You can always find more blades that will strike your fancy and the ones you will want to buy. For people who aren’t into knives, it's strange to imagine getting more than one. But for the real blade enthusiasts, none is too many. So, what do you do when you want to keep getting new knives without burning a whole in your pocket? There is a whole new world of wholesale knives you can venture into to save money and get what you want. If you want to know what are the best wholesale knives to buy, then you should look into durable brands. Usually, MTech and Tac Force are two competitive brands that have excellent knives. Depending on where you’re looking, you will find multiple options to go for.

As opposed to your regular market versions, wholesale knives are much more feasible to collectors. They have to buy in bulk and quite often, so it makes it challenging to pick and choose. When the price is not a factor, more doors open for you in terms of what you’re getting. People tend to lean towards pocket knives more as they are cheaper and handier to use.

Types Of Knives You Get In Less Money

If the price is a key issue, you don’t need to restrict yourself to a specific category. You can either buy in bulk or choose to your will without compromising on quality. Where you might source these incredible knives is a question we will answer later. For now, let's look at the types of knives for sale that are, in fact, available to you at a reasonable price.

The first most common kinds of knives you can scope out are, as mentioned, pocket knives. Light, easy to carry, and exceptionally handy, they are the first go-to knives for most people. If you are looking for an everyday carry blade, pocket knives are the ones you go for. There are two types of pocket knives you will find; manual folding and spring assisted opening knives. The first is a simple blade that is movable and closes into the handle. You can pry it open when you need to use it and then close it back up. As for the spring assisted knives, they are loaded with a spring that flicks the blade open. You push a lever or button to open the blade and when done, it clicks back in seamlessly.

The second kind is the more traditional and heavy-duty blades known as fixed blade knives. These are usually larger in size and also come in different blade shapes and varieties. Everything ranging from a kitchen knife to a sword can qualify as a fixed blade knife. They are stronger and more durable and will last longer and create more impact when used.

You can find multiple designs and blade strengths within these two broad categories. Everything from daily cooking to hefty chopping tasks can be done with this group of knives.

Unique Knives That Are Novelties For Collectors

Again, one might wonder, why would anyone want to buy, collect and display knives. The special thing about blades is that they don’t damage easily and last very long. On top of that, all knives have a certain severity to them that makes them impressive and attractive. Collectors invest in knives as artifacts that can be unique as well as a utilitarian when you need them to be. The older and more weathered a knife gets, the more valuable it eventually becomes.

Some unique knives that are fan favorites are swords, daggers, pocket knives, and tactical blades. They each serve their own kind of purpose as well. For someone interested in war weapons, both swords and pocket knives are equally alluring. The first you can display on a wall and the second you can carry around as a conversation piece.

Similarly, regular knife users also have favorites when it comes to the blades they use in their daily lives. Hunters, for example, have very specific choices for the knives they like to use. The edge of the blade, the handle as well as the sharpness are all very real considerations. Thanks to the grunt work required in hunting, these knives are pretty interesting and unique in design. The killing knives are usually sleek and pointy, the gutting ones have little hooks on them for tearing. You will also get serrated edges that can cut through tendons and sinew and skin the animals. Only die-hard blade-heads would think about buying and using these unique knives.

Some Awesome Knives Everyone Wishes They Had

The world of knives extends well beyond utility and daily usage for knife enthusiasts. They are more than mere blades for them when it comes to looking into quality and design. Sometimes it’s a certain kind of theme or design that makes the blades special and not their rarity. Collectible knives are a storm in the fandom world where famous knives from films, books, and games are made. These are the special kind of awesome knives that truly make everyone else envious of your collection. Many people are hardcore into collecting replica knives from their favorite fandom.

Luckily, the collectible knives area is a growing industry and more people are getting invested in them. You will find hundreds of different themed, illustrated, and replica knives from these fan-favorite places. Comic book stores, conventions, swap meets, and online stores are swarming with options for collectible knives. These are usually limited edition memorabilia to commemorate favorite characters and their weapons. Some examples include famous swords from Lord of the Rings and Assassins Creed-inspired daggers.

High-Quality Knives At Wholesale Prices For All Collectors

Now we round up to the first query of where to source this diverse range of knives from. You can always venture into your local market and find some truly impressive pieces. From everyday carry pocket knives to actual collectible blades, there is a lot for every keep. You will have more success in finding cool cheap knives online. For the most affordable and diverse collection of knives, try Knife Import online knife store. They carry a hoard of the most amazing knives you will ever see in one place at rock bottom prices.