We have seen time and time again police officers saying on TV, “cuff him and take him away” or something like that. The idea of handcuffs is so aligned with police that it's almost too strange to imagine anyone else will use them. But the use of handcuffs has been going on for ages and other than law enforcement as well. The main reason for them is to retrain, bind or restrict someone from escaping or harming anyone else. It is a deterrent to stop unlawful activity so that proper law and order can be maintained. But as pivotal, as they may be to properly carry out lawful activities, it is also quite useful for self-defense. Other than the police, if you learn how to use them, they can be pretty handy for you to protect yourself as well.

Can You Buy Real Police Handcuffs?

Yes, you can buy real police handcuffs if you know where to find them. They are usually available at self defense weapon stores or general weapon stores that supply guns. They are a general object that is considered to be a tool for protection and restraint. You might have to look a little harder for them, since they are unique and not used frequently other than the police.

If you know where to find them, such as in gun stores or self defense shops, you will get variety. Handcuffs are usually metallic and quite strong and are made for ultimate restraint. If you don’t find them in the local market, you can buy them online as well. It is actually easier to find them online as they might also be on the official police auction site. They will be available at licensed weapon stores online where you can buy them according to size, material, and price.

Types Of Handcuffs That Provide Restraint

Since the main purpose of any handcuff is to make sure the person in cuffs stays put, they are all strong. You will seldom find any kind of handcuffs that are made from a breakable or brittle material. Almost all handcuffs are made from solid and sturdy metal so it can’t be taken off easily. But even within the general category of handcuffs, there are versions that make one more useful than the other. Depending on the kind of violent activity or person you are restraining, different handcuffs will work differently.

The first ones that you get are the most standard types of handcuffs that you see, which are chained handcuffs. These cuffs are linked with a small chain to keep the hands together, tied in front of you or at the back. These handcuffs are made to be worn around the wrists, restricting the hands from sliding out of them. They are also pretty useful for chaining someone to a pole or railing so they cannot break free with extra room. You will find them in steel, iron and nickel depending on the pressure of restraint needed.

The second one is the hinged handcuffs, which are even more restricting than the first. There have been multiple incidents where criminals have broken free of chained handcuffs. The reason behind this is that chained handcuffs still allow minimal wrist movement. This allows the wearer to maneuver their hands and open the cuffs with a pin or thin object. For high-grade, dangerous criminals, hinged handcuffs are considered to be more secure and restricting.

There is also another form of handcuffs, that are meant for minimal but tight restraint. The thumb cuffs are smaller cuffs made for your thumbs to be restricted behind your back. They can limit your mobility and also keep your hands from actually moving too much. Depending on the kind of restraint you want, these cuffs are usually screwed at the back of the body.

How To Use Handcuffs As Self Defense Weapons?

Even though we have all seen handcuffs being used in real life or on TV hundreds of times, they are not so simple. You need to know the right kind of swing and movement to make sure you can cuff someone quickly. They are click and lock cuffs so they do close easily but the timing is more crucial.

In comparison to other weapons for self defense. handcuffs are not the most impactful. They are used more for making sure the perpetrator doesn’t get away or harm you back. If you want to use handcuffs, you should know they are more of a deterrent.

If you get assaulted by someone, using handcuffs will make them less violent or threatening. If you are robbed or someone breaks into your house, you can cuff them to stop them from doing anything else. The actual cuffs cannot be used to cause pain or injury to any criminal per say.

There are two ways that real handcuffs can work for you in self defense. If you don’t want to engage with a criminal, try to sneak behind them and cuff their wrists.

If you do manage to cuff someone, or if that’s all you have, try to cuff them to a nearby pole or railing. That will ensure that you can get as far away as you like without having to actually face the violence or threat.

Tie the criminal with his hands to their backs if they are carrying a gun or knife because they can hurt you. If someone is just threatening you or trying to assault you, cuffing them in front of their body will work fine too. You should also keep another weapon with you along with handcuffs so you can subdue them before you cuff them as well.

Buying High Quality Handcuffs Online

Usually, when you think about buying weapons, you would look towards the weapon stores. There are also designated spaces that would have what you need. But with something as rare as handcuffs, you might not get many of them in stores. The best place to look is online, but if you’re wondering, where can I buy handcuffs online, then go to Knife Import. Our website stocks high-quality, metallic, durable handcuffs that would work great for restraint and self-protection.