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The question in the title often crosses the minds of people who are in the market to buy their first pocket knives—like ever! There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner at purchasing blades, and if you are one yourself, then all you need is some guidance. For this very reason, we will discuss with you all about Spring Assisted Knives, their qualities, how do they differ from switchblades, and how and why you should buy spring assisted knives for sale instead of all the other options available in stores.

Whenever you are out to buy something for the first time—you can feel lost—intimidated by your vast choices, you can end up making the wrong decision. So, make sure you don’t buy any spring assisted pocket knives before going through this blog first as we are going to explain in detail what blade can be useful to you more and how you can get wholesale knives at extremely low price from Knife Import.

History and Basic Mechanisms of Spring Assisted Knives

Back in 1995, Walter Well Collins (or Blackie Collins) first designed the assisted opening knife and popularized the blade’s mechanism within the art of knife making. So, it can’t be the same as the switchblades, which were invented back in the 1850s and gain popularity a century later for their use in Hollywood movies at that time.

The wholesale spring assisted knives, which you can easily find in stores these days, all follow the same mechanism. You can open this blade by just slightly pushing it out of its lock, and then the spring does the rest of the work. So, basically, as the wielder starts to open the spring loaded knife with the given lever or thumb stud, the spring catches the blade and propels it fully open instantly.

How Can You Differentiate Between Assisted Opening Knives and Switchblades?

Basically, switchblades are those cool pocket knives that support a button, which, when pressed, helps spring out the blades from their handle. This is why the typical switchblades are also known as automatic knives. The blade is held down with an innerspring, while its tension is subdued by the button when fully closed. So, as a switchblade’s button is pushed, the tension releases back onto the blade, and it comes right out without any great efforts.

On the other hand, assisted opening knives are not held down by anything. Thus, when you push their lever with little force, they flick open the rest of the way, from where the lock releases.

This will help you differentiate between both blades because the knife that has something blocking it from coming out is a switchblade. While common wholesale spring assisted, knives are those that remain closed with no real hindrances but open with little friction at the start.

Another way to put it will be that if you need to push a button to flick the blade open, then it’s a switchblade, and if you have to put some pressure on the blade’s lever, then that is definitely spring assisted pocket knives.

Pros and Cons of Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

It’s only necessary to explain the qualities and flaws this type of blade has due to its own mechanism.

  • There’s no doubt that spring assisted blades to open faster than all the other knives for sale available in stores.
  • Can be effectively used as they can be opened with a single hand
  • Spring assisted knives are legal in almost all states.
  • Cheap blades but really cool knives to add to your personal collection


  • Made with a complex inner mechanism such that even a single part of the assisted opening knives fail, it is quite possible the whole blade can be affected. This means you can end up with a hot mess at any time.

How and Why Should You Buy Wholesale Knives?

It could be your first time buying a blade, due to which you must have assumed that you should have to be loaded with money to get some good assisted opening knives for sale available at stores in your vicinity. But, you cannot be more wrong about this, it’s just a myth, and that’s all!

You can get cheap spring assisted knives at wholesale rates online and in actual markets, so you have nothing to worry about. Even on our platform, we have been offering many wholesale knives at the lowest rates that you can go through if you want after you are done reading this blog.

The purpose of buying spring assisted pocket knives at the wholesale rate is usually helpful to people that purchase our products in bulk. However, you can always buy cheap wholesale knives to save some money, which can then be used to purchase other things you need along with your blade.

In a Nutshell

We have provided you with all the basic information about these two types of knives for sale available everywhere. You can now get yourself one or much cheap spring assisted knives and switchblades at wholesale price, according to your preference.

We hope you have a good time using your pocket knives and that you may remain completely safe. Lastly, we want to tell you that we will be waiting for your next visit so—do come soon!

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