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Usually, when knife enthusiasts think or talk about hidden blade knives, they often end up imagining something like the assassin’s creed hidden blade. But in the current blog, we are not going to discuss the fantasy knives and other blades. We are going to give you details on various hidden blades that you can find in stores. In our opinion, you are going to enjoy reading this one but only if you read it till the end. So, please go through all the Real Hidden Blade knives mentioned in this piece to pick the perfect one for yourself!

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Types of Hidden Blade Knives Available at Cheap Prices

The purpose of a hidden blade is nothing more than to be:

  1. concealed or unnoticeable,
  2. easily accessible (without arousing much suspicion) and
  3. of good quality

If your hidden boot knife is only awesome looking but doesn’t provide you an actual edge, then it’s no use at all.

So, keeping those things in mind, we present you different types of real hidden blade for sale in stores online and otherwise:

• Comb with Hidden Knife

Black Comb WIth Hidden Knife

When you see it in passing, you will never know that this harmless looking comb might contain a deadly hidden blade, which fulfills its first purpose as it can be placed anywhere in your room, study, or even the bathroom. So, it can be accessible to you almost all of the time without catching anyone’s attention. Most products in this category are made with care, and this comb with a hidden blade for sale is no exception. Thus, you can go ahead and get one of these for the mere price of $1.99 at wholesale rates.

Features: 6.5” overall length – 3” stainless steel hidden blade – plastic handle.

• Letter Opener Pen Knife

Letter Opener Hidden Pen Knife

Most people consider them novelties, but they prove to be extremely useful, for they pass for everyday carry (EDC) tools that everyone has in their pockets. Thus, you can take your pen with a hidden blade knife anywhere without anyone suspecting a thing. Just make sure there are no security checks where you are going!

Sometimes the hidden pen knife comes with a small letter opener blade, while at other times, they can have partially serrated hidden blades as well. While you can find some of these good pens with letter opener hidden knife anywhere between $2 to $8 price range in wholesaling stores. Even MTech, the famous knife manufacture, offers similar products in its catalog!

Common Features: Pen knife – 2.5” to 3” stainless steel blade – Pocket clip

• Necklace with Hidden Blade

Scorpion Necklace With Hidden Knife

We think there is no cooler way to hide a knife than concealing it inside a necklace. You will find all sorts of them out there in the market. However, we want to discuss the Fantasy Master scorpion hidden knife necklace. Why? Because it’s cool and comes with 3.5” long stainless steel hidden blade and silver bead chain at the low price of $3.99 only.

Just remember, whenever you are in the market for buying a hidden knife, you must find a necklace that suits your personality. Because in case you don’t, it will always look out of place, and an assailant might figure out that you don’t have a necklace but a hidden blade hanging around your neck.

Usual features: Cool necklace with hidden fixed blade knife – 3 to 3.5” blade made with stainless steel – Comes with a chain.

• Belt Buckle Knife

Buckle Hidden Knife

You and many other people might already know about and use an adjustable belt with a hidden blade in its buckle. For its very popular, easily concealed and you can wear it most of the time when you are going out or at home. You will come across various belt buckle hidden blade knives with different patterns, designs, and logos on their buckles. So, make sure you get an appropriate one for your formal wear, while you can get a cool one for your casual outings.

You might have already guessed it, but the belt buckle knife is a little costly than most other options we told you about in this blog. Therefore, you can expect them to be at least around $11.99 to $12.99, even at their cheapest wholesale price.

Features: 53” adjustable nylon belt – Buckle hidden blade – Different colors and designs

As we wrap up this piece, we believe you have enjoyed today’s blog that entailed various types of real hidden blade knives and how much they can cost you at their wholesale rates. In case you have to suggest some more hidden blades to be added in the list, you can contact us, as we wait for your valuable input.

So, keep visiting Knife Import on a daily basis to read more blogs on knives for sale in the market. Until next time—we bid you farewell!

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