You know how there is an old saying that goes, if you do the crime, you have to do the time? That stands true for being at the receiving end of any kind of weapon. In the case of self defense weapons, that’s the ending every criminal deserves. But there are some forms of weapons that are deadlier than others. And some are less fatal but painful and effective nonetheless. If you are wondering, what does it feel like to be pepper sprayed, it's pretty bad. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of something like that. A pepper spray is designed to burn your eyes excruciatingly and make you even quite immobile. The upside is that it is not fatal but it can make you temporarily blind and cause lasting irritation. The whole purpose of the spray is to compromise the criminals vision to escape and fight them back.

When you are using any self defense weapon, you should make sure it is workable for you. You need something that you can operate easily and use as quickly as you see signs of trouble. The kicker is that pepper spray also tends to leave reddening and swelling around the eyes. For anyone who wants to catch their perpetrator, pepper spray will identify them through the injuries later. For a lot of people, carrying self defense weapons is supposed to help and be a support. A pepper spray gun is the kind of weapon that inexperienced people can use as well and feel safe.

The Increasing Use Of Pepper Spray

For a while now, pepper spray has been on the radar of public safety. There was a time though when that was not the case. It was invented as early as the 1970s but didn’t come into mainstream use until a few decades later. The most common use was of the police pepper spray where many of us first recognized them and saw them. Police carry them as part of their uniform to reprimand violent criminals and neutralize rioting crowds. It required a little sense to use only when necessary and police forces were trusted with knowing that. But their effectiveness proved so vital that they were soon manufactured for the masses as well.

Nowadays, you can see the common use of pepper sprays in all kinds of places. In the United States, pepper spray is also legal for self defense because it has helped a lot of people. If you know how to use it and when it can be a real lifesaver for you. Thanks to modern technology, pepper spray is also becoming niftier and handier for civilians. Especially vulnerable people of the community, women, children and the elderly can rely on them as effective weapons.

Tricks to Using Pepper Spray Properly

If you are someone who relies on pepper spray as a weapon, you should keep some things in mind. Despite how easy it may be to use, you do need to know how to utilize it best when in trouble.

First and foremost, don’t ever use it on anyone as a joke. It is by no means a toy and should not be tried on innocent, unsuspecting people as pranks.

Secondly, when you do get it, learn to detect the nozzle and practice how to use it. It is best if you get a keychain pepper spray that can hang at the ready when you need it. You won't have to fumble or accidentally hit someone you shouldn’t or yourself.

Now, the way to use it is to always hold the nozzle away from your own face. Direct it in front of you and then use it on whoever you are trying to fight.

There are multiple ways that pepper spray can help you. In every individual situation, you will use it differently and in multiple quantities.

If you are walking to your car or to home, keep the spray out in your hand. Use your dominant hand and keep your finger on the nozzle just in case.

If you are in the car, and someone is driving you who tries to threaten you, whip it out. Spray them directly in the eyes from behind or near their nose. Also, keep in mind that you should use it enough to incapacitate someone and not more. In a moving car, loss of control can indirectly hurt you badly as well.

When you are in a large gathering and you’re getting harassed or groped, spray the harasser in the face. You need only spray enough to get them and then punch or kick them away from you.

In case of serious assault or kidnapping, pepper spray is the best weapon to use. The burning spray will weaken your attacker and you can escape without confrontation.

Pepper Spray For Women

Even though it doesn’t need to be said, pepper spray is definitely more popular among women. It is the best kind of weapon as it is easy to use and effective against physical harm. Women don’t like altercations or physical engagement with criminals and this helps them stay safe. There are multiple variants of the pink pepper spray that is meant just for women. Even though that might sound lame, the pink cover makes the bottle look like a deodorant spray. That gives an edge to all women to keep their weapon concealed until they need to use it.

The Best Pepper Spray And Where To Find It

There are multiple places in the United States where you can find pepper spray. It is even available at large supermarket chains for people to buy off the rack. But if you really want the strongest variant, you should look like it. You can buy pepper spray from Knife Import that stocks an impressive collection of sprays for you. No matter if you are a woman or a man, there are all kinds of sprays in different strengths for you. You will also find cleverly disguised sprays that are easy to take with you wherever you go. So, don’t waste time confirming your safety and buy pepper sprays online now.