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Throwing weapons are becoming popular exponentially for the past decade, everywhere in the world and not just the United States. After watching various action movies, a number of people especially teenagers are becoming obsessed with Throwing Knives and the widely recognized and coolest ninja weapon that can be flung towards a target—yes we are talking about—the shuriken.

However, in the current blog, we will be focusing on how a throwing knife was thrown into the midst of people for the first time, what made throwing knives so popular again, how to throw a throwing knife, their effectiveness and other information relating to the weapon, who people throw at wooden targets for recreational purposes nowadays.

Firstly, please know that Knife Import is the right virtual place to be in case you are looking to buy high quality kunai knives, other throwing blades, their targets and/or target stands at extremely cheap wholesale price. Please go through the inventory to know more about the variety of throwing knives for sale on the website. But for now, please keep on reading to find out about some background information about this cool throwing weapon such as how it originated and what made it so famous in the modern world.

Creation and Evolution of Throwing Knives

The practice of knife throwing has been around since the prehistoric times, as early humans used to throw sharp sticks to hunt small prey like birds and other similar animals. If you study the ancient history, you will find that Egyptians used throwing sticks back in 3000 BC.

Another good example related to the history of throwing knives, is the boomerang that you must know is a blade that is designed in a manner to come back to its thrower (if it’s thrown right, doesn’t hit the target or stops spinning by hitting another object).

If were are discussing cool throwing knives, then we should not skip over the contributions of Japanese people made in this category as we have the ninja stars (or shuriken as previously mentioned) and another famous throwing blade, often shown in movies and anime, the kunai knife.

Anyhow, one can observe world’s history to easily know how throwing sticks became its much better and efficient form—the best throwing knives that anyone can ask for today—all thanks to the advancement in metallurgy and new technologies that have revolutionized the blade manufacturing process.

How Come Knife Throwing is a Popular Sport?

Actually, there’s no real reason to be surprised because the art of throwing knives and the sports is much like archery, where you fling the blade and try to do it so with enough force that its point sticks to the throwing knife target.

So, just like you shoot arrows in the sports of archery, you throw knives as close to the bulls-eye in this format and win point in a similar fashion. Still, this practice of cool knife throwing can also be found among circus acts and even a specific dangerous side of blade flinging—the impalement arts.

At this point, we it to be known that throwing knives for beginners can be extremely dangerous and, if done incorrectly, most probably result in a serious injury. This is why we are going to mention some precautions and the correct way(s) to throw knives, so that you can remain completely safe from harmful situations while practicing this skill.

How to Throw Throwing Knives – Precautions and Correct Ways

When it comes to throwing weapons, especially pointed blades, you must take the following precautions to avoid any accidental harm to yourself or another person:

  • Use real throwing knives that are made for this purpose, in order to avoid cutting your own hand(s) and getting a pointed tip for impaling the target easily.
  • Find a good place that is suitable for knife throwing.
  • Check and keep on checking the condition of the blade, so no malfunctions can occur while you are flinging around the fixed blade knives.
  • Keep the blades covered when you are not using them.
  • Do not charge towards anyone with the blade’s tip pointing towards another person, as you can accidently impale them.
  • Bring along a first aid kit just in case, as you will be throwing cool knives that have sharp pointy tips.

Now, as you know what to do before you start enjoying your new found hobby, we can actually talk about how you can have fun throwing knives at wooden targets and such. So, come and read the basic steps that follows in order to learn how to throw a throwing knife correctly:

  • To hold the blade, place your index, middle, and ring finger at the center on the handle’s center—leaving your little finger dangling off the end. While place your thumb (dead center like the other three fingers but) on the other side of the handle. (So when you release the blade, you only have to open your hand!)
  • Start with a small distance between the target and yourself, such as 5 normal steps, and draw a throwing line but make sure you are neither too close to the target nor too far.
  • Now take a complete step back and then take a 45 degree turn backwards and to the left (if you are right handed) otherwise take step back turning 45 degrees and to the right.
  • Stand with your left shoulder towards the throwing knife target (and right shoulder if you are left handed)
  • First take a step forward with your back foot (that is the right foot for the right handed) and then take a step towards the throwing line with your front foot (ready to throw the blade like a baseball pitcher)
  • Now, remember to throw the knife with as much force as possible as you want it to stick to the target.
  • Make sure you keep your throwing knife horizontal to the target at all points during the whole throw.
  • Finally release the knife and simply let it go, let it go!
  • Follow through till the end, just like when you throw a baseball.

That was it! Seems fun and simple right? Now you can start indulging in this hobby because lots of people are already having a good time throwing knives at their practice target back home or in the woods. You can also learn this awesome skill but only after buying the right type of throwing knives for sale, available in stores near you and/or online.

Once again, let us remind you, please carefully read the precautions and blade throwing steps before you start flinging one from your throwing knives set. Because as fun this hobby is, it can prove to be quite dangerous as well!

Hopefully, you will be careful and have the time of your life while throwing knives!

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