Police baton

So, the baton is one of your favorite self defense weapons you normally use to stay safe. It’s great because it is non-lethal i.e. it is less likely to cause fatal injury. In that way, it not only helps you to keep yourself protected but also keeps you away from getting involved in any criminal act. If you are wondering what makes it the best self defense weapon, don’t look further. We are here to tell you some of the best features that make a baton so great. So, continue reading the article and get yourself informed about your favorite weapon.

During this era of domestic violence and terrorism across the globe, it has become quite necessary for everyone to keep a defensive tool or weapon with themselves, especially for those who involved in any sort of outdoor activities. To serve them, there are a number of self defense weapons out there such as stun gun, pepper spray, baton, knife, self defense keychain and many more. The choices are endless and all tools or weapons have their own pros and cons and legal restrictions as well. So, you should pick up the one that can ensure your protection in any dangerous situation.

If you consider a baton as a defensive tool, it would be a great choice. The reason is that it is collapsible, lightweight and easier to use.

What is a Baton?

A baton, also known as truncheon, is a cylindrical stick created with rubber, wood, plastic or metal. Originally, being a law enforcement equipment, it is widely used by police officers, military personnel, security guards and correctional staff.

In several cultures, it is recognized as police baton and not often used for killing purpose. Batons are usually used in different law-enforcement situations such as when people need to forcefully obey a lawfully given order or when a crowd is controlled. Conversely, for the general public, they can be used as an operational non-lethal defensive tool. Furthermore, when it comes to non-weapon purposes, a baton can be used for breaking glass doors and windows etc. in order to ensure an individual’s safety.

However, they have been used commonly since the mid-1800s when the large billy clubs were invented by English police officials (known as bobbies). Since then to till now, a lot of variations have come in batons and now they are available in different types. So, they can serve almost everyone according to their needs and preferences as well.

Expandable Baton - The Most Common Type of Truncheon

There are two common types of baton; one is electrified and the other is non-electrified. When we consider non-electrified, it is categorized in two further types; expandable and fixed length. The overall length of a fixed one is almost 32 inches but such weapons are not so popular because they are large and difficult to carry. On the other hand, expandable or collapsible batons are a great choice because they are extendable and easy to carry and use. You can adjust an expandable baton according to your requirements. Hence, it is also called extendable or retractable baton.

What Makes a Baton the Best Self Defense Weapon?

Below are some important reasons why it is considered as the most effective for self defense:

• Compact and Easily Concealed

Indeed, we all want a defensive tool that is easy to carry and conceal. Because having the element of surprise can give you an upper hand against your opponent if a critical situation occurs. So, police baton is a great self defense weapon as it is slim, compact and easy to conceal.

• Instant Extension

As, a self defense baton is an expandable stick, it can serve you the best in all conditions. The key purpose of the extendable baton is retracting and extending promptly. So, no matter how many times you use it to open and close, it will work well for you. Normally, it extends instantly within a fraction of moment.

• Non-Lethal Yet Effective

When you are using self defense weapons, you must try to choose a non-lethal yet effective one. With such sort of weapon, you can easily hit the target (animal or people) without involving yourself in any criminal matter. By throwing an expandable baton towards the opponent, you can make him incapable and then you can run away to stop fighting.

• Not Much Training Required to Use

Another important feature of this defensive weapon is that you don’t need to learn so much how to use it. Just knowing the effective tricks to attack a mugger is quite enough. You can search online for some good ways to use a baton. Hope you will find them easier and not require so much professional training. In contrast, other weapons like brass knuckles demand proper practice to master in them.

• No Maintenance Needed

Many other weapons such as guns and knives require proper care and maintenance if you want to use them for a long time. You need to clean or sharpen them with the passage of time. On the contrary, batons available in the market don’t demand any extra care and maintenance in order to keep them a useful condition.

• No Accessories Required

It’s an advantage of using batons. Yes, you don’t need any accessories or ammunition etc. while using a retractable baton. Though most of such weapons usually come with a holster, still there is no need to look for any type of ammo or power batteries etc. A collapsible baton always comes in ready-to-use form. Thus, you don’t need to afford any additional costs.

• No Legal Issues

The main concern while carrying self defense weapons is that every state has its own laws and regulations and you can’t go in all places with them. For instance, in many states, guns are banned while some let you have a permit to carry them. Similarly, knives are illegal to carry in numerous states.

Nevertheless, if you own an extendable baton for self-protection, you can go with it to different places where other weapons are not stated.

Thus, all the above-mentioned things are what makes a baton the best self defense weapon. Hope you will get impressed with them and now you will be curious to buy one. However, now the question is- from where you should purchase it.

Where to Buy Baton for Sale?

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