The Dual Defense Weapon You Need – Brass Knuckle Knife

You may have heard about a brass knuckle before. And the effects of a hefty knuckle punch to the face is also quite evident. But you probably have not heard of the dynamic duo of a blade and knuckles, commonly known as the brass knuckle knife.

Unlike each of these weapons in singularity, the Brass Knuckle Knife allows the handler to defend themselves fiercely. With the combination of stiff knuckles and a sharp knife, you can do some severe damage to your attacker.

The History Behind Brass Knuckle Knives

  • Although brass knuckle knives might seem like new inventions, they are quite old and were made for a specific purpose.
  • They are formally known as ‘Trench Knives’ and were made to be used in the trenches of WWI for close combat.
  • This knuckle knife shows that, before the advent of fast guns, potent weapons were prevalent in warfare and daily lives.
  • Brass was the most used metal to make weapons, but the brass knuckle knife was made in iron, copper, and other metals.
  • Eventually, the brass knuckle was discontinued as a military necessity but was adopted as a civilian offensive weapon.

Then and Now – Is a Brass Knuckle Knife Illegal?

All kinds of weapons are created for specific purposes. If that purpose is completed, then the weapon usually stays for long. Brass knuckle knives were initially specifically designed for soldiers, but eventually, the invention stuck around. Given the nature of the weapon, however, the question inevitably arises, are knuckle knives legal?

  • However, even the primary form of brass knuckles and knuckle dusters eventually became illegal for civilian use.
  • The weapon's dangerous nature was used in crimes and was eventually classified as an illegal weapon.
  • You can still get the knuckle knife in the U.S., though, with licensed weapon retailers.
  • The use and possession of a brass knuckle in public spaces are penalized with jail time.
  • The only exception is if it is used in self-defense under extreme circumstances.
  • Other than that, because they were initially war weapons, people like to collect them, so their ownership is not penalized.

New Purpose – What Is A Brass Knuckle Knife Used For Now?

A knuckle knife is undoubtedly not the most common sight of all the weapons and tools people use. Regardless, the knuckle dusters' comfortable grip against the sharpness of a knife blade offers possibilities.

Even if you omit the dangerous aspect of it, a knuckle knife can be used for things other than self-defense.

  • There are two kinds of brass knuckle knives you can find in the market, the smaller folding brass knuckle knife and the larger fixed blade one. The smaller one is useful for daily chores as a shorter blade is legal to carry in the U.S. The larger blade is more suitable for hunting, outdoor survival, and collecting.
  • It is quite suitable for outdoor trips like camping and hiking, where you might need a small blade.
  • It protects your fingers, and the blade allows for quick defense so that it can defend against wild and rabid animals.
  • In case of an emergency, a brass knuckle knife can break glass and ice. It can also help knock out or jimmy stuck locks.
  • It can cut tight ropes and stubborn zip ties in case of being bound or trapped somewhere.

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Collectible And Sleek - Where To Find A Quality Brass Knuckle Knife?

You have two options if you are looking for the original and authentic brass knuckle knife for collection—either search for the antiques that belonged to war veterans or buy replicas. The chances are, you won't find the antique pieces because they are either lost or very rare and expensive.

The other option Is that you buy high-quality replicas made like the old brass knuckle knife but are less expensive.

You can find these knuckle knives at swap meets with other collectors and weapon enthusiasts groups.

The most reliable source, however, is buying them online from licensed weapon dealers. You will get a wider variety of knuckle knives in online stores and probably much lower prices.

You can browse through the collection online and select multiple options rather than choose between local stores' limited selections.

You can also look through reviews when buying from online stores. This way, you know exactly what you are getting and what cost.

The Dual Defense Weapon You Need – Brass Knuckle Knife

What To Buy – What Is The Best Brass Knuckle Knife Out There?

As established earlier, knuckle knives are preferred by people as a weapon and a collectible item. There are many variations of this knife that is used as a survival tool as well.

So whatever your preference might, you will find a knuckle knife that suits you in this top-selling list below:

  • 10.5 Inch MTech USA Fixed Blade Army Green Knuckle Handle Knife

For the lovers of camouflage and army design, this knuckle knife is the best. The knuckle handles are designed as army tank wheels that provide a solid grip. The 5.6-inch blade is a proper size to tackle outdoor chores, and it comes with a glass breaker for emergencies as well. So whether you’re on adventure trips or stuck in a bind, this knife will help you overcome your challenges.

  • MTech USA Xtreme Fixed Blade Tactical Knife Silver Bullet Knuckle Handle

Now, this is no ordinary knuckle knife. The design of the knife is attractive enough with its laser target pattern on the blade. The silver bullet knuckle handle also works as a reliable glass breaker and provides extra thrust. The gripping handle is a blend of alloy zinc frames covered with high-quality pakkawood to give it extra strength.

  • MTech Xtreme Full Tang Knuckle Handle Tactical Combat Knife With Sheath

Even though there aren't any incidences where you might need to fight someone, If you need to defend yourself, this is the ideal combat knife for it. The Knuckle knife is the closest representation to the old military trench knife used in the war. It features an excellent tactical knuckle knife 4.5mm thick stainless steel blade and saw-serrations on the top side. Edge also includes a glass breaker within the handle for emergencies.

  • 15 Inch MTech Fixed Blade Knuckle Handle Bowie Knife Black

If you're into survival training and venture into the wild a lot, this knife is essential. A sizeable fixed blade bowie knife is made for tough situations, as the blade features a serrated and smooth side. It has a black rubber handle that prevents slipping and provides a firmer grip. This knife comes with a nylon sheath that protects against harsh climate and wears and tear.

  • MTech USA Xtreme Fixed Blade Tactical Knife Gold Bullet Knuckle Handle

Now the showier version of the silver bullet knife. Besides being incredibly useful, this golden bullet also classifies a high-quality, collectible cool brass knuckle knife. You can use it when you want, but you won't get a perfect collection-worthy knuckle knife even in a showcase.

Where Do I Get A Cheap Brass Knuckle Knife?

Of course, it is understandable that something as cool and edgy as a brass knuckle knife would seem like a pricey object. But if you like any of the knuckle knives mentioned above, you don't need to worry about the price tag.

The most expensive knife out of this top-5, the tactical combat knife, costs only $22.99 a piece. Similarly, the cheapest knife out of the lot, the green army handle knuckle knife, costs a mere $10.99, respectively. All the rest are within this limit, and even if you were to buy all five of them, your total would not exceed $90. In case you’re wondering where to get more of these brilliant knuckle knives, go to the Knife Import website.

Wholesale Brass Knuckle Knife At Knife Import

Knife Import is a licensed online retailer of knives and other weapons. They feature a vast collection of tactical and collectible knuckle knives that will surely appease you. The best part about shopping from Knife Import is the quality, but more importantly, the prices.

With thousands of other products available, you can get quality brass knuckle knives from them at wholesale prices. There aren't many online portals that will allow you to buy at rock bottom prices within the wholesale range. Whether you're a company stocking up on specific weapons or a single buyer, the luxury of buying at the wholesale rate is undeniable.

At Knife Import, you will find the latest and the most qualitative designs available anywhere in the market. The variety of weapons you will find in their online store is quite unmatched, and the prices help the cause. So you can make a single purchase or buy in bulk, Knife Import will give you quality without denting your pocket.

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