The Best Blades Money Can Buy – Quality Cheap Knives for Sale

Some tools are so essential to our daily lives that we often forget how vital they are. This is the case with knives of all kinds. Knives have been around since the Bronze age, and they have taken many shapes. Some knives became huge and sleek to be used for warfare, like swords. Some knives evolved into specific blades to make hunting and butchering possible.

No matter what use one might get out of them, they are undeniably one of the greatest inventions ever made. And they keep getting better with time. Even in the modern age, whether it is a kitchen knife or pocket-sized blade, they each fulfill a specific purpose. There are hundreds of variations of knives that one can get for extremely reasonable prices. But let’s figure out why they are so essential in the first place.

What are the Different Types of Knives?

  • Fixed Blade Knives

Any knife that doesn’t move around its handle and is firmly fixed in it is a fixed blade knife. This can range from your average kitchen knives to samurai swords. They are usually bigger and work as indoor and outdoor tools.

  • Spring Assisted Knives

As the name suggests, these knives are essentially closed blades that spring out of their handles. The handles have a spring loaded inside them that helps whip out the blade when needed. These are safer than fixed blade knives as the blade can stay hidden until in use. This makes them ideal for persona defense as well.

  • Pocket Knives

Size is the real measure here; a pocket knife is small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand or a pocket. They were initially developed for the military and were equipped with small tools like filers and parcel carrier hooks. Eventually, their popularity grew, and they also started getting sold to the public. They come in both hidden blade and fixed blade categories.

Almost any knife you would find can be categorized under these three major distinctions. But what makes most knives unique is the purpose they serve. Some customized knives fulfill a specific task.

  • Survival Knife

Imagine being stranded in the wilderness with little to no resources. It can get scary and life-threatening to be outdoors without tools.

A survival knife is purpose-built to tackle hardcore chores in the wild, like cutting tall grass, climbing steep hills, killing poisonous animals, digging, building fires, and even breaking the ice. Survival knives are made of durable material to last in harsh weather, heat, and cold.

  • Hunting Knife

Again, there might be many chef’s knives that can do the trick, but a hunting knife comes with specific blades.

They are often curved or serrated, and they also have hooks to facilitate hunting and prepping small animals. You can fish and hunt small game with a hunting knife. You can then scale it, skin it, butcher it, and prep it for food, all with a single quality hunting knife.

  • Throwing Knives

Naturally, due to their dangerous reputation as well as their sleek design, knives are endlessly fascinating.

They are easy to use and are often utilized as stealth weapons. Throwing knives are an ancient ninja weapon that allows you to attack someone without confronting them. They are small, sharp-pointed tools that can be speedily flung through the air. They are also used as party tricks at carnivals and freak shows.

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How to Find Cheap Knives Near Me?

If you live in a state that has access to great local weapon stores, chances are you will be able to find knives that you need. But for the most part, even at the best stores, you might have to do a long survey and check multiple locations to get what you want. On the other hand, if you look online, you will find excellent Cheap Knives that are available at your nearest online stores.

You have the option of browsing through multiple weapon retailers and looking at reviews by knife buyers. This will give you a good idea of what you should get, and most importantly, for how much. You can search for cool cheap knives, and you will be directed towards the best online collection there is.

The Best Blades Money Can Buy – Quality Cheap Knives for Sale

The Top 5 Knives for Sale Near You

One of the many advantages of buying online is that you get choices. But one draw-back could be having too many choices and not knowing what to get. That decision’s been made easier; if you don’t know what to buy, here are some cool knives you can get online.

  • Tac-Force Rescue Folder Spring Assisted Knife - Wood Insert

Often, we find ourselves on the road or out camping, where little chores come up. You need to cut ropes, make kindling, or forage for food; that can be taken care of with this fantastic tactical boot knife. It’s the perfect size to be carried in light luggage, yet it comes with many tools; a bottle opener, rope cutter, and a glass-breaker. Even if you carry this knife around in your daily routine, you never know when this knife will save your life.

  • Dark Side Blades Skull and Dragon Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Stonewash

There are hundreds of different designs that you can find in pocket knives. Due to their size, they are legal in almost every state in the United States. They are also the most stylish knives out there, as they can be customized in so many ways. This badass skull and the dragon-designed spring-assisted knife is the essential EDC knife (everyday carry) you can get. It is easy to use and safer to carry, and it looks so cool!

  • 12.75" Black Commander Survival Knife with Hard Sheath

If you are an adventure traveler, then you should think about getting this fantastic survival knife. It comes with a sharpening stone and a wire cutter. The stainless steel knife is easy to clean, and it has an easy-grip bayonet handle. The blade itself is reversely serrated as well, so you can cut the rope and saw wood as well. One knife, so many uses; this piece is a must-have on regular camping trips.

  • 6.5 Inch MTech Black Grey Fixed Blade Tactical Dagger Style Neck Knife

It may seem like a stretch, but knives make excellent personal defense weapons. Even if you don’t know how to use a knife to fight, being armed in any way can give you an upper hand. It’s even better when you don’t also have to carry a knife, and it can be wearable around your neck. This excellent neck dagger is your ultimate savior; you can fling it around your neck and keep it concealed. You never know where danger lurks and when this trusty knife can give you the help you need.

  • Elk Ridge 23 Inch Full Tang Fixed Blade Machete Knife Saw Back Blade

Take a ride on the wild side! This amazing machete is a winner if you are into badass weapons. But it would help if you were careful with a blade as big as this; while it is extremely helpful, it needs to be handled carefully. With that being said, if you have one of these blades, you don’t need any other survival tool to get through the wilderness. It has a saw blade, a normal flat-edged blade, a gutting hook, and a shock-absorbing handle. This knife is the ultimate survival champion!

How Cheap are these Cheap Knives Exactly?

Looking at the excellent choices picked out above, you might wonder how much they cost? It seems unlikely that such a wide range of knives with so many great features can be cheap. All the knives listed above are actually under $20. Yes, you read that, right! These are some of the best knives you will find anywhere, and probably better than those, you will find in your local stores.

If you look for similar models in your local stores, you might get them at much higher rates than you would online. There are many extremely high-quality knives available in online weapon stores that will put any local store showcase to shame. How could it be possible that all these branded knives can be available at such low rates? The answer is simple; many online retailers sell wholesale knives at cheaper prices than the market rates.

Knife Import is one such online shop with the most diverse collections of knives for sale in the United States. If you haven’t had the chance to browse the store till now, you should look into their products. All the knives that are listed above are available in their inventory at wholesale rates. Other than that, you will find so many exciting knife designs that you didn’t even know you needed. Find the knife that suits your utility at the price that suits your wallet!

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