When you are looking to protect yourself somehow, the tool you use has to be as handy as possible. More often than not, we tend to focus too much on law enforcement to keep us safe. While that is how it should be, all street crime cannot be prevented or tackled that way alone. Self defense weapons should and are becoming important aspects of our daily lives. In that course, pepper spray is effective to use for your own safety. If you haven’t had exposure to pepper spray before, this is the right time for it. It has immense potential to keep you safe when it comes to immediate instances where you need protection. A pepper spray keychain is an ideal self defense weapon due to its size and ease in carrying it everywhere. Here are just some ways it can make your life so much easier.

Prevention From Stalking

Women often have to face different kinds of inconveniences in public. One of those things is stalking and pursuit. While riding the subway or going to work or socializing, they have to experience stalking and pursuit that can get ugly. Having a pepper spray gun can make them feel safe and give them an option for safety. It is easy to carry as it barely measures up to a few inches and it is light. It can slip in your bag or pocket and a keychain can be fastened to your car keys or pockets. In the event of some form of stalking, you can deter your stalker from causing you any harm and throw them off.

Harassment and Assault Prevention

The same kind of stalking behavior can sometimes also escalate into events of harassment or assault. If that issue arises, pepper sprays can be vital in literally saving your life. You can use it on your attacker to prevent him from harming you physically or coming too close. It can also be really effective in identifying the perpetrator later on if you file a report. The effect of the pepper spray lasts a few hours on the perpetrator’s face and that can help identify them. You can also escape the whole issue of actually confronting your attacker and walk away from a violent situation.

Theft or Robbery In Open Places

In public spaces, the low-level crimes that happen also cover robbery and theft. If you suspect theft or if someone outright tries to rob you, pepper spray comes to your rescue. Many people, and unsurprisingly women, have reported fighting off robbers with pepper spray. If someone tries to take away your bag or phone, you can spray them and make a run for it. Chances are the spray will slow them down or deter them from following you altogether.

Indoor Office Or Social Gathering Harassment

Despite the fact that offices and clubs are supposed to be fun and safe spaces, that’s not always the case. There are actually many different places where you will witness a different kind of danger. If someone tries to overpower you at a party or office; pepper spray to the rescue. In the event of someone bothering you at a party, you can use it to push them away. That will allow you to also make a scene and get the person involved off your back. In an office setting, it is less likely for something violent to happen, but if you feel threatened, the spray should help you keep safe.

Using The Keychain Pepper Spray As Travel Companion

From all the small instances of crimes, you may never know what you get into travelling somewhere. In an unknown place it is harder to find the support of the police or know the culture. When you are travelling, especially alone, pepper spray is a viable weapon to carry at all times. A keychain pepper spray promises instant protection when you are packing light and moving around. They can be kept in your luggage or hang from your backpack as well. You can add it to your keys or even just carry it in your hand when in unchartered territory.

Speaking of uncharted, if you are ever moving in the wilderness for camping or hiking, carry pepper spray. If you come across a dangerous squatter or a wild animal, pepper spray can be effective there as well. You might also want to have something more heavy-duty on you, but the spray is a definite first aid then too.

What Makes Self Defense Pepper Spray Work?

Most people don’t understand how pepper spray can be effective in most spaces. It makes sense if someone is up and close in your business but other than that, it's just an aerosol spray. That is also an assumption that can be rectified.

A pepper spray is actually made up of an extremely harsh pepper oil and chemical concoction. It is liquified into an aerosol spray that can be inhaled and can also badly sting your eyes. The heat of the spray can cause temporary loss of vision when you spray it onto someone who’s attacking you. It is made to last longer and can help you where there is more wind or distance to consider. The whole idea is to use it as a deterrent to avoid any confrontation or altercation. It will not work as the ultimate self defense as you can also then use force to push the criminal away. This device is primarily for the victim to protect themselves and escape an unsavory situation.

When using the spray, keep in mind that it is effective if inhaled or caught in the eyes or face. That is where the effect is the strongest and most lasting. If you do use it, it won't make any difference on your skin otherwise, or not a strong enough one to actually stop someone. When in trouble, you should direct the spray towards the face, nose, or eyes to achieve the effect.

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