Stiletto Knife - A Blade for Battles

It’s impossible for anyone to have not seen a stiletto blade in their life. Whether you are an adventure loving person or just a novelist, you must have come across a stiletto knife or two. Chances are you might have already observed an Italian stiletto put to use in various movies and TV series. But it’s not easy to find out everything there is to know about these cool knives before buying them. That’s why rising to the occasion, we have written a detailed blog on stiletto knives to help out everyone in their quest to getting the best blades.

Knife Import has been in the business of knife wholesaling for quite some time now-- almost a decade. Naturally, we offer thousands of cool pocket knives and fixed blades on the platform. Though that’s not all, as you will find a number of other high quality products under the categories of swords, martial arts and ninja weapons, self defense items and so much more. You need to peruse through our never ending list of products to actually figure out how many stiletto knives for sale we have got for you. Still the best thing about the website is that we provide our customers with top quality knives for the cheapest wholesale rates. We think this should be enough to urge you to check out our huge inventory at least a few times, let’s move on!

A Quick Peek into the History of Stiletto Knife

A stiletto knife, sometimes included in the list of daggers, was invented somewhere in Italy around the late 15th century. Long after its invention, people still love buying stiletto blades as self defense weapons and other utility purposes. It’s easy to believe when historians tell us that Italian stiletto knives were popular blades back in the day. As a matter of fact, not only the knights use it as their second weapon but the people operating in the shadows, such as assassins, preferred keeping this thrusting knife on hand for easy concealment and quick striking. Why was it being used in such a manner? Let’s talk about its design to make you understand the point further.

An Italian stiletto knife initially had a round narrow blade with a needle like pointed tip. But, that’s not the case as after centuries of amendments or betterments in the design, the blade is so very different and much more efficient now. How did these changes to the stiletto occur?

You can say it was the First World War that asked for such a blade to rise over all others. With everything that was going on in the war, a quick stabbing knife or weapon was required. Making the re-emergence of stiletto knives, and a number of cool daggers, almost unstoppable. If you have read our previous blogs, you might just remember how we told you about trench knives being invented in WWI for the very same reasons.

During WWI, the stiletto was put to great use in the form of combat knives for raiding forces of commandos, and other similar strike teams, which needed to strike down their enemies as silently as possible. One famous fighting dagger, developed by two British combat instructors in 1940, became useful as a great thrusting and slashing weapon with its double edged blade. Variations of the dagger came out soon after, giving birth to US Marine Raider Stiletto and another smaller needle like blade called US V-42 stiletto, which was optimized for mostly thrusting and not cutting.

Then the 1950s arrived, bringing along with it switchblades and different types of folding knives for people still ripe with the memories of the Second World War. The automatic knives were imported from Italy given their high demand at that time. While, most of these switchblades opened from the side unlike modern stiletto knives that have more of an out-the-front design for unleashing the Italian stiletto blade inside. By this period, most switchblades were using a bayonet style blade with one false edge (sharpened) and the other sabre-grind edge (usually unsharpened). Earlier, there existed only fixed blade stiletto knives but with switchblades people could finally have the opportunity to get their hands on folding pocket knife version of the stiletto.

Even to this day, Italy and a number of other countries are making stiletto switchblades for all the enthusiasts out there. The demand for these cool blades is enough to make us offer a great variety of spring assisted stiletto knives for sale among other variations of the blade.

Buying Stiletto Knives in Today’s World

Nowadays, you can go shop for anything online and stiletto knives for sale are no exception. This is why, it’s totally possible to buy the best stiletto blades through different knife retailers and wholesalers, much like Knife Import. Well, finding a good place to buy quality blades is not the problem, as you have lots of platforms to choose from, but knowing exactly which stiletto knife for sale is right for you can be a bit of a head scratcher.

