Ever since human beings became aware of their surroundings, there have always been a definite need for weapons to fend off predators and other people that posed a threat. Swords proved to be the most effective weapon since ancient times due to their durability and simple design. Even though much lethal modern weapons, such as guns, can be found at firearm stores yet lots of people search for swords for sale online and otherwise.

Regarding this article, we are going to list 10 most famous and cool swords that has made their way into everyone’s life making them instantly recognizable. Our list is going to include only fantasy swords from story books, cartoons and movies - otherwise it would have become impossible for us to make a list in the first place. Anyhow, if you are looking to buy and/or read about blades then surf through Knife Import for it provides high quality fantasy swords for sale among many other related products with their relevant information.

We guess by now you are eager to know about the actual list of most famous swords. It’s guaranteed that there are one too many blades mentioned in here to leave you feeling nostalgic. Let’s begin shall we?

10. Sting (The Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit)

Almost everyone has watched or heard of the Sting, the well-recognized Elven blade, which was carried by Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings while it was Bilbo Baggins that discovered it before the Quest of Erebor. This elegant fantasy sword is one that many fans of the series want to add to their collections.

9. Hatori Hanzo Katana (Kill Bill)

Uma Thurman, playing as Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill, slayed a whole army of opponents using the Bill’s Bride Katana. Ever since, the Hattori Hanzo sword has become the face of the movie series that was released in two parts Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2. As many people know samurai swords always attract the on lookers so collectors often buy this blade as a showpiece.

8. Swords of Omen (Thunder Cats)

Every child in the 90s can point out this one among hundreds of other cool fantasy swords because Thunder Cats was a cartoon that gave most of them company in their childhood days. The blade on this sword could extend or retract on the choice of Lion-O while it even allowed him to gain the ‘sight beyond sight’.

7. The Power Sword (He-Man and the Masters of Universe)

We might have tripped into a worm hole to the past because here comes the best fantasy sword from a fairly familiar comic/cartoon series usually referred to as He-Man, because that’s what the protagonist was called after his awesome transformation while he shouted his catch phrase “I HAVE THE POWER”. Getting goosebumps here, seriously!

6. The Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

We have got to give some interesting bits for all the gamers out there as well, don’t you agree? Therefore, we have added the legendary swords, also known as the Blade of Evil’s Bane, to our fine selections for this list. This blade first appeared in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past after which it became the leading symbol of its gaming franchise.

5. Lightsaber (Star Wars)

One cannot simply talk about blades and not mention the Lightsaber that took the world by storm after it made its appearance in the highly acclaimed sci-fi series Star Wars. The working behind the saber is that the blade is made up of pure energy (or plasma) that is about a meter long. A decade ago it was deemed as the most popular movie weapon.

4. Anduril (The Lord of the Rings)

Yet again The Lord of the Rings, one of the majorly successful literary piece of fiction, strikes hard to make its mark on our list of widely recognized fantasy swords through Anduril, which was re-forged from the shards of another fictional blade in the story named Narsil. The original weapon, Narsil, was broken during the fight between Elendil and Sauron and then Elendil used its shards to cut Sauron’s fingers to separate the One Ring from his hand.

3. Kirito Sword (Sword Art Online)

Elucidator, commonly known as the kirito sword, is one of the most popular and recognized blades among manga and anime enthusiasts. Even if someone is not familiar with the animated series they might have seen Kirito wielding the black colored blade on websites that display ads for its online games.

2. The Sword of Gryffindor (Harry Potter)

We think there is not a single person living in this age of technology that hasn’t come across the Harry Potter series. Similarly, almost everyone around the world could identify the Godric Gryffindor’s sword, which was made of Goblin’s Silver deeming it indestructible. In case, you are a Potterhead then we bet you want to see it ranked first in all similar lists. However, once you read it you will agree with our most easily recognizable fantasy swords for sale available in the market.

1. Excalibur (the Legend of Arthur)

The most widely known legendary sword the Excalibur is retaining its popularity because it’s just not associated with only the original fable but have come up in various other movies, cartoons, and anime. Excalibur sword might just be remembered longer than all other fantasy blades because whenever someone thinks of a weapon that gives a person the power to rule, the Excalibur will pop up in their minds within an instant.

We people had an unending list of legendary blades to choose from and, let there be no doubt, it was hard to boil all the options down to ten popular swords. Some honorable mentions are the Time Dagger (from Prince of Persia) and Riptide (from Percy Jackson). Alas! We reach the end of our long journey through this world of fantasies and the time has come now to get back to reality. Farewell!

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