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People love buying martial arts weapons these days. That’s why, this time, we have decided to make our blog about cool Nunchucks that you can find in online stores at cheap wholesale prices. Ever since watching Bruce Lee perform awesome nunchuck tricks—people have been looking to get their hands on real nunchucks for sale, year after year. The Kung Fu craze lives to this day.

In case you want to purchase high quality but cheap martial arts weapons then luck has favored you. Because on Knife Import, you will find a large variety of martial arts and ninja weapons including real nunchucks at extremely low wholesale rates. Thus, whenever you need to buy wholesale martial arts weapons visit the website right away!

We think we need to move on to the main topic now, and let you know about various real nunchakus up for sale in the market at an affordable cost.

Top Quality but Cheap Nunchucks for Sale Online

Now, please splurge at your own will after reading about the following cheap nunchucks available for sale at wholesale prices on Knife Import. However, it’s best that you get only the item which you require instead of buying all of them, just because they are cool and being given away at a great bargain. So, what do you say, shall we go ahead?
Okay, let’s do this!

1. 11-inch Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku

Aluminium nunchucks - KnifeImport

We wanted to start our list of affordable and cheap nunchucks from this item because even though it looks very awesome and made out of aluminum, the expandable nunchaku can only be bought for the low price of $4.79. Unbelievable right? But it’s true!

More features of this extendable nunchaku are as follows:

  • 11” stick length (each)
  • Initially, a police baton but can be converted to a nunchaku when needed
  • Full length measures up to 22” when used as a baton
  • Comes in silver color

2. 12-inch Wooden Nunchucks with Stripes

Black wood nunchucks

Nothing can compare to a real nunchaku with a sleek and simple outlook. This product makes any martial artist make a go for it as soon as they lay their eyes on this plain yet cool item. Nothing much to explain about its features just that you will get:

  • Plain 12” round ball bearing wooden nunchaku sticks with two red stripes, along the part where you grab the weapon
  • The best martial arts weapon amounting $5.29 at wholesale rate

3. Wooden Nunchaku with Dragon Design (12-inches)

Nunchaku with Blue Dragon

Most martial artists prefer having nunchucks with ball bearing, so we have added another cool weapon to our list that meets the requirement of being affordable, of good quality, and looks amazing. What makes it so great? It’s a real nunchaku that costs you only $5.49 and has the following features:

  • Good quality cool nunchaku sticks with each having a blue dragon design
  • Black finish wood with layered ends for giving you a good grip
  • It offers a ball bearing swivel chain

4. 12” Dark Wood Nunchucks

Dark Wood Nunchaku

If you are fixated on getting a martial arts weapon that looks, feels, and even smells like wood then you must go for these real wooden nunchucks for sale at a really cheap rate of $5.49. People say that simplicity is beauty and it holds true for this martial arts weapon, which offers all the qualities given below:

  • 12-inch wooden sticks with layered grip
  • Cast metal chain and fittings
  • Round wooden nunchucks sticks

5. Round Rattan Wood Nunchucks (with 12-inch sticks)

Rattan Wood Nunchaku

We have compiled many of these martial arts weapons so far in the current list, but we think this might be the coolest nunchaku weapon made out of wood that online stores have to offer for sale. As this rattan nunchaku has burn mark patterns all over both sticks looks awe-striking and the lacquered finish makes the weapon even cooler. All its features are as follows:

  • Lacquered wood finish
  • Burned rattan wooden nunchaku
  • 12” overall length of sticks
  • Offered only for $7.79 with all its cool qualities and aesthetics

All the martial arts weapons listed above fall under the category of real nunchucks for sale. But we think it’s only appropriate to add some decorative and practice nunchucks in our list, so you have various options to choose from!

6. 12-inch Clear Acrylic Nunchucks

Clear Acrylic Nunchaku

Due to its transparent or clear outer appearance, this type of nunchucks is mostly used for decorative purposes or putting on a great show. People love watching a demonstration, much like the bruce lee nunchucks performance, using the weapon made from clear acrylic. Even though this decorative weapon is made from clear synthetic acrylic material, it only costs $12.99. So, it has the following qualities to offer:

  • Really cool looking acrylic nunchaku
  • Standard 12” stick length
  • Transparent/clear design

7. Foam Padded Practice Nunchucks with Dragon Design (12-inches)

Blue Foam Padded

No, these aren’t your normal martial arts training weapons. Why? Because they look really cool due to the dragon graphic/design imprinted on them. You can now practice your nunchaku techniques with style while being completely safe. To know about everything these weapons offer, read the points given below:

  • Padded Foam Nunchaku
  • 12” overall length
  • Cool dragon design
  • Being sold at just $4.99

That was our list of 7 nunchucks for sale at extremely affordable and cheap rates. If you think we have missed out on any cool nunchaku that you think are available out there at cheap prices, then do let us know!

As you may know, we are always in search of helping out people in getting cheap wholesale martial arts weapons. We will come up with more interesting blogs, similar to this one, so rest assured and keep visiting Knife Import to know more about various other martial arts weapons for sale in the market at low rates. Lastly, we bid you farewell until next time!

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