There are some things that are worth investing in more than others. One of these things is impressive collectibles that get you all the attention and praise. In most cases when you look for valuable artifacts to collect, you might have to look long and hard. There are many options in the market but they require research and time to find. In the case that you want to start collecting impressive artifacts, swords are a good item, to begin with. Within that category; if you can get your hands on high quality samurai swords that’s even better.

When searching in the market you might have some trouble getting what you want. There aren’t many places that have swords to start with but you can dig deeper. If you want to find samurai swords for sale, you need to know where to look and for what. In most cases, you might have to settle for limited options or get replicas that don’t amount to the real thing. But if you’re lucky, you can end up with multiple options of what you want to get. It is important, before buying anything to know why it’s worthwhile, especially with weapons.

The History of Samurai Weapons And Their Legacy

While each sword has gone down in history at some point as a legendary weapon, samurai swords are special. They have been used both by villains and heroes alike and they have an interesting origin. They were ordinarily known as katana swords, which are long, thin, sharp, and dangerous. They are flat and swift swords that are meant to cut in one quick motion.

These amazing swords were used mostly by Japanese soldiers known as samurais. They were originally part of the military regime in Okinawa, Japan that ruled the island for years. Samurais were known for their code of conduct, bravery, and honor and their swords were prized possessions. Many samurais had their initials or their titles engraved into their blades. They became symbols of pride and were cherished by each soldier beyond anything else. It was such an important blade that any act of misconduct meant samurais would take their own life with their swords to defend their honor.

Eventually, the katana samurai sword became quite famous throughout Central Asia and eventually in America as well. It is commonly known as the samurai sword, but it is still used in various martial arts sword fighting training. Many antique swords owned by soldiers became collectibles or family heirlooms. Samurai swords owned by actual soldiers are quite rare and very valuable.

The other reason for their continued popularity is a large range of Japanese anime films and cartoons. A whole population of Americans has been raised on content like Samurai Jack, Ninja Turtles, and The Last Samurai. They have continued to flourish as collectibles thanks to their continued promotion in films and games. That led to culture around martial arts weapons that persist and grow to this day. And numerous replicas began being created for sale because of their notoriety and popularity.

Types Of Samurai Swords Still Found Today

You’d imagine something as exciting and impactful as katana swords would not die down anytime soon. That would be a reasonable assumption as martial arts has made them more popular than ever. You would actually find a larger collection of samurai swords now than you would before. More and more people are recognizing their value and want to collect them. It also helps that there are multiple kinds of swords you can find now in the market. Far from collecting, if you intend on using them, your options are pretty wide as well.

For the real katana enthusiasts, there are some swords that are historically valuable. A real collector would love to have the most authentic katana weapon they can find. If you want to really dig deep, here are some blades to search for.

  • The most terrifying and exclusively crafted sword for the top warriors is a Daisho. It is an unusually long, thin, and razor-sharp katana that can cut someone’s head off clean. Considered to be a properly lethal weapon, this was only permitted to samurais of the highest order.
  • The Wakizashi is the most feared blade you can get as a collectible. Loosely translated as ‘big sword’ these were the iconic samurai weapons for the military. These have a slight curve but an extremely sharp and sleek edge meant for killing and fighting.
  • The Chisa katana is the slightly straighter and medium-sized version of the katana. It has a manageable blade that is lighter and swings faster than the bigger one. It is ideal for a sword fight or to block or deflect an incoming attack.
  • The more manageable and commonly-found sword out of these katanas is the tanto. This is a straight-edged, short sword that’s meant for use in pairs mostly. You can easily hold them two at a time and alternate between both hands to fight with them. The lighter weight and sleeker build of the tanto makes it easier to brandish at an enemy.

The Real Katana Collectible Versions In Demand

It might be safe to say that katana swords are no longer weapons used in wars or battles. However, they are still quite popular among martial arts trainees and professionals. Additionally, thanks to Hollywood and the gaming industry katanas are popular fantasy weapons.

There are various mentions of hundreds of samurai weapons in different videogames, anime, and karate films. That would mean that after years of them being lauded as superior weapons, they’re now superior collectibles. You can find some amazing samurai swords that are worth collecting.

  • As a weapon for showcase and display, you can expect multiple versions of the tanto blade. They are smaller in size hence easier to design and customize. You can find some cool swords in this category, like the Tanto Japanese Letter Opener with Stand. With the fantastic black and red detailing and shiny exterior, this piece can grace any study or lounge. It is also a great piece to show off as it comes with its own display stand.
  • If you want the real sleek and dangerous blade for your collection, get the larger katana. The incredibly sharp and military-grade blade will add a sense of legitimacy to your collection. You can go for the Black Samurai Katana Sword with Spoke Guard. Not only does it have intricate handle detail, but the blade is also high-quality stainless steel.
  • When you want a collectible weapon for the showcase, it’s important you buy the most attractive one. Usually movie and game replicas are wildly popular because they are limited edition and culturally relevant. If you are also a modern collector, you would appreciate the Handmade Highlander Connor Macleod Katana Sword. Carefully crafted with elaborate details and a complete relief-lion head handle, it’s priceless. Yet this item is quite affordable and available to you if you know where to look.
  • One of the reasons that weapon lovers gravitate towards samurai swords is their design. They are sleek and incredibly well-crafted in their making. It is as much a delight to use a katana as it is to display one. That is why if you really want to impress, go for the 3 Piece Blue Samurai Sword Set with Stand. This set not only comes with its own decoration stand but multiple tier design options that would stand out. These amazing swords feature original zinc alloy fittings and cloth-wrapped scabbards. They are the epitome of class if you are looking for that showstopper collectible sword.

Where Can I Buy A Real Samurai Sword?

Mentioned above are just some examples of various swords you can get from the market. The question is whether you can find them in your local stores and score these amazing blades? The great thing is that rather than frolicking around the market, you can find them online. The best and most highly-regarded real katana swords are available in online stores. If you are yet to look to the internet for inspiration, now is a good chance to try.

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