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With all the different axe designs available in the markets, what features the tomahawk - often shortened to hawk - own possess that would make you to purchase it? Only an in-depth look at the qualities of a throwing tomahawk can give you a clear answer whether it’s good for you or not. In this article, we are going to comprehensively discuss hawks so that you can make the right decision on such survival tools.

History of Tomahawk Axe

The tomahawk is a kind of axe which was developed and used by the Native Americans. They were hunters/gathered that traveled long distances to search for their food. Therefore, they required light-weight tools making themselves able to handle more than one tasks.

The traditional tomahawk axe was manufactured from stone or larger rock chips that were sharp on the head side and secured to a wooden handle. The handle was always straight without an increase in size at the end to aid a secure grip. Then, these axes were composed of iron or brass, introduced by the Europeans. Later, the Native American created the metal heads and used them as a general purpose tool, as well as a hand-to-hand or a throwing weapon for survival.

Modern Tomahawk

When it comes to the modern era, tomahawk axes have made something of come-back currently. However, the most significant change was happened in the Vietnam war, in which soldiers started requesting their authorities to buy them in order to carry with them into battle. The new hawks were designed to be used primarily as a close combat weapon. Their heads were developed with a spike on the opposite side of cutting edge to upsurge its effectiveness as a defensive weapon.

Slight variations from the traditional tomahawk have been introduced by various manufacturers. Recent designs include a reversible spike, synthetic shafts, durable sheath and different head shapes. Today, these axes are made up of alloy steel and differential heat treatments are practiced in their manufacturing process to make them stronger and durable. You can buy these axes of widely differing quality and price ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

Many reputable brands such as MTech, Tac Force, Survivor, Z-Hunter and many other produce high quality tomahawks. They have a very hard and sharp cutting edge for chopping or sticking when you throw them at targets. Hence, the head above the edge is quite softer to absorb the shock from the strike. If you buy one, it’s better to check out the axes for sale on Knife Import. You will surely find your desired one here at very affordable price!

2 Popular Types of Tomahawk

Below are the most commonly used types of tomahawk. Have a look at them

1. Tactical Tomahawk

It is crafted to perform some particular actions with a specific end. These types of hawks come in several different configurations, sizes and styles that make them better than the common axes. They are not only used for military purposes but also for building camps, scaling mountains and so many other tasks. Used as a multipurpose tool, a tactical tomahawk allows the users to choose the right one for their situation.

2. Throwing Tomahawk

Though you have seen it in several movies. Tomahawk throwing is also a popular sports activity among the Canadian and American historical re-enactment groups. In this game, throwing tomahawk is utilized to be thrown instead of using for other hand-held purposes.

There are some new forms of martial arts such as Okichitaw in which throwing axe is also used to be thrown to fight with opponents. Apart from it, hawk throwing is a hobby for anyone to take up its loads of fun.

Axe Vs Tomahawk Vs Hatchet

Did you know axe, tomahawk and hatchet are not same? Even though all these three terms are frequently used interchangeably by manufacturing companies for advertisement purposes, they are different from each other in a few aspects.

An axe possesses an iron head along with a wood handle and sharp steel edge. Primarily used for chopping woods, it is bigger and heavier than a tomahawk or hatchet. These days, you can find tactical axe, survival axe, throwing axe and many more in order to do several tasks.

The key difference between an axe and a tomahawk is the detachable head. In that way, hawks are perfect for those who are looking for throwing weapons or portable blades.

However, tomahawk and hatchet can be used as deadly or non-deadly weapons. Hatchet is a small single-handed axe that is used for chopping woods, clearing small branches or striking in a fight. It holds a sharp edge on one side of the blade and the other side is designed like a hammer head. On the other hand, the tomahawk is also a single-handed axe that was mainly used by Native Americans for survival purposes in the wars. It is lightweight, small in size and has a razor-sharp blade like an axe head and the other side is made up like a spike.

How to Pick out the Right Tomahawk Axe to Buy?

A tomahawk axe is a great choice among all axes because of its best ever qualities including high durability, versatility and great strength. It is also suitable for more specific tasks. However, selecting a good one is not an easy task as it comes in several sizes, styles and shapes. When it comes to choosing a tomahawk, there are some key points that you should take into consideration.

1. Fundamental Use

It’s important you should know about the prime use of a tomahawk. These types of axes are used for various purposes. For instance, it is popular among all who involve in the outdoor activities like hunting, trekking, hiking or any other adventure. It is also good for those who participate in tomahawk throwing competition and other sports activities. So, always keep in mind why you have to use it before choosing the one.

2. Head Style

When it comes to the hawk head, you have a number of options to choose from. Ranging from a single head to double head and head with a flat back/spike, you can choose anyone that best suits your needs. The most demanding one is the double head with a spike. It is a multitasking tool that has a large cutting edge. Nevertheless, bush crafters may pick up a flat back tomahawk because it is really good for hammering and pounding as well.

3. Cutting Edge

You also need to look at the cutting edge of a hawk. Decide on whether you choose longer cutting edge or narrower one. If you are getting a tomahawk axe for chopping or splitting woods, you can go for the longer cutting edge. Hence, a narrower cutting edge is good if you want for penetrating heavy duty materials or emergency vehicle extraction.

4. Handle Size

Another noticeable thing is the handle size. Below is some precise information about the long handle and short handle hawks.

Long Handle Tomahawk: perfect for chopping trees, splitting wood, opening doors, breaking locks, piercing hard materials and many more.

Short Handle Tomahawk: good to use for throwing, long hikes, evacuating vehicles, butchering small game and much more.

5. Weight

No doubt, modern hawks are light in weight as compared to the traditional ones that are bigger and heavier in nature. However, still, you need to consider the weight of a tomahawk while buying the one. It will help you to find the right one.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying a tomahawk axe, consider carefully your use and the features necessary to meet that use when you get ready to buy. Remember, the hawk is easy to pack and functions well as a chopper, hammer, stake driver and is an impressive close combat weapon that can be thrown. If you consider all the above mentioned things, you will definitely buy the right one. For the best deals, you can explore tomahawk for sale at Knife Import!

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