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As you are reading this blog, it means you are interested in either Cool Knives themselves, or you are an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman that wants to know which blades available in the market can prove to be helpful in the wild other than your best friend, a survival knife. This is why we have supported the idea of bringing a tactical knife into the limelight with various elaborations to come as to why we did that. So, you just have to read it till the end, and you will leave with more knowledge about the two blades than you have at this moment.

Little History Section on Tactical Knives

The term ‘tactical knife’ was coined somewhere in the mid-1990s, which specified the blade’s unique exterior design along with other features. In the case of fixed blades, highlights included:

  •  A non-reflective blade
  •  Either no guard or one made out of stainless steel
  •  Sometimes brass, titanium, or black zirconium for the guard.

The said non-reflecting blade was fashioned using various methods, but the most popular was a belt satin finish. As you may have guessed, the fine-looking surface of the blade was achieved using a sanding belt.

Now, further ado, let’s move onto the main question you want to be answered!

How Can a Tactical Knife Qualify as a Good Survival Blade?

Yes, that’s what you are thinking about! But to answer this query, we first need to discuss a few other very important topics. What could they be? It’s the key features of a survival blade and then a comparison of those qualities with tactical fixed blade knives to reveal the reasons behind the statement that tactical blades can turn out to be beautiful survival knives in the time of need.

So, let’s pan out the main qualities of a survival blade and, at the same time, compare them, one by one, with all the tactical knives for sale available in stores.

Main Features & Comparison

1. Straight Back

This is the most important feature to a survival blade that it should have a straight back or flat spine, which helps you strike a fire starting rod start a fire to cook yourself a meal or just stay warm enough to survive the cold night in the wilderness.

As tactical folding knives and fixed blades both have this quality, so you can add a point to their column right now.

2. Pointy and Sharp Tip

Another feature that is a must for a blade to help you survive outdoors is a pointy and sharp tip that allows you to carry out various important tasks; two of these tasks are skinning game and removing scales off fish to prepare them for your meal. Not just that, this kind of tip helps you take care of other stuff such as drilling, picking, prying, reaching for live bait, taking out splinters and ripping up clothes to make a bandage, etc.

Fixed blade tactical knives are the best when it comes to having a sharp and pointy tip. So, this becomes another point for the tactical blades!

3. No Half or Partial Tang

You need a high-quality knife with a full tang to successfully, and safely, do strenuous work like cutting or breaking a piece of wood. This can become impossible in cases where the blade has a partial or half tang because it can break apart at any time. A full tang, where the handle and blade are made as a single piece, lets you do the tough jobs, as mentioned before, without any fear of the handle or blade coming loose and leaving you defenseless in the wild.

As you may know, most tactical fixed blade knives come with a full tang. Thus, you can say we are making a good case of promoting these blades as dependable for outdoorsmen so far.

4. Durability (Non-Folding)

All hunting enthusiasts and survivalists will agree that fixed blade knives are always better than the folding ones that might get closed or not even open under unforeseen circumstances. Also, you must be very much aware of how often one can encounter the unexpected in faraway and secluded places.

This is yet another feature that all best tactical knives have, which means as long as you are equipped with an excellent tactical blade, you don’t need any other sharp items to fend off dangerous animals, cut up your hunted game, do pre-meal preparations and various other similar tasks.

5. Hard and Flat Butt

A hard and flat knife butt or pommel comes in handy when you need to hammer or pound something without damaging the blade itself, a quality all fixed blade survival knives include.

When we compare this feature with tactical fixed blades, then we find out that tactical knives have it all what it takes to prove just as helpful as survival blades do in a place where your survival depends on the blade you are carrying.

Reading all the reasons listed up till now, you cannot disagree with us suggesting you, the readers, to keep a tactical knife at your side and forget about keeping all kinds of other blades when you are going on hunting trips or to places far away from society.

What Kind of Tactical Knife Should I Carry?

If you are in unison with our proposed idea, then you must be wondering, “Which tactical blade should I buy and from where?”.

But don’t worry, Knife Import has been providing the best tactical knives for sale and personal use purposes for nearly ten years now. So, you just have to take a look around and get whatever blade you want on wholesale price.

But which one you ask? As discussed earlier, you should go for fixed blade knives instead of all the awesome and cool folding tactical knives available everywhere.

In the end, we wish that you will keep safe and take as many precautions as possible while you are enjoying life outdoors. See you soon!

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