit

You must have seen the weapon being carried around as a fashion accessory in different movies and music videos. Perhaps, they are the sole reason all online stores keep a variety of cool brass knuckles for sale in their inventory lists. A significant amount of individuals are always making searches for similar ones, which can help them in making a fashion statement. In case you still don’t grasp the idea of using knucks as an accessory, you must check out the gold AK47 knuckle duster. You will understand what we mean right away and perhaps you might just try to buy one for yourself.

Another way to include the weapon in your outfit is by your belt’s normal buckle. Yes! You read that right. Belt buckle knuckles are available for people that want to take a self defense weapon with them everywhere. As belt buckles are part of your everyday clothing, so you can carry them almost anywhere without much difficulty. Thus, whenever tragedy strikes, you will be ready to face it head on with your reliable and cool belt buckle knuckles.


Not many people think about knuckle duster as a novelty item. However, nothing can be more perfect. If you are a retailer of self defense weapons then you ought to have a few friends in the same line of business. Thus, making paperweight knuckles a great novelty gift for any one of your associates and business friends.

You don’t really have to be in the retailing or wholesaling business, you can still gift cool knuckle dusters to your friends that enjoy having unique items for their home office desk or something along those lines. Finally, if you are a real brass knuckles enthusiast, you can always purchase some and keep them by your side to appreciate their awesomeness for a long time.

Cool and Cheap Brass Knuckles for Sale

You must have enjoyed reading about the different brass knuckle types circulating in stores. But now, we will discuss some cool but cheap knuckle dusters for sale actually available on Knife Import. What do you say, should we go ahead? Okay we hear you!

1. Fantasy AK47 Rifle Design Golden Hand Knuckle


As we said, the majority of knuckle duster enthusiasts look for gold colored AK47 rifle design hand knuckles. Why? Well, Of course they will search every part of the world to get their hands on this one because it's very cool, totally unique and up for sale at the lowest wholesale price of $3.99 only!

Just think where else you will get the following features under 4 dollars? A fantasy AK47rifle design for supporting your palm, golden knuckles with 4.75” x 2.75” overall length and zinc alloy construction. You should buy it already!

2. Four Finger Hole Rainbow Knuckle Duster

Rainbow Knuckle Duster

A plain but awesome looking rainbow knuckle duster that has four finger holes and a palm grip. You can buy these it at $4.49 only, which is its wholesale price. Standard size brass knuckles for average adult hands. However, never buy it or any other weapon like this one until you know for sure it’s legal for you to purchase, carry and use within your state.

3. Demonic Skull Self Defense Keychain Knuckle

Demonic Skull Self Defense Keychain Knuckle

Every enthusiast wishes to buy a cool self defense keychain with two finger holes. By far, this is the best product in the category as it makes anyone get their money out to buy it right away. You might not be able to resist its hold either. Awesome bone color and demonic skull design make this keychain totally worth it for the cheap wholesale rate of just $2.29. It can’t get any cheaper than this!

4. Fantasy Handcuffs Design Knuckle Duster

Fantasy Handcuffs Design Hand Knuckle Duster

This item is one of the rarest fantasy designs in the category; you cannot easily come across a handcuffs design hand knuckle just like that. Getting the idea to make one is already out of the world, but actually having one available for sale. Now, that’s not what you see every day. So, why don’t you go check out the fantasy handcuffs design stainless steel knuckles (with an overall size of 4.75” x 2.5”) to make it yours already?

You will only be charged a little amount of $4.29 for it and that is an extremely low wholesale price one cannot find anywhere else but on Knife Import!

Therefore, make sure you don’t go out looking for cheap brass knuckles before perusing through our never-ending self defense weapons’ list at Knife Import. As we offer the best quality products at the cheapest wholesale rates online!

In the end, we hope you will keep visiting Knife Import in the future to read more interesting blogs and information on brass knuckles for sale available in online stores. Until next time, goodbye!

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