Brass Knuckles for Sale

When it comes to self-defense, simplicity is key to making sure you protect yourself and your loved ones with a tool that is easy to use and isn’t a risky investment. While there are many weapons available that will do the trick, brass knuckles can be your trusty friend in sticky situations. Brass knuckles have been around for centuries and are known as fist-loaded weapons since they are primarily used in punching. You can Eastern and Western cultures having their own version of the hand-held knuckle duster. Many people would add blades, horns, bumps and other small modifications to customize their knuckle weapons. They are simple to wear, to use and light to carry, which makes them perfect for taking anywhere you go. But for those of you who don’t know what brass knuckles are or how they can be useful, this guide is for you!

Brass knuckles are traditionally made from brass, as they are rightly named, but they are also made from other metals like aluminum, copper, and high quality plastics as well. It fits on your knuckles, which is why it is also known as a knuckle duster. Ancient Roman soldiers used to wear it to assist in horse riding and close combat. It protects the hand from being hit and allows the wearer to cause serious pain to someone they are fighting close up. They were also quite popular in the American Civil War where soldiers would buy different varieties of knuckle dusters in metals and woods. They would also make their own by carving wood or casting one out of melted bullets, to use in battle or close combat.

They are very famous self defense weapons because of their small size and large impact. If you have on a metal knuckle, you can punch the flesh off someone’s face or seriously bruise it if you know how to use it right. If used right, they can cause muscle disruption, which I why they are to be used with precaution, but they are basically harmless otherwise, until worn and used, which makes them way sa er than guns or knives. If you are into weapons that pose less threat and have more utility, then you should know more about brass knuckles and how versatile they are. So check out all these was that these bad boys can be used:

  • Perfect for close combat, for boxing trainers and professional fighters.
  • Regularly used in military and law enforcement, part of the equipment for soldiers and police officers for neutralizing enemies or perpetrators in absence of guns or extra protection.
  • Ideal for self-defense; doesn’t require any additional knowledge or technical training. Just hitting practice and balancing technique.
  • Small and wearable, easier to carry than guns and knives. They are easily fitted in pockets, purses, and bags and easy to retrieve and use.
  • Safer to carry, low maintenance weapon, easier to conceal and take within crowded areas or when traveling alone at night.
  • It’s a fashion statement, popularized by bikers and worn as jewelry by pop stars, movie stars, and regularly features in music videos as well as fashion collections. Even the flashier version of a brass knuckle is perfect for self-defense, especially for women.
  • Multi-purpose tool for breaking glass, locks, escaping from traps, and claustrophobic spaces.
  • They come in varying designs with spikes, claws, small blades making them good for opening packages, cutting ropes, or simply causing harm to your attacker if they try to assault you.
  • Used as props for film productions in action films, with licenses and permits.
  • They’re collectibles and are permissible to be used as vanity hood ornaments and belt buckles for show.
  • The real brass knuckles, made from brass or heavy metals are also popular as paperweights. Since they are blockish and weigh enough to hold down documents, they are a good addition to a study or an office.

Real Brass Knuckles for Sale

Is it Safe to Use a Brass Knuckle?

It is not the tool is dangerous, but rather the use it is put through. Brass knuckles are certified weapons, which means that there is a little caution advised in using it, but here’s the answer to the question, are brass knuckles illegal in the United States? The state of New York classifies brass knuckles of both metal and plastic as illegal, and most states allow ownership with a permit, only permitted for special use like military, law enforcement, or film sets as props.

But they are illegal in many countries around the world because they are first and foremost considered as weapons. People who know how to use them can seriously harm someone with it. They are available for purchase in many states in the U.S. in flea shops, swap meets, pawnshops, and even costume shops. But each state and county has its own laws regarding using weapons, including brass knuckles, where they are legal under special circumstances or allowed to be owned with permits. They are used in cosplay and dress up, Halloween costumes and less dangerous versions are available as wearable fashion, but the more serious and denser versions need a permit in some states. Most of these brass knuckles for sale are regulated and are prohibited for sale for under the age of 18.

Where to Find a Quality Brass Knuckle?

If you are a weapon enthusiast, professional boxer, or someone who needs a tool for self-defense, you can find good quality knucks that are more user-friendly, which can still be used for self-defense without being dangerous. The carbon fiber or plastic quality of the originally real brass knuckles is just as good of an alternative for normal use to protect your fingers in boxing training to wear as a protective accessory for biking. You can find fashionable models of wearable brass knuckles in flashy colors like the Rainbow Four Finger Hole Knuckle which can easily pass as jewelry or accessories and still be used in panicked situations to help yourself. They will fulfill the bling but also keep you safe when need be.

There are plenty of options of real brass knuckles for sale online which are legal to buy and perfect for various purposes. You can go for something like the Zombie Hunter Green Tactical Knuckle as your choice of a knuckle duster. It is not only really cool to look at, but it also has wide knuckle ridges that are ideal for breaking glass or ice or getting out of trapped spaces without hurting your hand. They are great as self-defense weapons as well as wearable accessories. It is themed which makes it attractive for cosplayers and fans of the comic con to pair with their costumes.

Knuckle Duster

Value for Money – Buy Brass Knuckles at Affordable Prices

Since there is an abundance of designs you can find in these diverse tools, you just need to know where to buy brass knuckles at a good price. Usually one of the reasons people prefer to buy brass knuckles is because they are quite affordable. You can get a good quality brass knuckle for anywhere between $2 to the most expensive option of $10. They are sturdy which means buying one will last you easily for a couple of years or even more depending on usage. You can get something multi-functioning like the Self Defense Black Hand Knuckle in Clam Shell Pack which is not only super cheap, costing only $2.99 but it also functions as a belt buckle and can be worn like an accessory.

One of the major allures of buying weapons is their dangerous nature, but they are also fascinating because they look so cool. They have been made popular by fantasy fiction and action films and people love possessing things like brass knuckles as collectibles. There are various designs of the best brass knuckles online, which are dual-purpose, good to look at as well as incredibly useful in stressful situations. You can buy these handy and flashy knucks like the Silver Self Defense Cat Knuckle which is wearable in two fingers and has spikes like cat ears, easy to injure someone in case of assault.

You can also find a suave version like the Grenade Style Self Defense Black Handle Knuckle which has an awesome grenade handle, which is not just a vanity accessory, the grenade style makes the knuckle easier to hold and grip to pack a heavier punch in case of emergencies. Both options are available for the incredibly affordable price of $2.99 and $4.79 respectively, which is hardly anything when you think of how many ways you, can use these multi-purpose cool knuckle dusters.

Safety First, Convenience Second, Vanity Third – The Versatile Brass Knuckle

While there are many weapons that are considered much cooler than brass knuckles or much more useful, they are still popular because their design and their prices are attractive for ordinary people as well as professionals. They are usable by people who don’t know proper self-defense as much as experienced ones. They are low cost, which is an attractive quality for any tool, let alone one which has so many functions. They look great and are non-threatening which makes them safer to have in the house and easily concealable. So when it comes to safety, convenience, and vanity, a brass knuckle checks all the boxes.

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