Spring Assisted Knives: Best Knives for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Spring Assisted Knives are knives that fall under the category of folding knives. Folding knives have two main subcategories; spring-operated knives and manual folding knives. The spring knives have a folding mechanism that involves the in-built spring—the spring assists in the blade's opening and closing with a gentle push of a button.

The manual folding knives, on the other hand, do not have an in-built spring. They require users to pull out the blade with the tips of their fingers manually. This could be dangerous unless you are an expert at using these knives. This is the reason more people opt for the spring knives over these knives.

The easy to open feature gives the spring loaded knife an upper hand as it may come in handy at tough times. This guide will talk about the types of spring assisted knives for sale and their uses.

Types of Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

Now that you know the difference between the spring and manual knives, let us talk about the types of spring assisted pocket knives that you will come across. The knives differ from one another in terms of blade and hand handle designs. Let us have a look.

  • Designed Handle Knives

The designed handle knives include pocket knives that feature cool designs on their handles. You either get to find knives that have characters made on the handles or letters engraved on them. You also will discover bar top knives that have a vodka bottle design. Along with the self defense aspect, these knives turn out to be great collectible weapons.

  • Rainbow Knives

The rainbow knives are knives that feature a cool rainbow color on their blade. The rainbow shine they give in the daylight is next to none. You can use the weapon to protect yourself from trouble, and you can also use it to show off to your friends.

  • Karambit Knives

The karambit knives are the best spring assisted knives because of many reasons. The knives have an exciting history as farmers of the Philippines and Indonesia used them for cropping purposes. The knives feature a unique curved blade like a tiger claw, which can rip apart anything into bits. The historical feel and the unique blade style make it an ideal self defense weapon and a great item to add to your collection.

  • American Flag Knives

If you love America and want to display your patriotism, the American flag knives are meant for you. They have the flag designed on their handles and blades. Along with keeping yourself safe, you get a weapon to display your patriotism.

  • Tactical Knives

Tactical knives are meant for outdoor use. You need to be tactful while hunting and even while defending yourself; if that is your case, the tactical knives are what you should be having. The razor-sharp blades and the smooth handle grip provide for a great experience.

  • Stiletto and Tanto Knives

The stiletto and tanto knives are unique knives as they feature different blade styles, unlike the ones you see every day. Their blade styles make them unique as they excel in performing tasks that other knives cannot do. Adding them to your collection will always be a good idea.

  • Branded Knives

There are people out there who are brand conscious. If you are one of them, you should check out the branded knives available. Some notable brands that offer these knives for sale include the MTech, elk ridge, and Tac force. The good thing about buying a branded knife is that it is made up of good quality and lasts longer.

Most of the pocket knives for sale also come with added features such as that of a key chain to ring your keys or a bottle opener that can open your soda bottles along the way. The knives also come with sheaths so that you or kids do not get accidentally harmed by the weapon. All knives are exceptional in quality and will never let you down.

Spring Assisted Knives: Best Knives for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Uses of the Spring Loaded Knife

Now that you are well equipped with the right knowledge of the different spring knives let us tell you some of their uses. One of the primary uses of the knives is that of self defense. The knives can easily be folded, kept into your pockets, and can quickly get into the action with a push of a button. These features make them ideal for self defense purposes.

The sharp blades and the knives' smooth grip also make them ideal for hunting when you have your target in sight. The handles ensure that the knives do not slip away, and the blades are capable of ripping through anything with ease. If hunters want a comfortable experience, they should pick these knives without a doubt.

Cutting is something that you need to do every day. While indoors, the knives assist in cutting vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. While outdoors, the knives assist in cutting wood, grass, wires, and ropes. If you want to have a smooth cutting experience, these knives are meant for you. This makes them ideal for hunting and camping.

There are people out there that love collecting coins, antiques, and so on. If you are a weapon collector, you should be adding these to your collection as some of the knives have an interesting history, and some of them have cool designs that can enlighten your collection. Add them to your collection and display it in your living room; it’s that simple.

The knives can also be used as cosplay and movie props as they are economical. Buying a real knife could be costly, and that is why it is recommended you buy these knives as they are easy on the pocket and give a feel of a real weapon. The cool designs and engravings also make them ideal for gifting purposes. Along with having a weapon for defending themselves, your loved ones will have a weapon that reminds them of you.

Buy Cheap Knives Today

Now that you know a good deal about the spring knives, their uses, and types, let us get you acquainted with their pricing and where to buy them from. The knives are easily available online, and you can even buy them from weapon stores around. With the knowledge given above, it is a guarantee that you will not be missing out on the right type of weapon for yourself.

The knives under this category are available at meager prices so that everyone gets to afford them. You can buy the cheap knives for yourself or can buy the Wholesale Knives in bulk to make a profit out of them. Whatever option you go for, it will be you will be benefiting from the fantastic deals.

Buying in bulk also leads you to even more discounted prices, which is a good thing if you intend to sell them ahead at a higher price. Check out the collection of spring assisted knives available and place orders for your favorite ones today.

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