The History of Nunchucks – Origins, and Evolution

If you are a weapon enthusiast, you probably already know all about the Nunchucks for Sale you find in weapon stores and online. You probably know all that you need to know already. But even then, nunchucks are one of those weapons that have been around for so long that stories have cropped around them. Some say they were self-defense weapons; some claim they were tools build to help in agricultural farming. Here are e basic facts about the origin of nunchucks:

  • They are also known as nunchaku in local Japanese culture.
  • Nunchucks are translated as ‘chain sticks’ in Japanese.
  • They were first invented during the dictatorship of the Shimazu clan in Okinawa, Japan.
  • Civilians were banned from using any kind of weapons, and they were left vulnerable.
  • The samurai army regularly terrorized the villagers, and they needed to protect themselves.
  • The nunchucks were made out of wooden sticks, bamboo shoots, and tied together with a rope.
  • They resembled domestic tools, but farmers learned to use them as defensive weapons to counter and fight attacks.
  • Regular nunchucks were also useful for threshing rice in the field, which kept them under the radar. The army couldn’t confiscate objects that looked like ordinary farming tools.
  • Over the years, he was fighting techniques formed around the use of nunchucks. You could master some basic moves to keep yourself safe and even fight back with them.

Can I Still Find Real Nunchucks For

It may seem unlikely, but nunchucks are incredibly important weapons in martial arts that were previously unknown. One of the main reasons for that was that they were made out of indigenous materials and used locally by Japanese people. Then the introduction of martial arts movies in Hollywood blew them all over America. People became obsessed with the action and the weapons of Kung Fu movies.

A large part of that popularity was thanks to the legendary actor Bruce Lee, who was the master of martial arts and a craftsman with its weapons. The craze that revolved around his movies and the martial arts world remains quite active to this day.

Not only can you get various designs and modified version of nunchucks even now, but there are also actual retailers dedicated to making them and distributing them around the country. You can probably find them in your local weapon stores or even sports shops. One of the best ways to find quality nunchaku for sale is to look online. There are retailers online that provide a wider range of traditional wooden nunchucks, as well as metal and plastic varieties.

Can I Buy Nunchucks Legally?

Technically there is no specific rule around the distribution or purchase of nunchucks countrywide. There would be state laws within the United States that are specific to certain weapons. Public possession of an attack weapon is penalized in some states, but there has been some advocacy for nunchucks to be added to sports equipment. There are various martial arts schools that have been petitioning about decriminalizing nunchucks so they can be taught to more people in martial arts schools.

There is, of course, an age restriction and some considerations to buying nunchaku for sale. But if you’re an adult and you buy one on your own volition, there is no law restricting their distribution. You can purchase nunchucks at your local store, but if you’re a collector, you should and can buy online.

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What Are The Best Nunchucks Available In The Market?

If you are a professional martial arts fighter or a trainee, you need to train with the best equipment. Similarly, if you are a weapon collector, nunchucks are a weapon of choice for you to collect. That is why it is better to find nunchucks for sale on websites, and online retailers like Knife Import is a better idea. They not only have a diverse range of weapons like nunchucks that are both collectible and useful; they produce these weapons with high-quality materials. There are three kinds of nunchucks you can normally find online:

  • Padded foam nunchucks – people train with nunchucks to sharpen their reflexes and build upper body strength. Foam nunchucks are great for training to avoid accidents, as actual nunchucks can potentially injure you.
  • Wooden nunchucks – based on the design of the ancient nunchucks, these wooden nunchucks are made from traditional woods like bamboo, rattan, and oak. You can also find decorative and polished varieties in wood nunchucks.
  • Metal nunchucks – usually made in steel or aluminum, these nunchucks are only to be used by professionals. If you want to find fancy versions of these to collect as novelty items, keep them away from children.

The History of Nunchucks – Origins, and Evolution

How To Use Nunchucks Effectively?

It is easy to be fooled by nunchucks because they look simple, but they are far from that. Nunchucks can be potentially injurious if you don’t know how to use them properly. That is why it is advised that you get a practice pair first before you buy real nunchucks.

If you get nunchucks to learn the fighting technique; here are some basic moves you should master:

  • Infinity symbol – one of the most basic and important moves that you should learn is the number eight move. You need to place your nunchucks holding arm sideways, stand with your legs as far apart as possible for balance. Start to move your arms in a figure eight pose and swing the nunchucks by twisting your wrist. The resulting momentum forms an infinity symbol and fends off sideways strikes and direct hits.
  • Arm switch – in order to properly make this move, you should practice with foam nunchucks first. One side of the nunchucks is slung over the shoulder, and the other arm is placed in the front of the body to catch the other side of the sticks. This posture is repeated in a circular motion, and it helps defend against several attacks from multiple sides.
  • Eye strike – hold each stick of the nunchucks in your hands. Hold them stretched out in front of your face; rotate the handles towards yourself. The handles should be at eye level with you, and the chain outstretched towards your opponents. This move used to block direct sword strikes or hits to the face.
  • Helicopter ring – hold out your nunchucks in front of you with your preferred arm and start to move in a circular motion. Make sure you keep it as far from your body as possible. Once you start swinging and the nunchucks gain momentum, raise them above your head. The swinging nunchucks will start to resemble spinning blades of a helicopter. This move creates a force field that prevents blows to the head and the face.

Can Nunchucks Be Used As Self Defense Weapons?

They can be used to defend strikes and confound. In the ancient Okinawan tradition, these nunchucks were a way to counter attacks by soldiers who had dangerous swords and weapons. How did these small, simplistic tools come in handy? Well, mostly, by combining the strength of the mind with the agility of the body. Discipline is an important aspect of martial arts, especially in Okinawan martial arts. That is why weapons that you see being used in this form of fighting are simplistic.

That being said, they probably aren’t the most efficient tool for self defense. It is usually advisable that you carry tools and weapons that are easy to carry and use in case of emergencies. Wielding nunchaku in public is not legal everywhere, especially in social settings. They are also bigger than normal personal defense items like knives or pepper sprays. It is harder to carry them around, but if you know how to use them properly, no harm in carrying a pair in your car, of course.

Are Nunchucks Affordable?

It has already been elaborated that nunchucks are not fancy weapons. They have a simple structure, and their functionality is reliant on how they’re used. That means that the nunchucks themselves are quite affordable. If you search for them online, you will most likely find them for even less than what you get at your local store.

It is a good idea to look for wholesale nunchucks online. There is a large variety of quality nunchucks online, which cost much less than the market price. Even the fanciest nunchucks you can find will not cost you more than $10.

Learn a New Craft, Buy a Nunchaku for Sale

The world is changing quite rapidly, and technology is taking over. That means that people are more fascinated by technical inventions; that also includes weapons. Of course, with the invention of things like guns and tasers, there are few people who would take out the time to learn an ancient fighting technique.

But it could be worth it. Nunchucks are made to enhance body strength, physical speed and agility, and reflexes. Even if you are not interested in learning martial arts, consider nunchucks as a gateway into a healthier and more active lifestyle that might come in handy someday.

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