Samurai Sword

The samurai sword has been considered the ultimate fighting weapon for thousands of years now. It is also known as katana, which means “Backsword”. It is associated with the notorious Japanese sword masters, the samurai and most known for its sharpness. In general terms, it is a long curved sword with single-edged and have an extremely sharp point. In the beginning, katana swords were really a straight and single-edged blades. But later, the Japanese modified the style to a curved blade, to allow them to draw the katana more quickly.

The most distinctive feature about the samurai sword is the curved and slender single-edged blade design. Generally, it has a long tight grip so that a person can easily hold it with two hands. Moreover, it is worn push through a belt which allows the user to draw and use it easily against their opponent.

Additionally, these extremely popular cool swords are a remarkable depiction of Japanese history and provide the top-level of excellence that went into sword development. Samurai swords are typically made from a Japanese Steel named Tamahagane, which is a mixture of high & low carbon steels. This high-quality material creates a blade with a hard, razor-sharp edge for cutting, minimizing the possibility that the blade will break or bend. Not everyone can craft one of such kind of swords. It takes someone that has a fantastic amount of expertise in forging to manufacture a katana blade.

However, when seeking the potentials of samurai swords for sale, make sure you take the time in recognizing the quality. This is the key reason why we are writing this piece of content. Below you will let to know how you can buy a samurai sword as well as how to take care of it. So, continue reading!

Things to Consider Before Buying Katana Samurai Sword

If you are looking for a katana for sale, there are so many things you should keep in mind. These things are so important whether you are going to buy a training sword, a battle-ready katana or a sword for decor purposes. So, below are some points you need to consider before you buy one.

1. Samurai Swords for Practice

As the name suggests, these types of swords are designed for those who are beginners and need practice. The practice swords are now available in three basic kinds: bokken, shinai, and dull steel swords. You can choose on particularly based on your needs. Below are more details about each type:

Bokken: It is a wooden sword and normally used for different types of martial arts training, for instance, laido and kendo. Hence, bokken is not used for parrying or actual hitting because it is not so durable.

Shinai: It is a more durable choice and especially ideal for combat practice.

Dull Steel Swords: This sort of sword possesses a dull blade and round tips and is all that makes them an ideal choice for training. Moreover, these swords are inexpensive ones.

2. Katana Swords for Decoration

If you are interested in buying one for decorative purpose, you should look for real samurai swords for sale. You can search for real katana sword on the web and pick up the one that suits your taste. Keep in mind, real swords are quite expensive and usually hard to find. Well, no worries! You can also go for stainless steel or wood replicas that won’t cost a lot.

3. Samurai Swords for Cutting

If you want to have a sword for kitchen work, you can consider buying a samurai sword. Such swords are made of carbon forged steel or folded steel materials that are more durable than other ones. In addition, before buying a katana, be sure you find out a full tang blade.

4. High-end Collector Katana Swords

If you love to collect real swords as a hobby, katana is surely the one that you want to own. It is the works of arts and can be found in the museums and art galleries. Though you can’t buy a real one, you can consider the best replica of real katana sword.

Now it’s up to you what you want to buy. We are sure the above details about the its types and uses will help you make a wise decision.

Katana Samurai Sword Care and Maintenance

Katana sword needs to be maintained from time to time so that it stands the test of time. Though its blade is extremely sharp and may cause injury, so please be sure to use it with extreme caution. Below are some tips for caring and maintenance of samurai swords.

  1. The sword should be fitted perfectly into the sheath. This is often a tight fit in order to avoid accidental unsheathing. To remove the it from the sheath, Keep the hold on the sheath firmly with on hand and then with your thumb, push the guard away from the sheath.
  2. Now your katana is unsheathed and you are ready to start cleaning. For this, you should have cotton cloth, rice paper, sword oil and a powder ball.
  3. If you have already cleaned the blade with oil, cleaning up the blade with rice paper is enough.
  4. Use the powder ball lightly on the blade.
  5. Then, rub the powder over the blade using the cotton cloth. Repeat this process on both sides until the blade have been polished from both sides.
  6. Then again, sprinkle a few drops of sword oil on both sides of the blade. Remember, avoid touching the blade.
  7. After doing all this, sheath the blade again.

Note: don’t use heavy oil for cleaning the it because it can affect the sharpness of the blade.

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Long story short, if you are going to buy a katana samurai sword, you should consider the above types along with your needs and budget too before making a choice. Furthermore, if you own a katana sword, you should also ensure its proper care and maintenance so that you can have it with you for long.

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