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What Makes a Baton Good for Defending Yourself? If you are looking for baton, then it is upon you to know even the smallest detail about them. Although they are more associated with police, you should know that other people can use them as well. With each passing day, the world is becoming more dangerous to live in. With crime at an all-time high, it is upon people to do something to protect themselves from surprise criminal attacks. And while owning a firearm is not something everyone can do, other options are pretty effective in saving yourself from your opponents. And one of those options has to be this weapon as it is one of the self defense weapons people use.

Types of Batons you can Find

What makes them so fascinating, especially when the police use them is that they don’t need any permit to use it. As soon as they see someone disobeying the law, they will use it without telling the person in advance. Apart from the police, you can also use it to defend yourself, depending on the severity of the situation you are in. Since it is non-lethal, you don’t need a permit to use it either. But you have to make a really strong case as to why you are using it. One of the best things about them is that they come in multiple sizes. If a long one isn’t your cup of tea, you can always select a short one. That would be helpful if you were traveling with it somewhere.

The first kind we would like to talk about is the most common type. The police baton. When a criminal is trying to fight with a law enforcement officer, this type is used to subdue him. A lot of security officers also tend to carry it with them as it happens to be good when you need to defend yourself. With just a single powerful hit, it would be enough to take a criminal down. It is especially helpful when you are combating an opponent up close. You can do other things with it too, such as block, attack, or stroke, depending on what’s the best course of action in the situation.

Another type we would like to discuss is the collapsible baton. It has a cylindrical shape and the club is mostly manufactured out of steel. Another name for it is the expandable baton. Simply jerk it and it would be locked in an extendable position which you can then use to beat your opponents. Once you are done using it, you can retract it and keep it somewhere safe. From the retracting feature comes another name called retractable baton. If you are worried about them weighing too heavy to be carried properly, don’t be. They are often lightweight which makes them ideal to be carried around.

Benefits of using Baton

Keep in mind that using this weapon is never intended for killing purposes. Often self defense baton is used for controlling the crowds if it is used by the police. Similarly, a civilian using it should be using it to defend himself should also only use it to use the threat of pain to defend himself. When facing your opponent, always go for either the thighs or the arms. And remember to give hard swings if you want to inflict maximum damage. Sometimes, in a fight, your opponent could be bigger than you. And in such a situation, the threat of inflicting pain would not be enough.

That is why you need to hit him in such a way that it renders him immobile. But these techniques should only be used when you want to defend yourself, not when you want to exert control in people. When such is the case, you need to go for the bones and remember to go all the way through. A strong swing should easily do the trick. Don’t go to areas that are protected by the person’s meat. Knee, elbows, and shins would be great targets.

While you must use the weapon for non-lethal situations, if it boils down to saving your life, then you might not have the choice of using it to simply injure someone. In such situations, aim fast and hard. Your targets in such situations should be either the nose, the eye, or the back of the head. When you need to stop the attacker, only then you should use this technique. After severely injuring your opponent, you better have a good reason why you did it. Otherwise, if the threat wasn’t that severe and you used it out of panic, you would get yourself in trouble.

It should not to be hard for you to find good ones in the market out there. You should be willing to do some research if you want the best product.

Best Baton for Sale

  • 26 Inch Tactical Expandable Paracord Wrapped Skull Breaker Handle:

If you are looking for an excellent weapon that not only functions quite well but also looks excellent, this one would be excellent for you. Manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel, if there is one thing you can be sure about this weapon, it is that you would not be replacing it anytime soon. The handle tip has a skull breaker, which is quite good for leaving an impact on people. Finally, to ensure a firm grip as it is one of the important factors in how well you can use the weapon, the handle is wrapped with a 550 paracord. The product also comes with a nylon pouch.

  • 21 Inch Overall Length Self Defense Baton:

If you have been looking for a simple yet effective expandable police baton, then the next product on our list would be ideal for your use. It is one of the best self defense weapons you can use to defend yourself. The overall length of the product is 21 inches, which seems quite manageable. It is neither too long to become a problem neither is it too short to not work effectively. It is manufactured out of stainless steel which ensures durability. The weapon provides a firm grip to the holders as the handle is made out of rubber. Finally, you can keep it inside a nylon sheath when you are not using it to make sure you don’t hurt anyone with it accidentally.

  • MTech Baton Solid Steel Nonglare Coated 21 inch:

The final product that we would like to review is by Mtech. Mtech is a brand that has been making excellent self defense weapons for a long time now. So, after having a look at this product, we weren’t surprised to find out excellent qualities. First of all, it happens to be an extendable baton. That means when the threat is even greater than what you imagined, you can depend on it to help you out even in critical situations. The textured rubber handle, while simple, is quite effective in making sure that the weapon never slips from your hand. The overall length of the product is 21 inches, which belongs to the medium size. Neither too big nor too small.

Buy Baton Today at Low Rates

Now that you have read our comprehensive guide on the baton, it should not be hard for you to make a decision. Check out the baton for sale, with just a little bit of homework; you can find good quality stuff in the market.

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