Rainbow Knife

The knife is one of the ancient tools man has needed, dating back to the stone age. Though it has been used as a weapon too, putting it into the context of outdoor self defense makes it the most important tool for all. It can be used for defense against pillagers and hostiles, and at the same time it is used in the preparation of the meal, setting up shelter and many more. As there are several types of cool knives available these days, but a rainbow knife is one of the most demanding survival knives.

In this article, we are going to discuss about rainbow knife in detail. All the mentioned things will give you a clear idea about it and you will surely want to have it. Hence, to buy one, you can just visit KnifeImport.com and check out the large variety of cool cheap knives.

What is a Rainbow Knife?

In general, it is a knife that features multiple colors just like a rainbow. Not only, it looks great but also has all sorts of features which are found in the best blade. Rainbow pocket knife is lightweight, smaller in size, and durable. These types of knives have sharp blades and also come with locking and spring assisted mechanism. Because of all these specifications, they are easy-to-carry and very easy-to-use in order to handle all kinds of critical situations.

Rainbow Pocket Knife - Ultimate Tool to Ensure Self Defense

Do you think that self defense is a relatable subject only for those suspected to meet imposing young and sturdy intimidators that one would not want to argue with? In fact, self defense is for all because nasty encounters can happen to anybody. So, to carry something for self-protection and having a rainbow pocket knife can give you an ultimate satisfaction.

As it is the best edc knife which you can carry secretly alongwith you and use it to distract or inflict damage on someone trying to attack you, without knowing him that you have it. Might be it sounds a little strange but rainbow knives really do work. We know because many outdoorsmen have told us about their street fight experiences and how this type of knife could save their life.

Other than that, you can use a rainbow knife outdoor for a myriad of purposes. A most important use of all, it assists you to gather small branches and wood for the fire. If trapped or outdoors in a winter landscape, it will hack through ice and frost. It can also help you prepare meat of your hunted animals by stripping the flesh from the fur. So, it means that it can work as a multi-purpose tool for outdoorsmen, while the primary objective is to use for self defense.

Best Features of Rainbow Knife

Having such type of pocket knives is a rewarding experience, whether you use it for self-protection or for any other reason. Well, there are so many features that they have and this is what makes them one-of-its-kind. Let us take a look at the best features of these cool pocket knives!

1. Lightweight

A good point for your knife would be its weight. No doubt, a lighter weight blade makes every day carrying a breeze. So, prefer rainbow pocket knife because it is lightweight and small in size compared to other knives. Moreover, it never sacrifices durability and strength for secretly.

2. Brand Quality

Almost everyone believes that choosing a branded knife is the best way to go. Currently, rainbow pocket knives are manufactured by the best knife brands such as Tac Force, MTech, Masters Collection, Dark Side Blades, Elk Ridge and many more. All their products are made of high-quality steel and meet all standards of the manufacturing process. They are perfect in all ways- for example, the right size, handle material, blade design and sharpness as well. So, when you are going to buy a rainbow knife, you should be sure you are picking it by one of these brands.

3. Blade Locking Mechanism

Another appealing feature is that a rainbow pocket knife usually has a good blade locking system. This advanced technology stops the blade from closing on your hand accidentally while using it. This feature ensures safety as a folding knife closing unexpectedly can cause injury.

4. Assisted Opening Mechanism

Similar to the blade locking mechanism, rainbow pocket knives also come with the assisted opening system. Through which, the user is able to open the blade quickly with just pressing a button. The blade is fixed to the handle and get locked in order to use the knife safely. Due to this funtionality they are called spring assisted knives.

5. Vibrant Look

Indeed, the look matters a lot. So, like many, if you want a good looking pocket knife with a nice exterior finish, look no further than the rainbow knife. It possesses a vibrant look just like a rainbow. Some branded knives also feature great artworks that appeal a number of people interested in buying them.

6. Pocket Clip

You will agree that the best pocket knife is one that comes with a pocket clip. Because this accessory can make it carrying easier. With a pocket clip, you can clip it onto your pocket. It is really safe instead of carrying a knife inside your pocket without a clip.

7. Cheap Prices

Last but not least, rainbow knives are cheap knives if you get them from a trusted dealer. Knife Import promises to offer a large variety of cool knives at pocket-friendly prices. However, if you are a businessman and looking for bulk buying, then you can simply browse the wholesale knives collection. It is a great option that makes you able to purchase blades at very reasonable prices and then you can make more money by reselling them at higher prices.

Care and Maintenance of Rainbow Knife

Once you have a rainbow pocket knife, it's important that you should clean it from time to time. Regular wear and tear can start to creep in and that will considerably minimize the life of the tool. Also, the primary use of such kind of knife is self defense, so it's important to keep it every time with you. It will surely help you to be safe in critical situations.

Final Words

The rainbow knife is a good tool to have every day. Though it can be used for common, everyday tasks, it is perfectly called into duty for emergencies and self defense. It has become the first choice of outdoorsmen because it ensures self-protection. However, before buying, you should take a look at the above-mentioned features so that you have a good one. So, to get yours, start exploring the pocket knives for sale at Knife Import right now! Well, the last point is that you should consider the laws in your states to ensure the legal use of a pocket knife.

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