As a knife lover, you need something that’s a fair balance between a tool and a weapon. Depending on where your usage extends, there are knives that would suit you more than others. Normally for regular grunt work, you can make do it with something simple like folding knives. In the case that your work is fast-paced and constant, assisted opening knives are ideal for you.

There are a dozen different uses of knives and each of them requires a different type. If you know what you’re getting you’re probably already sure. If you don’t know what to get, the general rule is to get the tool that’s easier to use.

What’s So Special about Spring Assisted Knives?

Unlike the regular blades we use every day, speed is the best factor of an assisted opening pocket knife. There are many incidents where you need a knife quickly and don't have time to retrieve it or uncover it. A spring knife has a built-in mechanism that keeps the blade clicked into the handle. You just need to push a button to retrieve the blade and use it in a swift motion.

You can always go to the folding one, but this mechanism saves time and is also safer. You don’t need to worry about leaving it around and someone getting hurt. On top of that, pocket knives are the most travel-friendly blades as well.

They fit in small spaces and pack light so you can always carry them at your convenience. The best thing about spring knives is that they work well for self-defense. If you are in trouble, the quick action of the spring loaded knife will give you instant protection.

The Best Assisted Opening Knives For You

As discussed there are various motivations for buying spring assisted knives. Some reasons have been highlighted and according to individual usage, many can be explained. But whatever the initiative might be, a spring knife suits all kinds of people and their jobs.

  • Considering how important it is to have something to keep you safe, a knife is necessary. If you need a good self-defense blade, the best option is Mtech Spring Assisted Wood Knife. It has a solid wood and stainless steel blade and body and swift spring technology. It also comes with a pocket clip so you can carry it on your person easily.
  • For your everyday outdoorsman, a proper knife is welcome. You need a multifunctional blade that'll take care of odd cutting jobs. With the Mtech Green Stonewashed Spring Assisted Knife, you will get that multi-functionality. It has a serrated edge that can cut wires, ropes, and even carve wood if needed.
  • In an outdoor setting like camping or hiking, you can get a spring knife for convenience. It’s best to have something like the Mtech Black Aluminum-handle Spring Assisted Knife. The durable material can withstand extreme temperatures in the wilderness. It also has a small blade that is easy to carry and is a convenience for camp chores.
  • As a first-response officer, be it a medic or a firefighter, a pocket knife is a must-have on the go. If there is one you must invest in, it’s the Mtech Evolution Spring Assisted Tactical Knife. It’s the ultimate knife lottery, as it has a glass breaker, screwdriver, hex wrench, bottle opener, and wire cutter. With so many tools built into one knife, you can take care of any emergency.

If all these cool knives appeal to you, then you have more coming your way. Rather than settling for a few choices in your local shops, try online knife stores.

Lower Prices But Superior Quality Knives For Sale

If knives are an essential part of your life or as tools, you can find the ones that suit you. Especially if you are concerned about the price, Knife Import is here to help you. The best online store for wholesale knives, you will find a plethora of affordable blades on their list.

The incredible knife collection mentioned above is not only legit but also quite cheap to buy. You can find multiple options of the best, multifunctional blades on a budget. With prices as low as $8, you can easily buy a knife that’ll pay for itself in the long years you will continue to use it.