So, to help you in your time of need, we present to you some of the top Italian stiletto knives available in the market down below:

1. Tac Force Stiletto Style Assisted Opening Knife


On the exterior, this spring assisted knife looks plain and simple; but once you flip open its stiletto blade-- it becomes one really cool pocket knife. The G10 handle is another great edition to the folding knife, while its single edged blade is totally awesome and carries the tac force speedster model insignia on it. You can buy this cool stiletto style spring loaded knife for just $5.81 on wholesale price, along with all its following qualities:

  • Pocket folding knife
  • Closed length: 4 inches
  • Black stainless steel blade measuring 3 inches
  • G10 Handle (Overlay)
  • Pocket Clip included in price

2. MTech Stiletto Style Folding Pocket Knife

MTech Stiletto Style Pocket Knife

When have MTech ever let any of its customers down? Never! That’s why you get this cool knife with 440 stainless steel black blade and beautiful black aluminum handle for $5.81 only at low wholesale price. You want to read more detail on its features? They are as follows:

  • Spring assisted stiletto tactical knife
  • Closed length about 5 inches
  • 440 stainless steel blade length 3.5 inches
  • Aluminum Handle with beautiful design (black)
  • Comes with a pocket clip

3. Stiletto style Spring Loaded Knife with Micarta Handle

Micarta Handle Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Knife

Usually you won’t find a cool stiletto assisted opening knife with a micarta handle. But here it is! Check out the beautiful detailing and design on its handle. Isn’t it a sight to behold for as long as possible? It looks even better in life. So, why don’t you buy this high quality pocket stiletto knife already? You can easily add it to your knife collection for the wholesale price of $6.05 only!

Total features include:

  • Cool pocket knife
  • 4.5 inches long Micarta handle
  • Stainless steel blade about 3 inches’ long
  • Full black blade, handle and boot or belt clip (also included)

4. Tac Force Big Italian Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Knife

Huge Italian Stiletto Style Spring Assist Knife

Even though you might think this big stiletto knife will empty your pocket to find its place in there. But you cannot be more deceived by its awesome design. Comparing its features, this Italian stiletto is available at an extremely cheap wholesale rate on the platform. We will tell you about it however not right away. First the list of its various features:

  • Big spring assisted Italian stiletto with overall length of 12.5 inches
  • Closed length: 7 inches
  • 5.5 inches long blade made from quality stainless steel
  • Stimulated mother of pearl handle (in white)
  • Pocket clip included

5. Rainbow Stiletto Pocket Knife with G10 Handle

Rainbow Stiletto Style Assisted Knife

Tell us who doesn’t want their blades to look unique? With more enthusiasts than the cool pocket knives themselves, everyone out there is looking for some blade that has never been seen before. Our current item, the rainbow stiletto pocket knife is similarly a unique blade in today’s list as it offers a rainbow or multicolored blade, unlike all the other stiletto blades mentioned earlier. You know this cool knife is not more expensive than $5.81 at wholesale rate. So, don’t think long and get this amazing stiletto rainbow knife, with the following qualities, as soon as possible!

  • Spring assisted design
  • It measures 4 inches when blade’s closed
  • 3-inch rainbow or multicolored blade made using stainless steel
  • Aluminum overlay handle with diamond cut design
  • Includes pocket clip

Are Stiletto Knives Illegal?

You readers must have asked this question yourself at one point or the other. If you haven’t then that’s a point for concern; still it will be fine as you are going to find out whether stiletto switchblades are legal or not anyway.

According to the Switchblade Knife Act (of 1958), “The term ‘switchblade knife’ refers to any knife having a blade which opens automatically-- using hand pressure on a lever or other (similar) device in its handle.”

Due to this most side opening spring assisted knives were also banned in the past. However, thanks to recent amendments in the act, most states have legalized the sale, purchase and use of assisted opening knives in their respective law bound areas.

Therefore, you can surf through our vast inventory, filled with cool pocket knives for sale, and pick your favorite wholesale blades anytime. No worries you will find the best stiletto pocket knife guaranteed!

Finally, we urge to keep visiting on a daily basis to read new informational blogs about cool knives and swords among other things. We will see you next time-- until then-- farewell!

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