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As you know that there are two basic types of knives, folding and fixed blade. You can choose any of them according to your needs and preferences. But, in this article, our focus will be on fixed blades. In general, fixed blade knives are ones that hold blades attached to their handles. They are considered sharper, more durable, and more effective to use as compared to folding knives. This is why here; we will provide you with a detailed review of tactical Fixed Blade Knives to prove them perfect for everyday carry. So, start reading and don’t go back until you read it till the end.

Everyday Carry (EDC) - What Does It Mean?

Let’s begin with the “meaning of everyday carry.” It means that anything you have with you all the time, either at your home or outdoors. There are so many EDC tools; a knife is the most effective and useful tool you must include in your EDC box. Hence, it would help if you preferred an EDC fixed blade knife because it is the right one to meet your needs of any kind. Though it is a highly favored hunting option, it can be used for camping, hiking, and any other survival activity. Nevertheless, before buying one, you should know about its advantages which will help you own the right one confidently.

Benefits of Using Fixed Blade Knives

When you look deeply, tactical fixed blade knives offer numerous benefits over the foldable ones. They are durable, sharper, easy to use, and always ready for quick deployment. So, whether you need street fighting, hunting, hiking, or even self defense, you can go for a sheath knife. Below, we will discuss some benefits of using these knives, which will definitely make them perfect for everyday carry. Let’s consider them!

Available in Different Sizes

They usually come in different sizes, ranging from small to big ones or even available in a sword's size. Thus, everyone can easily choose them according to their particular needs.

Strong and Durable

A fixed blade knife is designed for every need, so it is made with extreme durability and reliability. Along with using quality material, there are no moving parts on this blade, which ensures its strength.

Different Blade Shapes

Another important thing to know is that they also come in different varieties of blades. There are so many types, shapes, and designs of fixed blade knives available in the market. It would help if you considered the following things while looking for any of them:

  • Drop-point or clip point blade
  • Single or double-edged blade
  • Full tang or partial tang blade
  • Straight, curved, or serrated blades

Keep in mind that each knife has distinctive features that make it perfect for its individual purpose. It is recommended that you consider the blade factors if you want the best fixed blade knife to own.

Easy to Carry

A fixed blade knife is also known as a sheath knife, and the reason is that it is to be carried in a sheath, which brings the easiness for users. They can easily carry it anywhere by keeping in their backpacks, purse, or even pocket too. Because of having a sheath, you can also make sure of your own safety as there is no chance of getting hurt yourself while carrying one of these knives.


With the proper sheath, they are easy to conceal. You can keep a knife under your clothing, making it virtually disappeared. Hence, don’t worry; it will not hurt you due to its protective sheath.


An EDC fixed blade knife remains open at all times as there are no moving and folding parts. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the knife collapsing while using it.

Fast Deployment in Time of Need

As you don’t need to unfold the knife before using it, you can deploy a fixed blade knife instantly in the time of need. To unfold a knife may require seconds. Conversely, a fixed blade can be drawn quickly and be ready for any situation. However, it would help if you did some practice with your knife to use it properly on time.

Use for Daily Routine Purposes

Whether you want to cut a packaging box, open an envelope, open a tin/can, or even shave down a small piece of a wooden block, no worries, and fixed blades are good for performing all these tasks. To find out the best knife to perform routine tasks, search for cool knives at Knife Import.

Suitable for Hunting

They are typically designed for hunters. Thus, if you wish for the best one, the drop point serrated blade is something you may choose. The reason is that it comes with a very sharp blade and is made of sturdy steel, and therefore, you can use it for any animal practically because of its durability.

Perfect for Tactical Use

It is a fact that fixed blade knives work better than folding ones in tactical situations. They are razor-sharp and more durable as compared to ordinary knives because their main purpose is stabbing. So, no matter whether you want a knife for military use, street fighting, or hand-to-hand combating, they are highly suggested to have.

Best Tool for Survival

These cool cheap knives are also the best tools for survival gear. They offer more versatility for performing numerous tasks linked with survival knives such as:

  • Food preparation
  • Cutting rope
  • Prying tool
  • Trim the tree branches
  • Carving wood pieces
  • Digging
  • Piercing
  • First aid tool
  • Hammering

Easy to Maintain

They are quite easy to manage. Always keep them in their sheath while not using them. As well, ensure proper oiling of the blade to utilize them for a long time.

Affordable Prices

Last but not least, fixed blade knives are affordable as compared to modern folding blades. Furthermore, if you purchase them in bulk by opting for wholesale knives for sale, you will certainly save a huge amount. If you are running a business, you must consider getting more stock at cheap rates. It will just be a one-time investment that brings maximum profit in return.

End of Discussion

Thus, after reading all the benefits and uses of fixed blade knives, we are sure you will never miss out on them. However, if you are ready to buy any of them, it is recommended that you should check out Knife Import. Here you will find an exclusive collection of cheap knives. We offer very reasonable prices for our branded products. So, don’t think anymore and order a knife that suits your needs and likings as well.

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