Top 10 Spring Assisted Knives and Their Uses

Usually, when you hear the word knife, there aren’t many options that spring into your mind. Knives are for the kitchen or maybe for protection. Other than that, knives are portrayed as dangerous weapons in movies, often used to kill or scare. But many useful life hacks can be attempted with knives, especially Pocket Knives.

As indicated by the name, a pocket knife is a smaller knife that can fit into your pocket or purse, or similar small spaces. They have smaller blades, and they usually fold into their handles to be safe and light to carry.

They were initially made for the military to help soldiers carry an all in one tool for various tasks, for convenience. They were also good to combat weapons in the case of face to face confrontation with the enemy. There are three kinds of knives in the small knife category:

  • Fixed blade pocket knives – they don’t open or close at the user’s volition. But there are smaller versions of normal knives and daggers available that make them super helpful.
  • Opening blade folds able pocket knives – these kinds of knives are smaller in size, and they fold into their handles. They are safer to use, but they need to be opened manually when needed.
  • Spring assisted pocket knives in having springs loaded in their handles that can be pressed to release the blade. They are super sleek, and they keep the blade hidden until needed. In emergencies, they can be whipped out instantly and then close back up to save time.

What Are Spring Assisted Knives Used For?

It makes sense to know the full potential of a tool and weapon before you get it. If you aren’t particularly keen on pocket knives, maybe these reasons will change your mind.

  • Spring Assisted Knives are stealth weapons. They fly under the radar as no one can easily spot them.
  • They are terrific self defense weapons; you can keep a small spring loaded knife with you at all times. In the case of robberies or assaults, this kind of knife can be your best friend.
  • They are easy to fit in all kinds of spaces, and they can also be clipped to shirt and jeans pockets. They can be added to key chains and bag pack zippers.
  • You can use them in accidents; car crash victims can be freed out of seatbelts when stuck.
  • Dogs and other pets can also be freed out of their leashes if they get stuck in elevators or fences.
  • Camping gear is expensive and plenty. You can use a pocket knife to cut ropes, digging holes, prepare food, foraging herbs, and apply camping life hacks.
  • A small knife is not just useful in camping if you are traveling; a pocket knife comes with handy little add-ons like bottle openers, screwdrivers, extra blades, and package carriers.
  • A spring loaded knife is sharp enough to cut and shave wood for kindling in the wild.
  • They’re excellent for personal grooming; you can shave with them, trim your nails and even cut your hair under dire circumstances.
  • A handy tool to have around the house; you can open sealed packages, cut off tags and labels from clothes, and open letters with pocket knives easily.

Top 10 Spring Assisted Knives and Their Uses

Where to Buy Pocket Knives for Sale?

Usually, people prefer to do an actual survey of available weapons and tools before buying them. This ensures that whatever you are getting is of good quality and price. Since tools like knives aren’t objects you buy every day, the need to personally inspect and buy is understandable.

There are, however, great stores online that have spring assisted knives for sale in their online stores. They are the same quality as the ones in the actual stores. It would help if you considered buying from online retailers:

  • Looking online gives you the chance to browse comfortably, without having to go from store to store.
  • There are many dynamic and interesting designs available online, which you might miss in actual stores.
  • You can search and compare the prices of different knives online before buying.
  • There are great deals and discounts available in online shops. You can buy multiple cheap knives at stellar prices, which will keep getting better with each purchase.
  • You can get your product delivered at home and have an easy return and exchange opportunity with online products.

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Types of Spring Loaded Knives for Sale in the Market?

Other than the few things mentioned above, multiple little daily nuisances can be made easy with pocket knives. If you want to get one, you should look for spring assisted knives as they are the most hassle-free of them all. No matter what you want to use them for, there’s no downside to buying a handy knife to save time and energy on little things. Here are the top 10 best knives available online:

  • MTech Pocket Knife Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife Green Blade

If you want a sophisticated and classy pocket knife, then this one is for you. It is fully functional and stylish, so it works as an accessory and a handy tool, both.

  • Tac Force Tactical Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Knife Blue LED Handle

It is hard to find a pocket knife that isn’t worth the money. This little model comes with a small led, so it works best outdoors. It is also useful to fix wires in the basement or repair things in the dark.

  • Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Stonewashed Aluminum Handle

There is nothing better than simplicity when it comes to pocket knives. They are one object that looks impressive and stays useful no matter how sober or flashy they are. This stonewashed design is one of the top-selling knives online right now.

  • Tac Force Rescue Folder Spring Assisted Knife - Wood Insert

Who says simplicity needs to be boring? This gorgeous knife is an all-black tool that has a wood handle detail. It is a super tool as it comes with a glad breaker, a can opener, and a rope cutter included within the handle. It’s a must-have for adventure travelers.

  • Tac Force Karambit Spring Assisted Knife Stone Wash in Pack

Now moving on to the slightly more advanced tools, real knife enthusiasts know all about Karambit knives. They are dangerous, but they are also super-fast and easy to grip thanks to the curved blade and the finger ring. This knife has an elegant striped design, all along with the handle and a super sharp blade perfect for hunting.

  • Master Collection Ballistic Copper Light Blue Mermaid Spring Assisted Folding Knife

What’s life without a little magic? If you are a knife collector, then pocket knives are the knives to collect like this beautifully crafted copper and light blue, mesmerizing mermaid detail folding knife. This beautiful knife comes with a handy pocket clip so you can flaunt your fantastic buy.

  • Pocket Knife Masters Malt Bottle Design Spring Assisted Knife

Collectible knives are all the rage right now. This malt whiskey bottle design knife is one of the top-selling knives you will find online, with multiple other designs. It may seem like a brittle decorative knife, but it has a fully functional, spring assisted blade.

  • MTech Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Knife Polished Bronze Stainless Steel Knife

Imagine being in the wilderness for days; you need to collect and prep food, maybe even hunt for it. You need to shave and take care of small things like opening food cans and preparing firewood. This single knife will come in handy for all these things. The polished and beautiful steel blade stays clean and durable through all these tasks.

  • Pocket Knife with Tando Blade Spring Assisted Knife Crane

A straight-edged blade is often easier to carry. Even in situations where you need to quickly retrieve a knife blade, a flat blade doesn’t poke through the skin and can be used for various things. Hunting, skinning small animals, self-grooming, and chopping wood – do it all with one trusty and gorgeous knife.

  • MTech Spring Assisted Knife Green Camo Shark Handle Bomber Lady Luck Blade

This one is pretty high up on the list of cool knives. The illustrative, shark graphic detail on the handle and the curved blade makes it a trusty travel companion. But even if you don’t use this blade roughly and regularly, the design alone is worth buying.

How to Find Cheap Pocket Knives?

Looking at the impressive collection of knives listed above, you must be thinking, how much are they? Don’t worry; they are definitely within budget. You can find each of these knives and many more at the Knife Import website online. They are one of the best retailers of wholesale knives, which means that their prices are just as amazing as their designs.

Whether you want to collect knives or need one for travel – you can surely find the best pocket knife that suits your purpose. If you look in the right place and compare prices before buying, you will find a knife that is worth every penny.

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