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Welcome to another one of our blogs, in which, we are going to interest you in all the top novelty gifts that you can give away as a present to your family members and/or friends. Our list of highly recommended novelty gifts will probably include some crazy items as well, but who said you cannot mess around with your choices. Having a sense of humor is no crime!

However, make sure that you do not give away a crazy novelty item to someone who will perceive it as rude. Now, as we are not here to discuss ethics, we will be moving towards the explanation of locating awesome novelties for cheap. At Knife Import, you will find all the items mentioned in the best novelty gifts list of 2019 at extremely cheap wholesale rates. So, once you are done perusing the list you can proceed to buy one or two novelty items for your friends and family members.

Novelty Gifts for Friends

Whenever a US holiday is round the corner—as the likes of Easter, Independence Day and Halloween—people are going bonkers over finding the perfect novelties to gift to their friends that will leave them in a fret of giggles. In case, you have found yourself in the same predicament time and time again then just check out the following cool novelty products that you can buy for your friends:

1. Knife with Bottle Opener

This item is one of the most recommended novelties that you can give as a present to your buddies. Because the bottle opener knives are not the usual type of novelty items, as they are quite useful blades and totally not mediocre. Also, these cool pocket knives look awesome and help you, or your friends, open a cold one at any given time.

Thus, everyone ends up buying these novelty knives with bottle opener in order to be remembered as a considerate and fun loving friend. You should also check them out!

Pocket knife with bottle opener

2. Decorative Swords and Knives

Another one of the top choices, when you are thinking to buy novelty gifts for your friends, is the decorative swords and knives for sale available in novelty stores near you and online. All you have to do is go searching for the best decorative sword that your friend(s) will like to receive from you.

Scorpion Stinger Dagger Knife

3. Tactical Fidget Spinner

If someone among your group of friends suffers from anxiety, at daily basis, then you have a great option to present them with a tactical fidget spinner as a novelty gift. We are sure anyone will like this best fidget spinner to carry around to help with their fidgeting. That’s not all, actually, these cool spinners come equipped with all or some of these features:

  • multi colored blades,
  • bottle opener and
  • glass breaker.

Tactical fidget spinner

Therefore, it is a great choice for a novelty gift item and, if we were you, we would be buying a knife fidget spinner for ourselves as well!

Novelty Items for Family Members

When we say novelties for family members, we have to consider that whether they are appropriate for a person to give it to their relatives or not. So, following are the safe choices of wholesale gifts and novelties for close relatives.

1. Top Choices for Adult Family Members

  • Office and Home Decor Items

In case you are selecting a gift, from a range of wholesale novelties, to present to an older family member such as your uncle, father, or grandfather, then you can buy one of these office and home decor products that will definitely be appreciated by the people who receive them as a novelty gift from you.

Indian Smoking Peace Axe

  • Letter Opener

Often a very somber present among siblings, can be a unique letter opener that you can find at almost every novelty store online or located in your vicinity. Cool letter openers come in different shapes and sizes for example a pen knife letter opener. Or if you want to find something even more awesome then you can look for the best sword letter opener that is all the rage in different parts of the world these days!

Pen with Letter opener

2. Cool Novelties for Kids and Teenagers

  • Anime Cosplay Items

Nowadays, most kids and teens watch one anime or the other. This is why, we recommend these top novelty items for children and young adults. Amongst anime cosplay novelties you will find various products such as cosplay masks, swords, knives, daggers and lots more.

Cosplay Mask

  • Cool Fidget Spinners

We are mentioning this novelty item once again, but this time, we want you to focus on kid friendly fidget spinners that can help them focus in their classrooms and keep calm by fidgeting away with a cool fidget spinner. So, if you want to give a novelty gift to your nephew or niece then this item is a fine choice!

MTech Fidget spinner

Left Over Categories of Gifts and Novelties

Even though they pose as nice novelty items, many people rarely buy lock pick sets or antiques like the medieval weapons (partial) for their friends and relatives. But what is a novelty? It is something new and unique, isn’t it? So, if you want to surprise someone completely then you can go for parts of medieval knight armor or a lock pick set with a great number of tools that will allow them to pick locked doors in case of an emergency or perhaps when they get locked outside of their house. (Just tell them to keep the lock pick set in a tool shed outside otherwise what’s the use)?

So, ladies and gentleman that will be all from our side! We hope that you found this article informative and useful in such a manner that you now know what novelty gifts you should buy for your buddies and close relatives. See you next time, until then, farewell!

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