Cool Swords

Many people love to have cool weapons in their possession for different purposes. Some people collect them merely out of passion for collection. While some collect cool swords for fun, fighting etc. and some even collect them because it is a part of a family tradition that has to be maintained over generations. No matter whatever the reasons are, there are many types of swords for sale available in the market and online stores. But all aren’t for the same purpose. As the construction of swords differs, so does their purpose.

However, we will be telling you about different kinds of cool swords along with their purposes and certain details about them that you usually miss out. In this article, we have picked different types of swords that will be explained below. So let’s start digging in!

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Fantasy Swords

Fantasy Sword

Just as much as people love art and literature, so is the props used in them valued somehow. Certain fictional and fantasy swords that were discussed or mentioned in myths and legendary stories is what you call fantasy weapons. These swords are named right after its concept. Fictional tales are the reason behind them to have something realistic to be adored. If we name a few swords; like the chronicles of shadow hunter, Peter pan, the sword of shannara etc. and so on.

So actually fantasy swords are those that are named after certain historical accounts, tales, chronicles and myths that were once considered “True”. They are all about personification, you like a certain character? You would love to buy that kind of cool swords and act as if you have absorbed the skills of that character, well that is natural!

Now you know what fantasy swords are, let’s talk about their purposes.

Collection: many people like to collect such swords because of their admiration associated with them.

Combat: some people might like to use them for combat, depending upon the category of swords they buy among them.

Medieval Swords

Medieval Sword

You might have guessed about this sword just by the name of it. Medieval swords were those that were used in the “Middle age”. Well, you might have seen these types of swords in the museums etc. They were merely used by medieval knights and not normal warriors. The reason behind this was the expense invested in the construction of these swords. Bronze, copper, iron—these metals were expensive to be used back then.

If we talk more about medieval knights, not only their swords but other armors were also constructed with similar metals. However, medieval swords were also used by gladiators of Rome and Sparta back then. Just like other swords, they also serve with various purposes. But let’s just talk about the most common factors for which medieval swords are brought.

Collection: just like everybody has some passion that they like to invest their money and time into, some people are also passionate about collecting these swords.

Self Defense: These swords might be heavy and hard to use for fight or something, but some people after certain amount of maintenance use them for self defense.

Ninja Swords

Ninja Sword

If you are a fan of Japanese action movies, then you would surely see a ninja sword in them! Any villain in mind fighting with Jackie Chan? Well, that should ring a bell.

If we talk about its origin, there is no exact trace that when the ninja sword was invented. But according to some authentic information, it was concluded that it began to be used in the Edo period. That was the period of the Japanese war, and since then ninja swords are used by ninjas and samurai even ordinary people who like to practice ninja after professional training etc.

However, there are certain distinct features of the ninja sword. Firstly, its blade isn’t curved—in fact, it’s straight. A black strap is covered along with its handle for the user of the sword in case of any injury etc. and importantly, it can be used to trip the enemy as well. It used for the following purposes:

Self Defense: it is best used for self defense by many people. Often practiced after receiving professional training. A professional user of this cool sword can perfectly defend him/herself.

Collection: some people buy ninja swords solely for the sake of collection. There are many other ninja weapons that can be bought along with these swords.

Foam Swords

Foam Sword

Here, we are for the kids because foam swords are pretty much loved by them. These swords are actually a replica of video games and anime weapons. They are made up of rigid core and covering with foam. The core is usually made up of fiberglass or certain kind of plastic. To understand their complete structure, you can read through the following:

Core: it is the most important part of the sword that gives a foundation (acts as the shaft of the weapon). It is usually made up of PVC, graphite, fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum or bamboo.

Padding: this where the name of these swords come from because a layer of foam is glued around the core of the sword. Pipe insulation is usually used for this purpose. The thickness of the coating varies, but it’s necessary for safety purposes.

Thrusting tip: certain types of swords also use a feature of a thrusting tip which helps to give them a softer and compressive touch. It ensures that the weapon isn’t bare enough to cause any harm to the user.

Flourishes: in this step, additional flourishes are added for aesthetic and practical purposes. By adding flourishes an expression of the art is defined.

Coating or shell: this is the last step, it is coated with rubber’s material of tape whatever suits the weapon best.

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