What Is A Karambit Knife Used For? Tactical Or Utility?

A karambit knife is a multi-purpose knife that is specially designed for users’ safety, precision, and efficiency. The structure of this knife consists of a curved blade, a comfortable handle, and a safety ring.

Hence, the most significant thing about this knife is that it looks like a tiger’s claw. As it is imitated on the claw of a tiger, it has a curved blade and is also known as a curved knife.

Karambit knife is famous for its precise cuts and manageability for almost every challenge or difficult task. If you use a Karambit in a self-defense situation, the curved blade will provide you with the flexibility to attack and counter in a single go.

These knives can also perform multiple tasks simultaneously, like hooking, trapping, ripping, and slicing.

Many karambit knives have multiple cutting surfaces or edges that are arranged in various patterns. Every knife has its distinctive qualities for both tactical and utility use. They are readily available in both fixed blade knives and spring assisted knives.

History of Karambit Knife

The karambit originated from Indonesia during the 11th century. At first, it was designed as a utility and farming tool. But, later on, due to Indonesia's growing industry, this knife became popular in Malaysia and the Philippines as well.

The design of the knife was changed a bit according to different regions, but the basic idea of a curved blade remained the same. The curved blade provides a sharp edge for performing various tasks such as hooking, tearing, ripping, and slicing, etc.

It gives you maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Though later on, people started using this knife for self-defense. Still, these knives are popular as self-defense weapons.

However, this fantastic knife comes in many types, and each one has its unique characteristics. Among various types, a karambit pocket knife is the best karambit knife that you can have. The reason is that a folding knife is very popular and has multiple features.

Essentials Of A Karambit Knife

Due to its design features, it is considered as the best knife. Nevertheless, the best karambit knife has the following essentials:

  • The Blade

An incredible karambit knife is a simple curved blade knife having specific design features. The blade of the knife is curvy, and it is in the direction of the inner side.

The whole length of the knife is curved in shape and can be used for cutting.

  • The Handle

Then, the second feature is the handle of this knife. The handle is also curved in shape, and that's why it is known as the tiger's claw. As both the blade and handle are in curve form, its structure seems like a half-moon.

  • The Safety Ring

The third feature is the safety ring. A ring is attached to the bottom of the handle, and it will help you perform different tricks with the knife. This safety ring will also provide strength to the grip. You can quickly put your finger in the safety ring to ensure a strong grip and protection while using it.

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How To Use A Karambit?

The basic use of this knife is for slashing. This knife is used in a hooking motion that is similar to the movement that is done while cutting through thick foliage or heavy material.

The hooking movement will provide you with ease to slice with the blade whenever needed. As you have the comfort to cut along the entire length of the blade, it will offer precision and accuracy.

This way, you can cut with a deeper penetration in a single sweep. This ease of cutting makes this knife extremely useful for everyday chores, tasks, and uses. The curved blade is suitable for different types of environments, such as extreme conditions, too, as it has great safety features.

Moreover, the safety ring will make sure that your knife won't slip or slide even in muddy conditions. You can also use it underwater, or hanging upside down, or in hectic situations.

While using a knife, it is seen that sometimes, the knife sliping back to the user causes an injury. But, a Karambit will never slip back into the user's grip due to the safety ring and curved blade. It is also difficult to disarm the user, increasing the weapon withholding exceptionally.

It is greatly admired by the police officers, military, and security operatives as they increase the weapon withholding. They can hold this knife along with guns, flashlights, or other weapons without worrying about dropping the blade. The safety ring provides a safe deployment without any fear.

What Is A Karambit Knife Used For? Tactical Or Utility?

  • Utility Use

Karambit knives are used for a wide variety of tasks, even some heavy tasks too. They are capable of performing well in difficult scenarios such as cutting through things like ropes, wires, bandages, tapes, or heavy fabrics. You can cut through nylon strapping, canvas, and other heavy materials without any worry.

It also provides comfort and ease of use because of its curvy blade. There is no slipping of blade or grip loss as it provides a more stable space for cutting.

This multi-purpose knife is admired by all hard-working people such as outdoorsmen, hikers, backpackers, ranchers, medics, first responders, logistics companies, and many others. They all find it extremely helpful in all their difficult tasks.

This knife is surely recommended for all people who have large blade usage and want a better and safer knife with a strong grip.

  • Tactical Use

As we have seen that nowadays, this knife is great for utility purposes. But, do not forget that initially, it was a fighting knife and mostly used as a fighting blade. In the old days, it was designed to be used amid any encounter.

However, the best tactical knives are small in size, easy to conceal, and can cause great damage with almost minimal force.

Its sharp-pointed edge can penetrate deep into the flesh so that the rest of the blade will follow the path of the first cut. The straight blade can only penetrate as deep as you will force it, but the karambit blade will slide through the flesh easily without any additional force.

The small hook near the handle can be used to apply pressure and lock the enemy’s arm out of the way.

  • Some Other Uses

Karambit knives enhance the efficiency of almost every task. They are, no doubt, a great dive knife as they can easily cut lines, hosing, and tubing with a single pass, no sewing required.

These knives are equally useful in technical rope rescue and other safety scenarios. They are not meant for hunting, but in some situations, they can be used for hunting.

Karambit knives work so precisely and accurately that some people also sued them as a hunting knife. You can also use this knife both with or without gloves. They are a great addition to your working kits.

Different types of these knives are suitable for diverse tasks. Some popular types are rainbow karambit knife and karambit neck knife. Nevertheless, MTech knives and Tac Force knives are the leading manufacturing companies across the world.


  • This knife is a good utility tool due to its excellent balance and precise control level. While cutting, the whole blade is used, decreasing the effort of the user and making the whole process easier.
  • The safety ring of this knife comes quite in handy, especially during difficult situations such as during a fight or critical conditions.
  • If you have a folding karambit knife, you will not require a sheath. This way, you can instantly deploy it in the time of need.
  • Before getting one, you must learn the proper techniques about using this knife. If you are using it for self-protection, you must use different techniques for this purpose.


  • It is a very tough job to sharpen the blade of a karambit knife because it is curved in shape.
  • It's can be more difficult to find the appropriate sharpening tools or a shop that knows how to handle the curved blades of these knives.
  • This knife is specially designed for tactical and utility usage. Hence, you can’t use it as your EDC knife.
  • If you do not have proper knowledge about the design and functionality of the knife, you shouldn't use it.

Useful Karambit Knife

In the end, we can conclude that a karambit knife is useful for every phase of life. It can be used as a utility tool or a tactical weapon as well. You can easily attack you as an enemy for self-defense.

As these knives are very sharp, so some companies also provide protective sheaths with it for additional safety.

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