Daggers are intended for outdoor purposes. They are carried by hunters, campers, hikers, backpackers, and servicemen. As well, many participants in other outdoor activities carry and use them. The debate on dagger is ongoing and extremely heated and the reason is its startling journey from ancient to modern time. The modern versions are getting more improvement and becoming the preferred choice for many. Thus, here we are going to highlight some quality information about a dagger knife so that you can get it confidently.

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Defining a Dagger

Dagger existed before swords and spears. Indeed, it was quite possibly the first ever weapon created by man. It may not have been called a dagger back then, more of a knife truly, made from stone then whittled and scraped into a sharp point. Hence, since this entire olden tool took place before recorded history, it is pretty much hearsay.

Well, it is a knife that has both edges sharpened with a very sharp point. Its length and width varied quite a bit all over history, particularly early one, when the line between dagger and sword was predominantly blurred. Typical daggers are likely not more than 14 inches or so in length and the European ones have a full crossguard to keep the hand from moving forwards onto the blade edges. Moreover, they fall in category of primary weapons, therefore, you should check the legal issues about them in your state before having them.

The History of Dagger

When you dig into the history, you will know that dagger was mostly used for close combat hostilities. Because it was great for close-quarters fighting, it could be hidden easily and, if weighted properly, could be thrown at opponent. While in many cultures, adorned daggers have been used in ritual and ceremonial situations. The unique shape and antique utilization of dagger knife has made it a symbolic item in numerous countries.

Early History

The olden daggers were fabricated from ivory, flint or bone materials in Neolithic times. After that, copper daggers were introduced in the 3rd millennium BC. In ancient Egypt, they were typically made of bronze or copper, whereas royal members also had gold and silver daggers. In addition, iron-made daggers could also be found before 2000 BC and they were used as an ornamental item. All of them were shaped with double-edged blades.

However, from the 5th to 3rd century BC, these knives got revolved by the artisans and blacksmiths of Iberia. They started using different kinds of iron, as well as, they shortened their length. Well, you will know that the real Iberian dagger featured a triangular-shaped blade and due to this, it was called a tri dagger. These types of daggers were later used by the famous Iberian armies for close-quarter combats.

Middle Ages

Looking back to the middle ages, you will not find a dagger during the Early middle ages. It was come into presence in the late middle age by replacing the hewing knife and then in the 12th century, it was developed as the knightly or cross-hilt daggers which were used by civilians as a common arm. They had some resemblance of miniature swords because of their crossguards and pommels features. In the 13th century, they were treated as a secondary defensive weapon in close combats, while they progressed into the larger knives in the 14th century. More, they became popular as a civilian weapon because the knights started using them for self defense.

Nevertheless, in the late middle ages, there were some knives designed such as the stiletto that underscored thrusting attacks. So, they referred to as daggers because of having a cutting edge. At that time, they also had associations with assassination and killings.

Renaissance and Early Modern Era

In the renaissance, dagger regained much of its popularity, but this time in a supportive role. At that time, swords had become lighter and faster, allowing users to hold another weapon in their free hand. That weapon was typically a dagger knife and was frequently used to parry, bind or slow an opponent blade. Later, specific daggers with large, basket-type handguards were developed to make the weapon more suitable for its new defensive role.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, these cool knives were also evolved in Spain where they were the only weapon civilians were allowed to carry with them. There were different types of daggers used in that era, such as stiletto, parrying dagger and drik as well. In addition, they were also used as dress daggers.

Modern Times (1815 to 21st Century)

After the WWI trench war, combat knife and dagger had a comeback in play. The army officers replaced them with their sabers which were too long and gauche knives, and the notable thing was that they were owned daggers with pride as a symbol of serving their duty. Later, dress cool daggers were also used by many other countries like Japan.

Hence, when it comes to as a weapon, they were also carried by commando forces during World War II. Different types of military daggers were developed in that era, which were used by US military departments. During the Vietnam War, a fighting knife named Gerber Mark II (made by US Army Captain) became so popular and then it was privately bought by several US soldiers who participated in that war.

Recent Time

In the modern sense, a dagger knife is an effective weapon created for close-quarter combat or self defense. Apart from this, double edged knife is also using for several other purposes. Because it is available in different shapes, styles, and sizes as well. Today daggers are razor-sharp and also have multiple edges, which make them better suited for accomplishing tough tasks during an outdoor. So, if you are willing to buy one, start exploring daggers for sale at Knife Import. Here, you will find an exclusive range of various types of daggers and easily choose your required one.

Final Words

Thus, dagger has, throughout history also had trickier roles. Its small size and ability to deliver quick lethal strokes made it great weapon for more unsavory types. Though assassins relied on it because it was easy to hide, but now in the present time, it is not legally allowed to use for criminal purposes in many states. However, in many US states, it is legal to own only for defensive needs. So, before buying, make sure you will check out the rules and regulations of the state where you are living. Furthermore, visit KnifeImport.com today and don’t miss out on the latest collection of knives for sale!

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