Ninjas were feared in the old days, but in the 21st century, they have become the most revered warriors. Let’s face it; ninjas are cool. Because when it comes to acting covertly, no one beats a Ninja (or Shinobi) as this lone warrior is highly trained in the art of moving quietly (Ninjitsu). Similarly, Ninja Weapons were designed to be light and deadly as per the requirement of their job in Japan's feudal era, which usually revolved around sneaking, robbing, and/or even forcing someone into an eternal slumber.

Ninjitsu followers have recalled time and time again that they were trained for silent surveillance—never to be discovered. But if they needed to defend themselves in a tricky situation, a ninja had to master all the dangerous weapons in his arsenal other than the usual katana sword fighting and archery.

You must have already seen some cool ninja weapons, or at least their copies put to use in movies and TV series. However, here at Knife Import, the best online store to buy real ninja swords at cheap prices, we are making a real ninja weapons list that you might like to know about. The order is not important, so don’t worry about the minor details and keep reading, so here goes.

1. Shuriken (Throwing Stars)

Shuriken, also known as ninja star, is undoubtedly the most easily identifiable weapon of a ninja warrior, mostly because of people portraying Ninjas in Hollywood action movies. The shuriken is a thin metal star with sharp tips and edges; these days, a throwing star's points can vary from a number of 4 to 6.

If you want to learn how to throw a shuriken, you can check out the right way through one of the many video content sharing websites.

2. Shuko (Hand Claws)

Ninjas are notoriously famous for being light on their feet and able to scale walls and trees within a few seconds, and the ninja weapon shuko was designed exactly for climbing surfaces. You can now find these ninja claws made out of steel mounted on an adjustable nylon wristband that enables you to climb trees and walls with ease. 

If you pair it with the next item we have added to our list; you will become a real ninja climber within no time. While you should keep in mind that anything embedded in a tree or wall is definitely deadly for humans.

3. Ashiko (Foot Spikes)

Walking on ice, scaling up walls, and climbing trees—all of this was made easier with the help of Ashiko or a pair of spiked weapon that can be quickly tied on each foot to make escapes or provide an edge during a fight. Well, I don’t know about you, but I really do not even want to imagine getting kicked with a ninja sashiko.

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4. Makibishi (Ninja Caltrops)

The Makibishi was basically what the Japanese called their caltrops, another name for them was tetsubishi that roughly translates to iron spikes. These real ninja weapons were used to stop enemies from pursuing their handlers because most people wore wood sandals back in Japan’s feudal era. Thus it was quite an effective technique to immobilize any attackers.

5. Kama (Japanese Sickle)

When we say the Kama amongst ninja weapons, we mean a simple sickle with a hook protruding at the end. However, Kusari-Gama, an improved version of the Kama, was used much more because, in this version, the sickle is attached to a metal chain and ball, or any weight at the extended end of the chain, which opens up a range of new attacks for its wielder.

6. Kunai

Strangely Kunai, a throwing ninja weapon, was ushered into the limelight through a rather popular anime Naruto. It’s a small and easily conceivable knife that ninjas found of great use. It can be thrown at an opponent or be used as cool knives when the enemy gets up close.

7. Kaginawa (Ninja Grappling Hook)

Kaginawa literally means hook and rope in the Japanese language, and thus it makes a basic grappling hook. However, there have been various sizes of both the hooks and ropes used for different purposes such as scaling up walls and hanging up other weapons or equipment and more.

8. Twin Ninja Swords

Another set of real ninja weapons that many already know about is the twin ninja swords, as various action movies have shown a person fighting with a single sword suddenly has two mid-fight. It’s only because these twin swords are made with half handguards and have been combined with looking like one. Ninjitsu followers used this technique to confuse their enemies and give themselves a better edge at both attacking and defending at one time.

9. Bamboo Stick

This is a rather unusual mention in this list, but bamboo staff or sticks have been used as a weapon for a long time. Naturally, ninjas were also trained to fight with a bamboo stick because it’s easily accessible in countries like Japan.

10. Nekote (Cat Claws)

Female ninjas were left out of the loop for most of this blog. So, we must put one of their favorite weapons on the list is Neko-te. As its name suggests, these ninja weapons look like cat claws because they are just strong and sharp iron fingernails protruding from a leather band that you can wear on your hands.

We left out the simplest and another lethal asset from this list because it can be used with any previously mentioned ninja weapons. What do you think it is? It’s poison! Yes, ninjas were supposed to be spies, and if people were roaming around after escaping their attack, then their identities could not have been protected for a long time. So this group of ninpo observers made sure that no one could escape their grasp once in it. Shop Now.

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