Samurai Sword

If you are seeking some real swords for sale, then you first need to know the purpose of having them. Most people use them to decorate their homes and some put them around their fireplaces. Hence, there are few people who love to own swords as a hobby. In spite of having a plethora of options, many sword enthusiasts prefer the samurai swords because of their traditional blade construction, razor-sharp edges and history in ancient Japan. The in-depth and skilled craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing these Japanese swords is very impressive.

Despite all things, it is quite difficult to find a real samurai sword because so many manufacturers have entered in the market. Well, don’t panic! In this article, we are going to explain some important facts and details about real swords for sale. It will help you to get an authentic samurai sword. Yeah, it is also good to know about what you are going to buy. So, continue reading!

Samurai Sword - The Most Fascinating Choice

Samurai swords have been used for centuries not only in Japanese culture but people across the world also favor them a lot. They first came into eminence in the middle ages amongst the people from the Orient. In ancient days, they were long curved swords with a very sharp blade on one side. They were frequently used in combats between warriors and even during wars too. These unique cool swords were made up by the Japanese craftsmen who used forging and heat treating methods to manufacture them.

However, from then till now, they are widely recognized due to their exceptional quality and incredibly sharp blades. In modern days, they are well crafted and sturdily made, so they look great. It is hard to believe that anybody does not want to own a samurai sword for their home styling or don’t like to add it into their collection. These real swords just by their appearance give a feeling of power and strength to those who are sighted them.

In Which Way Samurai Swords Are Built?

To build a samurai sword, craftsmen practice a really long process. There is a mixture of two sorts of steel both low and high carbon used in the creation of these swords. During manufacturing, the blade undergoes a complicated heating process. After that, it goes through a long process of polishing and sharpening. All the time they have to be very cautious not to harm themselves. Consequently, you will also have to be very careful when storing and using a real samurai sword.

Different Types of Samurai Swords

There are typically three kinds of these Japanese swords. Take a look at them and pick up the one you need to buy:

1. Katana Sword

Katana is the most popular samurai sword around the globe. It is typically more than 24 inches and was the most common companion to the samurai warriors. Its distinctive look is what makes the katana more incredible - which is a slim, curved, single-edged blade with square or round guard and has a long grip so that you can hold it with two hands easily. It is famous for the sharpness of its blade, therefore you should be very careful when you have a katana sword in your possession.

2. Wakizashi

This type of samurai sword is smaller than the katana whose average length is between 12 to 24 inches. It is believed that the samurai warriors normally wore wakizashi together with a katana sword. So, both were considered as real companions of samurai warriors in order to get outrageous results in battles.

3. Tachi

It looks like the katana sword and many people make mistake while selecting between these two. However, tachi is slightly different and tend to be more curved and typically longer than a katana. Apart from this, in the past, samurai warriors identified if it was a katana or a tachi by just considering the manner in which a samurai sword was worn.  Moreover, it was usually used while samurai provoked on horseback as it was long enough to hurt soldiers on foot.

Things You Should See in Real Samurai Swords

Undoubtedly a samurai sword is an investment. Thus, before buying, you need to be sure you are getting what you pay for. Basically, there are three crucial characteristics that all real swords have in common, and those characteristics are:

  1. They are manufactured from high carbon steel, instead of stainless steel. This material ensures the wonderful edge retention and overall strength in the swords.
  2. They have been appropriately tempered (heat treatment) in order to prevent the steel from being brittle or soft.
  3. Although real samurai swords are traditionally single-edged, but the double-edged are also available in the market, which give you the ultimate cutting and thrusting power.
  4. Swords that have full tang are the real ones. Tang means the back portion of the blade that is inserted into the handle. If the tang is not long enough, it can break easily.

So, be vigilant and must take these things into consideration while looking for real samurai swords for sale. Buying a samurai sword is really valuable. For instance, if you want it to hang on a wall of your drawing room, it will bring esthetic beauty at the place. If you buy it as a hobby, it will be a great addition to your collection. Last but not least, if you give it as a gift to someone you love or respect, it would be one of the best ever gifts he/she has. These traditional swords not only represent power, but they signify ownership, bravery and a tradition of years.

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