Cool Knives

The knives for outdoor purposes come in many types, shapes, and sizes as well. These modern knives can be anything from a small pocket knife to a large tactical fixed blade and can be used for hunting, camping, fishing, backpacking, or even for self defense. Nonetheless, determining which one to buy depends on what tasks the knife is expected to perform. Here we are going to describe some types of cool knives which are considered the best in the market.

5 Popular Types of Cool Knives for Sale at Knife Import

Below we have come up with 5 popular types of knives that ensure your safety and survival in the great outdoors. All these are available at and you can search for cool knives for sale to find your needed ones.

1. Fixed Blade knives

Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed blade knives are highly favored options for hunting needs, but sometimes, they are also used for camping and other survival activities. The reason is that they have very sharp fixed blades manufactured with extremely sturdy steel, and therefore you can utilize them practically for any animal you want, due to their strength. Moreover, they come in different blade shapes and designs, such as serrated blades with drop point edge are perfect to choose for hunting. Hence, if you are looking them for camping or survival activity, you may go for a smooth edge or a partially serrated blade. This type of knife will work better for cutting ropes and cables that you may need for camping or any other outdoor adventure. However, a partially serrated knife can come in handy when you are preparing a meal as it will cut meat better.

In that way, selecting the right straight blades will be dependent on why you need one. For hunting knives, you will want durability and strength for field dressing. For camping and survival, you will want to consider ease of use and versatility. Well, in short, a fixed blade knife has a great deal to offer. So, don’t miss out on these best knives!

2. Pocket Knives

Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are one of the most versatile types of knives available in the market. They are popular because of their durability and they can be easily concealed because of their folding blade feature. Every so often, they comprise of multiple blades that bring more versatility and their foldable blades make them harmless than fixed blade knives when not in use.

The same versatility you may see when it comes to the usage of a folding pocket knife. Well, these knives are known as convenient tools that are useful in several ways. For instance, if you are a passionate camper and traveler or even only outdoors rarely, a folding knife offers numerous uses and can be particularly important when faced an emergency situation. It can be used to cut branches, kill fish, and cook food as well. Furthermore, some knives come with a handy bottle opener and other everyday tools which may not be available in all situations.

Hence, at Knife Import, you can find a wide assortment of pocket knives including spring assisted knives, tactical knives, survival knives, hunting knives, folding karambit, and many more. So, start exploring cool cheap knives and get your desired product at a very reasonable price.

3. Throwing Knives

Throwing knives

Throwing knives are ones that are specifically designed and weighted with the aim of that they can be thrown efficiently. They are used in many countries across the world and the key reason is that a lot of tactics to use a throwing knife have been introduced because we can find different types and shapes of such knives in the market.

So, if you are one of them interested in the knife throwing art, you may probably go for a kunai knife; one of the best throwing knives available. This will help you to get trained in this art safely and then you will be able to participate in the competitions or simply satisfy your desire for learning this art. However, keep in mind if you are a beginner, you should choose blunt-edged knife instead of sharp-edged one.

4. Brass Knuckle Knives

Brass Knuckle Knife

If you are a serviceman and have to perform your duty at outdoors or even you are an adventurer, you are at high risk without any doubt. Therefore, a knife is a must-have for you to ensure your safety. One of the recommended types of cool knives is brass knuckle knife that you can easily carry and conceal. Such knives serve you in two best ways like you can use the knuckle handle to give a solid punch to the mugger and then you can use the blade for more threat.

Nevertheless, when looking for a knuckle knife, prefer choosing a folding one. It generally comes with a sharp blade and a thumb stud to open the blade instantly when you need it. It is the best to use for close combats you can easily knee down the opponent using it. Moreover, it is very easy to carry it because it is a kind of cool pocket knives. Well, to get yours today, start exploring the knives for sale.

5. Hidden Blade Knives

HIdden Blade

They are cheap knives that can serve you the best in any emergency or life-threatening situation. The most distinguishing feature of hidden blade knives is that they come in with different everyday items, while the blade is hidden. So, without giving any clue to the opponent, you can use this tool against him and keep yourself protected.

This type of knives is good to take along when camping, hiking, backpacking, and even for wandering around the house. It will make you able to tackle any serious situation confidently. Furthermore, you can carry and conceal it easily. As well, it can be used for several other needs during an outdoor trip.

Well, these blades are also available in different designs and styles such as comb knife, boot knife, pen knife and lipstick knife etc. Consequently, you can easily pick up the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Why Opt for Wholesale Knives?

If you are running a business that deals in knives and other tools, we will want to get a huge stock that can fulfill your customers’ needs. Therefore, you should consider buying wholesale knives as only this option can be beneficial for you in all manners. Such as, wholesale dealers have a wide range of all types of knives with different shapes, designs, and color schemes as well. More, you can also find some branded knives in that way. Thus, you can offer a large variety of cool knives to your customers. Another point is that wholesale distributors deal in larger quantities of stock than retailers and when you place a large order, the cheaper you will be able to get the products at Knife Import. So, you can resell these cheap knives at good prices with a profitable margin and in this way, you can earn more money in return.

Nevertheless, if now you are wandering for a trusted wholesaler, there is no need to look further than Knife Import. We have an extensive collection of all types of cool knives that are demanding products nowadays. So, grow your business with us!

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