Brass Knuckles

Self defense weapons have become popular and the reason is an extensive wave of crimes around us. Therefore, it is crucial for us to ascertain any defensive skills that are truly applicable to us in order to keep ourselves protected from any critical situation. No doubt, Brass Knuckles are the best self defense weapons. With a knuckle duster, you can surprise your assailant; you can throw a solid punch towards the attacker and then run away to save yourself. Hence, the most important aspect that you need to know is that learning to punch with this weapon is the process for you to grow your defensive moves and skills. This is because to learn punching with knuckles, you will identify any skills that you can use to protect yourself.

So, here in the article, we are going to discuss some of the best techniques through which you can throw a clear punch using brass knuckles. Continue reading till the end! It will be worth reading.

Brass Knuckles - What They Are?

Brass knuckles are also known by some other popular names that are knucks and knuckle duster. These weapons are usually made of metal, steel, brass, wood, or even plastic made to fit around the knuckles with a grip for the palm. They are primarily designed to enhance the force of punches to cause severe tissue disruption to an assailant. Moreover, a knuckle duster allows a hard punch by strengthening the fists to rock hard capacity as it reduces the fear of harming the user’s hand or fingers when striking.

How to Throw a Solid Punch with Brass Knuckles?

Below are some of the best techniques to use brass knuckles in an effective way. Therefore, you must follow them whenever you are in need of throwing off punches. They will not only help you to hit the target accurately but also to keep yourself away from any harm. So, consider them carefully!

1. Understand the Technicalities of Punching

Firstly, you need to understand the technicalities of throwing a punch. Many of us think that punching is a game of fists, but it is not. It requires proper coordination from the whole body. Thus, while throwing a punch, you should synchronize your body parts, such as fists, arms, shoulders, legs, and thighs in a way that they help you hit the opponent with a solid punch.

2. Find out How to Punch with Knuckle Duster

Well, there is another thing you need to know is that an ordinary punch and the punching you do with knuckle duster are both quite different. When you throw an ordinary punch, you have to punch straightly by outspreading your arm and putting all of your power in that direct hit. Conversely, the case is a bit different if you throw a punch using knuckles. In this case, you need to hit the target by curving your arm a little, hence your wrist should be straight. The key aim for this curved strike is to minimize the punch effectiveness on the bones which thus reduces the risks of harm or injury.

Using this punching technique, you can give a surprise to the attacker or even you can knock him down. Simply wear knuckle duster into your fingers, close the fist and make a punch to hit the attacker. Once you do so, all you need to run away and save yourself from hitting back. In this way, not only you would be able to keep yourself protected but also keep yourself away from any criminal act. Yes, the usage of brass knuckles is not legal in some states/countries. So, before using, it is advised to check the knucks laws in the state you are living.

3. Do More and More Practice

You have heard many times that practice brings perfection. The same thing you need to do if you are ensuring your self defense. Do more and more practice throwing punches by wearing knuckles until you don’t learn how to use them effectively. For practice, you can use the punching bag. It will definitely improve your punching skills, as well as boost your stamina, concentration, speed, and energy. By doing practice, you will be ready for the actual situation when you need to hit a punch with brass knuckles.

4. Wear Knuckles Correctly

As there are so many brass knuckle designs out there in the market, you should choose any of your choices. But, you should keep in mind that wear it correctly to get the desired result. For instance, whether you own a traditional knuckle duster that comes with four finger holes or simple have a modern one that features two finger holes, you must fit all the holes around your fingers properly and then bring them across the palm of your hand. After that, close the fist by brining your thumb towards your fingers. That’s it! Now you are ready to throw a solid punch.

5. Make a Proper Posture

Once you wear a knuckle duster correctly, now it is time to make a proper posture in order to hit your target with a punch. To maintain a good posture, you need to use your complete body. Such as, stand up with confidence and open your legs equivalent to the width of your shoulders. Then, keep your foot opposite to the side of the hand holding brass knuckles. Come up with all your energy and bend your hips to some extent. Then, simply close your fist and be sure that your thumb is not too close to your fingers. So, you are done with a good posture and can hit the target.

6. Put Your Full Concentration

Last but not least, while throwing a punch, you should concentrate properly. By doing so, you will be able to throw an effective punch and get succeed in your hand-held combat. Ensure your wrist is in a straight position and your arm extends properly. Then, you can hit your mugger by curving the arm slightly. In that way, you don’t give a severe injury to the opponent. Further, it is also a good technique to hit the attacker with the knuckles that are closest to your thumb because they are resilient and sturdy.

Want to Get Real Brass Knuckles?

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Thus, you have learned some great techniques to use real brass knuckles in an effective way. Though it takes some practice, when you are done you will know how to throw a punch using knucks that end a fight immediately!

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