When it comes to self defense, you need to always look for something that works best for you. Despite all the different things that are coming about, knives are pretty much the most basic choice. They are the epitome of safety and quick action and are always evolving into smarter weapons. Here we are now, looking at some of the best knives you can get and the top 5 that will work best in self defense.

Good Pocket Knives For Self Defense

Usually, when you think about protecting yourself from danger, you don’t picture a kitchen knife. The best alternatives there are pocket knives that are made specifically for public use. Pocket knives are nifty and convenient to carry and they don’t draw focus towards you. They are also much easier to carry and handle as opposed to bigger knives so you can stay in control.

If you need self defense knives that can be easy to manage, the Tac Force 3.8 Inch Push Dagger Neck Knife Black is the one to get. It is a small sharp knife known as a push dagger, which is a thin blade you can use for stabbing. It is made wider from the bottom so you can grip it well and the blade is small so it can lodge into the body fully.

Another variation of a small knife that can work well for safety is the Mtech Knife USA Flag Fixed Blade Boot Knife Neck Knife. It has a small hole for you to hold the knife with your finger and a sharp arrow-shaped blade. It is meant for stabbing and slashing without having to brandish your weapon or have it taken away. The smaller the knife, the less chance of someone taking it away from you or turning it on yourself. It is called a neck knife because it can actually be worn around your neck like a necklace and used when you feel the need.

Some common occurrences of harassment, assault, and misdemeanor happen in offices and formal spaces. But in that situation, you cannot carry a weapon that can protect you so you can use something discreet. You can get One Dozen Pen Knives or Letter Opener Knife Set which is actually a very clever weapon to use. This set comprises small pens that actually have hidden blades inside them for self defense. You can slip this pen knife into your bag or pocket and take it everywhere without drawing suspicion towards you.

Best Knives For Self Defense At Advanced Level

If you are most likely to bring a knife to a gunfight, it better be one that will work the best. In this case, you can’t rely on smaller, weaker knives that may not hold up to more threatening situations. But there are some amazing advancements in knives as weapons that include sophisticated blades as well. Hidden blades are a good example of this as they don’t draw attention but are menacing nonetheless. And then there are some fighter knives made for the strong-hearted who like to face their attackers head-on.

Self defense weapons are always more useful when they are stealthy and easy to carry. What can be better than wearing your weapon on you in the shape of a Hidden Belt Buckle Knife with Belt? You can wear it with all of your normal clothes and keep it on you when you are heading out. At any sign of trouble, this buckle knife can provide you protection against all sorts of crime and give you a fighting chance.

If you live in a space where you need a lot of protection, carrying a knife is a good idea. But the best knife is the one that allows you proper control to make sure you can tackle threatening situations. The Ninja Knuckle Fighter Knife with Sheath is an unconventional weapon but a powerful one. The knuckles can be used for punching and knocking someone out as well as gripping the knife properly. The blade itself is sharp and pointed to take out even the most dangerous criminals.

Buying Cool Knives To Impress

While there is no denying that knives are one of the best weapons you can get, that’s not the only reason they are used. There are actually multiple reasons that people buy cool knives other than protection as well. Most knives that brag of design and quality are also great collectibles to have. Blade lovers like to collect them to show off, display, and swap among other blade lovers as well. While these are all functioning knives as well, they are more aesthetically pleasing than regular knives used for cutting and stabbing.

In this category, you will find gilded daggers, inscribed blades that are inspired by ancient cultures, and modern blades. Depending on the kind of blades you like, knives can be quite exciting to collect and buy. But you won't find the same kind of variety in local stores that usually have function-based tools and weapons. Online stores are where you will find the real magic of collectibles blades that people like. Our collection at Knife Import is also a great example of such diverse knife collections to look out for. We specialize in creating knives that are not just well-designed but high-quality as well. And for the most part, our prices are also the most attractive thing about the online variety we have.

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