Do you have a hard time in finding the right knife for the right use at the exact moment? Well, this seems like the story of every other person. And you might think it’s unsolvable but it is actually not when you have a decent collection of the best knives.

You might have seen many types of knives, but Knife Import have some exceptional collection of cool knives in their online store. And they are all categorized according to the uses. Whether you want an everyday carry knife or one for your adventures in the wild, we have all for you. Let us tell you about a few types of knives that you will like!

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are quite popular that come in many designs. These cool knives are highly functional and stand out from the rest for their wide range of use. These knives are used in the kitchen for cutting and chopping purposes. They are also used for hunting, survival and for self defense purposes in life threatening situations. Military knives are the special types of fixed blade knives which are used by the military personals. The blade is fixed in their handle, that’s why they are called fixed blade knives.

No matter how hard the task is, just make the right choice when it comes to toughness and rigidity, the rest, Knife Import can assure of the quality of tactical fixed blade knives.

Engraved Knives

At Knife Import, we have a variety of custom knives for the ones who like to personalize the stuff they used. Do you ever wonder how amazing it would be if you have your name or favorite quotation engraved on a knife? Whether it’s for personal use or for gifting to a friend, it’s not impossible now. Knife import will provide you customized engraved knives if you need them. There is a certain number of knives for sale that can be engraved. You can choose your desired ones according to your liking.

Hidden Blade Knives

What idea do you get by its name? That the blade would be hidden so smartly that it’s hard to guess either it is a knife or any other thing. Well, such gadgets are of great worth when you know that you are about to step into a threatening situation. Hidden blade knives are designed with sheer intelligence and precision. Certainly, hidden blade knives that you might have come across up till now would be boot knife, comb knife, lipstick knife and belt buckle knife etc. Among the wide range of category provided, assassin’s creed hidden blade knife is the most ultimate one which you will love to own!

Spring Assisted Knives

If you want a knife of a different mechanism, then a spring loaded knife might be your best pick. Spring assisted knives use a mechanism through which the blade can be loaded quickly when needed. These cool knives are perfect for performing many tasks, especially while you are out into the wild or stuck in some emergency. One of the facts that people love most about these knives, is its operation that they can be opened quickly while pressing the button.

Throwing Knives

Do you like those ninja moves of throwing knives on the opponent or object? In other scenario, have you seen a professional entertainer who uses the throwing knives? Well, if you got the idea then it’s time to know better about it as the throwing knives have been gaining popularity pretty much. These knives are for the purpose of entertainment, but also for self defense in certain cases. There is a certain technique, “how to throw a knife”, that has to be learned before making use of these cool knives. Usually, people approach professional trainers for this purpose. If we tell you the best pick among the category of throwing knives, then kunai knife should be your first pick.


When you have to carry class and protection in hand, then daggers are the most suitable knives. Daggers have been long before in use of the man than other knives that were invented later. A dagger knife was initially used for hunting and carving etc. Mostly, its design is what sets it apart. A dagger is sharp tipped and can have multiple edges. They vary in shapes though, but they are the best for self defense and hunting purposes. You can choose any kind of dagger knife and get it at wholesale price from Knife Import.

Butterfly Knife

Out of all the things we talk about knives, one of the most passionate things that teenagers and young adults are about is the tricks and skills performed through a butterfly knife. A balisong or butterfly knife is different in shape from a normal knife, and it’s not used for other purposes than entertainment and tricks. The butterfly knife trainer is kept blunt from the blade so that it doesn’t hurt the person who is using it for practicing. The tricks performed by the balisong knife are learned from a professional trainer. You will find many cool butterfly knives and trainers with cheap price at Knife Import.

Familiar with some of the cool knives that Knife Import have for you? This article will help you in choosing the best knives according to your needs. Place your order and enjoy the benefits that follow. Buying the wholesale knives also provides you an opportunity of making money. At Knife Import, you can buy cheap knives and make money by selling them out at higher price. We also have additional discounts and benefits for you, if you buy these knives in bulk. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best for yourself and place your order right now.

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