As someone who is a ninja buff, it is very exciting to think about the invention of ninja stars. They are definitely one of the most unique weapons ever made and they continue to be those. But on top of that, despite being hundreds of years old, they have not lost their allure as weapons. Especially in a world driven by technology, it is hard to imagine them being relevant. But there is so much that can be said about them. The ninja star has an interesting history and explanation for how they became the brand of vigilante justice.

If you are anyone who has any interest in ancient weapons, you will know about ninja stars. They are hands down the most badass weapons to be made in the last few centuries. And how they came to be is just as exciting as well, because they were built for gorilla warfare. Ninja stars were actually invented by ninjas and mercenaries to tackle the armies of Japanese samurais. With sophisticated weapons, the other side had to get creative and ninja stars were born. Back then, they were commonly known as shuriken and are still referred to as that in Asia. They were thin disks of metal that had jagged edges and sharp corners. They were made to deflect and throw off enemies to a distant path and hurt them without revealing your location.

Can a Ninja Star Kill You?

There is no doubt about the fact that ninja stars have a dangerous reputation. They are also the most menacing when it comes to handling because messing with them can get you killed. There is little evidence that you can die just using them, but they can cut deep. You have to be careful to not play around with them as they can be deadly if they cut your neck, wrists, or open flesh.

As for the time that you are using it on an enemy or an opponent, you have to make sure that you know what you are doing. A ninja star in inexperienced hands can be very dangerous and should not be toyed around with. With that being said, they are not as dangerous when used properly and can be pretty good for deflection. In the event that you are training for them in martial arts to learn proper throwing, slow and steady is the way to go. They are a little tricky to get right, but once you do, they can be really nifty for you.

Are Throwing Stars Legal In The United States?

There has been a hefty debate about whether throwing stars are considered legal weapons. For many people, the idea of something so unique is more of a collectible and artifact. In some cases, there are state laws that don’t regulate the use of throwing stars because they are considered antiques. In other places, you might find some laws that would prohibit the use of throwing stars. The terms of usage and circumstances make a huge difference in the way these stars are perceived. It is illegal in some cases to carry them in public because they are blades of some kind, but they are legally sold for private possession.

Three different perspectives can be entertained about Chinese throwing stars. The first one is that they are ancient weapons and if you use them as weapons, you need to practice. They are not to be taken lightly and if you are using them as weapons, you should proceed with caution. The second perspective is that throwing stars are regarded as party tricks for extreme hobbies. They should be used by people who know what they are doing and can use them wisely. Then there is the third section that regards them as collectibles and wall display weapons for show. In each case, you should consult your state laws but federal law does not prohibit the use of throwing stars.

Cool Ninja Stars And How To Display Them

Many people might think it's nonsensical to use throwing stars as décor or wall displays. But you might be surprised to know that they are really incredible decorative pieces. They have so much character and gravitas that it is hard to imagine they will not make great showpieces. You should know that a large number of weapon collectors aspire to collect throwing stars. Not only do they come in different designs and a number of points, but they are also shiny, pristine, and impressive. A real ninja star can add a certain kind of sleekness and bling to your interior spaces.

If you are a weapon collector, cool ninja stars are definitely on your list of weapons you would want. They can be found in antique and modern styles and are still manufactured with high-quality metals. You can also scout some pieces with inscriptions, etchings as well as chromatic colors. Depending on where you look, themed ninja stars are also becoming quite the trend. Thanks to hundreds of ninja movies, video games, and shows, they are still just as alluring as they were ages ago. You can choose to display them as wall mounts for a little show and tell. You can also make small stands for them and display them like small daggers. The sharpness and attractiveness of the ninja stars are something that can add character to your setting.

It is always best to make sure that they are out of reach of children. Decoration or not, ninja stars are definitely not safe to be handled like playthings. You should be very careful to keep them as high as to not harm anyone or accidentally fall off your wall. If a ninja star lands on you, it can seriously hurt you. As with handling, displaying them is also a serious job to make sure they are out of reach and safely mounted.

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