Spring Assisted Knife

There are so many different styles of pocket knives available in the market. But, spring loaded is the most amazing in this category. Some people prefer them for self defense and others may have them for little tasks like slicing some kind of fruit. Besides this, some people also like to have spring assisted knives for just a hobby and really like to have a collection of them. No matter why you need to own them, you must have knowledge about them. Here, in this article, we are going to explain some different pros and cons of using them. So, continue reading and get yourself updated!

Introducing the Spring Assisted Knives

As the name shows, a spring assisted pocket knife assists you with one-handed operation. In general, it is a type of folding knife in which the blade has been integrated with an assisted opening mechanism. It typically has a thumb stud or ridge that lets the blade starts to extend and unfold for usage. All you need to do is to just hold a knife with one hand and then simply press the thumb stud fitted on the handle in order to use it quickly. These knives are also termed as spring loaded and assisted opening knives.

Don’t Mix Up These Cool Knives with Switchblades

Are you considering them as switchblades? Please, don’t do it! Though assisted opening knives and switchblades have some similarities, both are quite different too. One of the main differences is the functionality. Yes, both work differently. A switchblade is automatically opened when the button is pressed. Conversely, a spring loaded knife has a button (thumb stud or button) that is designed to start the blade opening from the handle. The user is required to apply some force to completely open the blade for quick deployment. It simply means that an assisted opening blade opens almost 45 degrees by the user before the internal assisted opening mechanism finishes the opening procedure.

Another difference between these two is the legal status. Switchblades are not legal to own and carry in many states of the US. On the other hand, spring assisted pocket knives are legal to own and carry in the United States. They are especially popular among outdoorsmen and servicemen such as police, firefighters, and many other law enforcement agencies for self defense.

Pros of Using Assisted Opening Knives

Below are some important advantages of owning and using a spring loaded knife:

1. Instant Opening Operation

As we have explained above that these pocket knives need the user to apply pressure to the blade to open it. Once it happens, the attached spring system tends to end the blade’s deployment. This results in a very fast and easy opening process that is the most evident advantage of this knife. The quicker you press the button and apply force, the quicker you can perform your task which might be cutting a rope in a survival situation or simply fighting off an assailant. So, before using it practically, do some practice to open and close it with speed.

2. One-Handed Convenience

Because of the advanced spring assisted system, these cool pocket knives support the one-handed operation. That means you can do your task by just holding your knife in one hand. Thus, it offers you maximum convenience and with the other hand, you are free to do whatever you want. All in all, due to the deployment speed and handling with one hand, using a spring loaded knife is so beneficial in case of an emergency as it can provide ultimate easiness to defend yourself.

3. Easy to Carry and Conceal

They are folding knives, therefore, they are easy to carry and conceal. They can be carried in a pocket, purse or backpack. As they are small in size and concealable, so no one can guess what you have if you find yourself involved in a life-threatening situation. Remember, it is legal to travel with them, thus you can go anywhere and keep them with confidence.

4. Closing Locking System

Not only, they feature a spring assisted system but also use a locking mechanism that keeps the open blade safely in place, letting you perform tough tasks securely until you are prepared to close the knife. As well, the locking system locks the blade and ensures to safe carry in pocket or purse when you don’t use it. Like so, it will not hurt you while carrying it.

5. Multi-Purpose Tools

Even though spring assisted knives are good to choose for any application, they are designed in a way that they work as multi-purpose tools. Therefore, no matter whatever you need to do, you can do it easily with the help of an assisted opening pocket knife. Apart from this, these cool knives also feature some utility tools such as bottle opener, screwdriver, or many more, which make them the best everyday carry (EDC) tools for all.

6. Affordable Prices

Like various other types of pocket knives, they are not so expensive. These cheap knives are available in a different price range as they come in different styles, designs, and color schemes as well. Thus, you can easily choose one according to your needs and budget.

We are sure, above-mentioned benefits will surely compel you to buy one.

Cons of Using Spring Assisted Knives

As everything has some weak points, spring assisted knives for sale also possess some disadvantages that everyone should know, who are willing to buy them.

1. Though they offer quick deployment, keep in mind that they still need an extra step of opening the blade and that is pushing the thumb stud. It also takes time and sometime you can’t afford it.

2. If you consider to buy a spring loaded knife without the locking mechanism, bear in mind it can harm you. Because there are some chances to press the button automatically when you hold the knife in your pocket, and once it opens in your pocket, it can cause you hurt.

3. Last but not least, some assisted opening knives are not suitable for tough tasks like hunting or camping.

Final Words

In a nutshell, spring assisted knives are good tools to have. Primarily used for common, everyday cutting and prying tasks they are sometimes called into duty for emergencies as well, for instance, cutting a seat belt or as self defense. So, don’t miss out on them. Hence, if you are planning to buy them for cheap, you can simply consider purchasing wholesale knives at Knife Import. Being a trustworthy wholesale distributor, we present a large variety of different types of pocket knives at very economical prices. Our wholesale deals are perfect to grab if you are running a business and your aim is to save money on bulk buying. By buying in bulk at a wholesale price, you can simply resell them at premium prices and make a massive profit in order to grow your business successfully.

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