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Do you want to buy cool knives? Even if you are trying to read about them, that’s not a problem; many people are already looking for them! That’s where Tac Force Knives and today’s blog comes in. We wanted to share all the awesome blades you can find among the vast Tac Force catalog, which is filled with varying cool knives for sale. Let’s do some digging!

Tac Force

One of the best knife brands’ famed tactical knives is the coolest blades in the market. Knife enthusiasts cannot even stop themselves from going through Tac Force’s latest products because they know it will contain all sorts of fixed blade and pocket knives for them to buy.

In case you become interested in getting your hands on some Tac Force knives by the end of this blog. We think we should tell you how you will find all types of knives for the Knife Import sale. At the same time, all our offered products are available at the lowest wholesale rates. That’s why remember to take a look around our forever increasing inventory of wholesale knives. You will not regret it!

As a bonus, you might just come across many other cool items, for example, real swords and self defense weapons. Let’s hope you have fun perusing the platform when you do. But for the moment, let’s get back to talk about cool knives by Tac Force you can find online.

Tac Force Knives for Sale

Over the years, Tac Force knives have become a reliable choice for military personnel, law enforcement, enthusiasts, and knife collectors. Most people are only aware of its cool pocket knives for sale. However, that’s not all that the manufacturer can put forward.

With a little prodding around, you will find out that fixed blade knives by Tac Force are a fine catch themselves. We will move on to them but first, let’s give the people what they really want!

Tac Force Speedster Model

Basically, every blade, which falls under the speedster model category, is just one of the best spring assisted knives you can buy anywhere. There are loads of them scattered around the Tac Force knives catalog. So, we have taken the liberty to shed some light on a few of our favorites, which are as follows:

1. Tac Force Speedster Rescue Spring Assisted Pocket Knife


For the first time, just looking at it will make you understand completely that this pocket knife is special. Its tactical aluminum handle is unusual but extremely cool looking; the curvy blade is a sight to behold! If you want this cool Tac Force speedster model delivered to your doorstep within the next 24 hours, then go ahead and order it from KnifeImport.com at the cheapest wholesale price. Its features include:

  • Affordable spring assisted pocket knife offered at $7.27 through our low wholesale rate
  • Closed length: 5.”
  • Blade length: 3.5.”
  • 0.130” thick blade made with 3cr13 steel
  • 5” anodized aluminum handle (Black & Green)
  • Extra qualities: pocket clip, seat belt cutter, and glass breaker

2. Tac Force Speedster Model Spring Assisted Rainbow Knife

Tac Force Speedster Model Action Spring Assisted Opening Knife

Not every other knife brand can come with such an amazing rainbow pocket knife. Please wait for a minute and take in all its beauty! Honestly, we can’t stop ourselves from observing it for the longest time. This folding knife’s hypnotizing-rainbow finished-titanium coated stainless steel blade and handled with all its following features can be purchased for $5.21 only:

  • Spring loaded knife
  • Closed length: 3.75.”
  • 3” long stainless steel blade
  • 2.5mm thick titanium coated blade with a rainbow finish
  • Stainless steel handle with a rainbow finish and titanium coating
  • Pocket clip included

3. Tac Force Speedster Spring Loaded Knife with Laser Digital Camo

Tac-Force Speedster Spring Assisted Knife

This blade might be the best example of cool tactical knives; don’t you agree? The laser digital camo coated blade and handle look amazing. But you can’t really appreciate it until you have seen it in real life with your own two eyes. If you want to make that possible, get this speedster spring loaded knife for $5.99 only!

Its full features are as follows:

  • Closed length: 4.75.”
  • Blade length: 3.75.”
  • Blade thickness: 3mm
  • Laser digital camo coated blade and stainless steel handle
  • Black pocket clip

Tac Force Fixed Blade Knives for Sale

As we mentioned earlier, even though many people know about Tac Force pocket knives, they often don’t know that it produces some appreciable fixed blades. Now, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t discuss them, for we are already writing a detailed blog on the famous knife brand anyway. So, what do you say? Are you ready to know more about tactical fixed blade knives? Let’s start!

1. Tac Force Tactical Fixed Blade Knife with G10 Handle

Tac Force Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

It’s highly unusual to find the best tactical knife with a Wharncliffe blade, but here we are talking about one. This military combat knife has a thumb ring at the end of its handle to give you better control over the blade. Perfect for combat, you can get this best fixed blade knife for the affordable wholesale price of $12.99!

Do you want to know about all its great qualities? Yes! Then let’s tell you about them:

  • Fixed Wharncliffe fine edge blade
  • Overall length: 8.5.”
  • Black 3cr13 stainless steel blade measuring 4” in length
  • CNC G10 handle measuring up to 4.5.”
  • Full tang knife
  • A nylon sheath is included in the given price.

2. Tac Force Outdoor Full Tang Survival Knife

Tac Force Full Tang Knife Outdoor Survival Knife

The manufacturer and its adamant customers are convinced that this might be the best survival knife suited for everyday carry. It’s totally possible for now but, with each new edition in Tac Force fixed blade catalog, we think there are good chances of getting even better survival knives eventually. In case you are thinking of purchasing this awesome blade, let it be known, you can get it for just $17.99 at wholesale price.

Details on all features:

  • Best fixed blade survival knife total length: 9.”
  • Blade length: 4.”
  • 3cr13 stainless steel two-tone blade
  • Two-tone CNC G10 handle with a comfortable and solid grip
  • Full tang knife with a tactical molle nylon sheath

3. Tac Force Fixed Blade Karambit Knife

Tac Force Karambit Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

Now, this is another one of our favorites because we appreciate good karambit knives. This particular type of curved blade comes with an interesting addition of serrated edges. The best karambit knife becomes invisible at night thanks to its totally black exterior (blade and handle), making it a formidable stealth weapon for anyone wielding it.

You might be thinking, “Oh! Perhaps I can’t afford this… it must be expensive.” But no, that's not the case; you can make it yours by paying only $19.99 on Knife Import.

Full features you should know about:

  • The wholesale price karambit knife
  • Overall length: 9.5.”
  • 4” long 3cr13 steel blade
  • G10 handle with a thumb ring
  • Comes with Kydex sheath

Make Good Money by Selling Tac Force Knives

KnifeImport.com makes most of its money by selling cool pocket knives. You can do the same! If you have an existing knife retailing business or are thinking of venturing into one, you should consider our current discussion topic.

We want you to know that it's elementary to make a good profit by putting up Tac Force knives for sale in your store. But what’s even better is buying really cheap wholesale knives with Knife Import and our significant discounts to customers that make orders in bulk quantity.

When you are purchasing your merchandise from us, you will be simply increasing your profit margin. So, it’s definitely worth giving a shot. However, keep in mind you should have a deep passion for knives and blades, in particular, to run a successful business in this field.

Why Are Tac Force Tactical Knives Better than the Rest?

The knife brand is concerned with presenting its customers with the most exciting and dependable tactical knives. You can tell right away that Tac Force means business, as it supplies newly designed blades after every few months. That’s a fine example of real dedication to making customers happy and satisfied when buying Tac Force knives for sale.

This should make it very clear why the manufacturer deserves its well-earned position and trust in the market. We advise you to keep looking through Tac Force knives, available on Knife Import, as much as possible because you might find the best tactical knife for you.

At the end of this detailed and hopefully interesting blog, we want to thank you for sticking with us. If you liked our content so far, then we think you will also keep liking it in the future because we maintain a certain level of standards to keep our readers interested in our future blogs on various products like knives, swords, martial arts weapons, and much more.

We think we have written enough today to say that we will be seeing you next time, but for now-- goodbye!

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