Spring Assisted Knives

You will be amazed to understand how many types of pocket knives are out there. When you first start looking for a knife, it seems a simple task, but the more you search for, the more you find. There are a variety of knives, but numerous different types and now even color choices. Each blade has its own pros and cons, which make it different from others. Well, in this article, you will learn about the best pocket knives, named Spring Assisted Knives. So, please don’t go anywhere and read it till the end. We are sure you will be ready to get them.

What is the Spring Assisted Knives?

They are the pocket knives, also known as assisted opening knives, that feature an internal opening mechanism that allows the users to open the blade by simply applying some pressure to a thumb stud or ridge. The advanced opening mechanism makes it easier to open the knife of the knife than regular folding pocket knives.

Are They Different from Switchblades?

So many people think that a spring loaded knife is the same as a switchblade. But in fact, it is quite different as it works slightly differently from a switchblade. Switchblades are opened through a spring that is released with a button on the handle of the knife. In this case, the blade fully releases at the moment when the button is pressed.

Nevertheless, in the case of a spring assisted pocket knife, when you press the button (thumb stud) outward, the blade begins to unfold and extend. Once it reaches the threshold point, the advanced spring mechanism extends the blade completely. Moreover, there is a lock that you need to unlock to fold it again. So, all this you can do with just one hand. Also, keep in mind that switchblades are illegal to use in many states of the USA.

What Makes Assisted Opening Knives the Best Pocket Knives?

Spring assisted knives are an advancement of the traditional pocket knives, which is the key reason for getting the popularity of such kinds of knives. These days, they have come in a wide range of styles, designs, and color schemes. Therefore, you can easily find the one that suits your likings and needs as well. Hence, apart from this, below are some of the best features of spring loaded knife that makes it the best:

1. Modern Spring Device

These pocket knives use a modern spring device between the handles to hold the blade open. When the blade of the knife is fully opened, the spring holds the blade open.

2. Best EDC Knife

It is usually smaller and lightweight but durable and resilient. Therefore, it is considered the best EDC knife.

3. One-handed Operation

It is easier to use as it supports the one-handed operation. All you need to push on the thumb stud to open the blade. Once you do so, the spring technology assists the opening by springing the blade.

4. Advanced Locking System

Many pocket knives come with a locking system. When the blade is fully opened, the lock back system locks the blade in place. In this way, the blade will stay locked until the user presses the point. Then, you can close your knife again by folding it. This makes a spring loaded knife safer than a traditional pocket knife because the blade can’t close by accident.

5. Multiple Uses

Spring assisted knives in helping perform several kinds of tasks. Whether you are using them for cutting or peeling or particularly for self-defense, they are the best to carry with you.

Perfect Uses of Spring Assisted Pocket Knives?

No doubt, one of the great things about these cool pocket knives is their flexibility. They are so compact and versatile that they can be fitted into a purse or backpack and are excellent tools for both men and women. Most people, when thinking about them, immediately think of outdoorsmen. But, branded assisted opening knives are designed specifically to carry into a briefcase or purse and look wonderful, alongside being very functional. With the best pocket knives that are available, it can make a great accessory for the boardroom and the outdoors.

Though the uses of these cool knives are endless, below are some of the common uses of them.

1. Preparing Food

Several people often ignore the fact that besides using a knife to eat with, you will also want to prepare your meals. And let’s consider it as well. If you are fond of hunting, camping, or hiking, you probably could not pack your kitchen knives with you. This is why carrying a good-quality knife is quite essential. From peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables to cutting pieces of meat or fish or slicing various other food items such as bread or cheeses, a good pocket knife will always help you.

2. Fixing

Spring assisted knives are the best to use for many things to do when you need to repair or improve objects. Such as, a blade can help you to eradicate paint, rust, packaging, labels, and glue, etc. You can say that a good knife can also take out burrs from metals. As you know that a knife is always used to make the object short but barely lengthen it. Then, a spring-loaded knife is a superb alternative for any tools if you don’t have anyone like scissors or a screwdriver.

3. Whittling

Whittling is the craft in which people passionately crave and shave off wood pieces to create a design or shape an old object. If you love this kind of activity, you need to start with simple objects such as arrows for bows and surely the ever-required marshmallow roasters. Once you get some expertise, then try at crafting more elaborate creations such as animals and people.

4. Building

Another use of a spring loaded knife is that you can build a piece of equipment using it. It often comes up with everything you have to accomplish a task. Whether you are sharpening sticks, cutting rope, or smoothing or carving woods, a pocket knife will surely help you do all this easily.

5. Self-Protection

Finally, assisted opening knives are also effective for self-protection as you can use a knife against the opponent in any critical situation. For instance, if a mugger attacks you, you can use it as a concealed weapon. Furthermore, it is also helpful to use for numerous first-aid purposes such as dressing or bandages or even digging out the old splinters.

Are Spring Assisted Knives Illegal?

Spring assisted pocket knives are legal to own in all 50 states. But, you must check your local laws before carrying a folding knife into the public.

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