Martial Arts Weapons

Whenever someone hears the term martial arts—they are most probably thinking about Kung Fu or Karate. This happens because people are still affected by the Kung Fu craze that started in the 70s after watching Bruce Lee’s fighting and nunchucks moves in Hollywood movies. Many remember how the ‘Karate Kid’ hit the theatres and urged people to once again get involved with martial arts weapons and techniques.

Nothing has changed even today! For a number of individuals come looking for different types of martial arts weapons for sale on Knife Import, only after watching some awesome fighting sequence in a martial arts movie. In case you are indeed searching for martial arts supplies and/or weapons then you should peruse our inventory. As we provide all sorts of cheap martial arts weapons along with different related supplies like Kung Fu and ninja uniform.

But that’s not all that we have in our wholesale martial arts weapons category, so make sure you browse the website for whatever else you might need!

Different Martial Arts Weapons for Sale Online

You might be a practitioner in need of a martial arts weapon for your training or just another person who got inspired after watching bruce lee nunchucks performance and decided you need to learn how to fight with this weapon.

Anyhow, let us tell you about all the various martial arts weapons for self defense, practice and actual fighting that you can find over the internet. Here we go:

1. Real Ninja Weapons for Sale

The most popular item among martial arts equipment for everyone are related to the ninja. It’s obvious because everybody admires the way they are portrayed in movies, cartoons and anime. Who wouldn’t want to be like a real ninja?

Still to get the hang of it all, one will need to practice a lot and need to learn how to use ninja martial arts weapons properly. If you want to accomplish such a feat, then you can find the following ninja weapons for sale online:

  • Ninja Throwing Stars

People of all ages love having a good ninja star! They look cool and can be thrown at a target for passing time, which also qualifies as a sports (if you follow some rules and play it with your friends). The shuriken is quite famous even among the common folk because they are often used by actors portraying a ninja character.

While it’s totally possible for you to find throwing stars for sale online, so get some as soon as possible!

  • Ninja Sword

May it be a decorative one made with stainless steel or a real ninja sword, you can find all of them through the internet. Even though some platforms just put samurai katana under this category as well. But you should know that ninja swords for sale should have a straight blade instead of curved one. For all traditional ninjato have a straight back blade and a triangular or square-shaped hilt.

2. Nunchucks

You will definitely find some websites where nunchucks for sale are put under the coupled category of martial arts and ninja weapons. Why does that happen? Well simply cause the modern day ninja training and exercises use the weapon and often label them as ninja nunchucks. Even though there is no difference, they are all one and the same.

So, don’t worry at all—as you can get the real nunchucks for sale online—no matter how they are categorized. Just make sure that you get a foam nunchaku in case you are a beginner and just want to learn cool martial arts techniques while practicing nunchucks.

3. Real Swords

A number of Japanese martial arts forms either include sword fighting or has techniques to master it completely. In this case, practitioners look for a katana samurai sword because that’s the martial arts weapon required in many traditional Japanese fighting forms and exercises.

Rest assured because you can even get more than enough real katana swords for sale through the internet these days. They are good quality weapons that you can use without facing any problems!

4. Training Swords

Targeted at beginners, who are still in the initial stages of learning the skill of sword fighting. Mostly, practice swords for sale are made using wood and/or covered in soft material like foam. This helps the novices not worry about any sharp blades and practice their techniques while being totally safe.

If someone uses wooden training swords to spar with their practicing opponent, then they both have better chances of coming out of their harsh training regime with least amount of injuries. After all, using real swords for practice can lead to grave consequences!

5. Martial Arts Staff

One of the most basic self defense weapons in the world can be none other than a stick, while the proper term for it in all best martial arts forms is the fighting staff. Usually, made out of red oak wood, you can use it to both defend and attack your opponent effectively. Japanese martial arts often show the use of a bo staff because it’s the standard length stick that any average heighted practitioner needs.

In case you were looking for some martial arts staffs for sale, then rejoice because you can easily find them online!

6. Sai

Best remembered as the Raphael weapon in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (cartoon series), the sai weapon for sale can be found in a large number on the web. Not just the ones made with metal but all sorts of the three-pronged ninja sai weapon.

Martial Arts Equipment

Enough talk about the tools for hurting others, let’s discuss some of the martial arts supplies and gear that you can order online:

  • Kung Fu, ninja and karate uniforms
  • Sparring gear set
  • Karate Pads
  • Taekwondo headgear
  • Sparring bag
  • Real ninja gear etc.

If we want to keep this list going on forever and ever, then actually we can! But that defeats the purpose of your looking around for the best martial arts weapons for sale. As you will only be reading about them!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s blog and perhaps it will encourage you to keep visiting our website in the future to read more interesting pieces. That’ll be all from our side— see you next time!

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