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We have come to you with another interesting blog about a few strange pocket knives that you will like to see, and probably you haven’t already as we discovered these Cool Pocket Knives for the first time ourselves. So, it seems like you will be in for a surprise!

Please note that pocket knife enthusiasts should remain calm at all times while reading this blog. We know it will be hard for you as we will mention many excellent folding pocket knives, one after the other, just a few lines below. So, try not to pass out with excitement!

I hope you don’t mind our little light joke. We know you can handle it! But before we start blowing your minds with the ten strange and yet cool pocket knives you have ever seen, let’s tell you that you can find a huge amount of cheap spring assisted knives in varying quality, shapes, and sizes on Knife Import at wholesale price. If you are in the market for buying pocket knives for sale, or just your personal use, then start browsing our cool pocket knife collection and purchasing one or as many folding blades your pocket allows!

Strangest Though Coolest Pocket Knives Ever

One thing you may keep in mind that the order in which these cool knives will appear has nothing to do with their level of ‘Coolness.’ Okay!

Folding Shotgun Cartridge Knife

As the name clearly states, this pocket knife completely resembles a shotgun cartridge; however, it’s not filled with gun powder but comes fitted with a 1.5-inch stainless steel blade while its length measures about 2.5 inches when closed. The above shown cool folding knife makes a fine present for any outdoorsman who likes guns and knives.

The Horrifying Pistol Knife

A relic from the renaissance period, this blade is only shown for its badass outlook. Most people describe it as a rather impractical weapon. Anyone armed with this knife will be gunning for the absolute kill.

However, you can get a cool folding pistol neck knife that only resembles a gun and nothing more or less than an awesome looking pocket blade.

German Key Knife

However, a type of folding blade that seems exactly like a key, in shape and size, flicks open to reveal a tiny clip point pocket knife. This blade, made by the Germans, can be easily hidden in your pocket or clipped onto your keychain.

It could serve as a good option among the list of self defense weapons, a suggestion just if you were hoping to get a good pocket knife for your safety.

Lipstick Knife

Popular among the ladies, as it is targeted towards them, the Lipstick knife is a cool hidden blade. It can be carried in a purse or your pocket and can easily fool anyone to believe it be a regular lipstick—when clearly, it’s not!

Impala Pocket Blade

A strange-looking but unique and cool pocket folding knife with a beautiful Rados Ladder pattern blade, with an impala head supporting actual gold horns at the end of the handle, makes it one of the coolest pocket knives on our list.

Too Big to Handle Swiss Army Knife

A version of the pocket blade, revered for its various uses, a Swiss Army pocket knife is nothing but cool. Still, the manufacturers went too far with this. The Giant Swiss Army knife contains 85 different tools, weighing around 2lbs and wide as solid 9 inches. Impractical pocket knife yet cool enough to have 85 fully functioning implements in a compact casing.

Antique Figural Ladies Leg Pocket Knife

It looks extraordinary at first, but when you take a closer look, you will find that it is a ladies’ leg pocket knife with a bottle opener, where the heel of the handle (and the shoe) can help open any crown cap bottle. All in all, if you are a collector of the antique blade, then this cool folding blade will be perfect for your collection.

Vintage Mermaid Pocket Blade

Once every sailor’s dream, a mermaid on her own, is a cool fantasy creature, but when you take a look at this cool mermaid pocket knife, you end up losing your cool over its awesomeness. We recommend that this one should be kept away from the children at all costs.

So, shown above were some cool pocket knives that we searched for all over the vast reaches of the internet and included them in our strangely cool pocket blade collection. We think if we keep on looking around the web, we might be able to find a more strange and cool blade, but the blades mentioned above are more than enough for the time being.

Just make sure that you keep frequenting our website, and reading our blogs, to know all sorts of interesting things about knives and swords. We hope to—see you again!

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