Brass Knuckles

So what kind of implications are involved in carrying our list of the best self defense weapons? Here we will try to cover the pros and cons of carrying a concealed weapon - Brass Knuckles - for self defense purposes.

Brass Knuckles - The Best Self Defense Weapon

There is no doubt about it, we all live in a dangerous world and everyone needs to keep themselves protected from any violent attacks. When it comes to outdoor persons, they are ones who need to put a little more effort to keep themselves protected outside. There are so many self defense weapons available in the markets including knives, stun guns, pepper spray, and brass knuckles as well.

Among all, brass knuckles are now considered a good choice as a self defense weapon. Knuckle duster, knucks, or simply knuckles are the other names of this small handy weapon, which is typically used for close combats. A knuckle duster is crafted with rounded metal rings that users need to fit around their fingers and hit their opponents with a solid punch from few feet away in order to keep themselves safe.

Pros of Carrying Brass Knuckles

  • When you use this weapon against someone physically attacking you, you will have an upper hand. Especially if you use the knuckle with the element of surprise and maximum aggression. All you need is to just wear a knuckle and then close your fist to throw a solid punch to the opponent, and that’s it. It will stop the attacker because it can cause a severe injury to him and in this way, you can get a victory in the fight. Further, if you threaten a mugger by dropping a knuckle towards him, still he might not be able to use it against you if you run away from him immediately.
  • If you carry a knuckle duster all the time, it is an ultimate defensive weapon for you in an emergency. This kind of weapon can be very helpful in stopping an attacker, but it won’t do you any good if it is left at home on your nightstand. Further, it will be hard to use effectively if it is buried in your purse. When you get a knuckle, wear it, or simply keep it in your pocket whenever you are going to be in a vulnerable position.
  • If you pull a knuckle duster on someone, they have the legal right in several places to use a weapon against you as well. Hence, it can also be ruled that both of you were in the wrong, so be aware of the implications of using knucks in the state that you are in.

Cons of Carrying Knuckles

  • A problem with carrying a brass knuckle is that it is illegal in some areas. So, be careful about it and make sure it’s allowed to use knuckles in your living state.
  • The knuckle’s punch might be deadly and you may get involved in a criminal case. So, always remember the purpose of using it.

Be Prepared to Use Brass Knuckles

Before you purchase brass knuckles, you have to settle it in your mind that you are going to use this valuable self defense weapon if you get attacked. Many people have a hard time visualizing having to use a knuckle against another person. You have to cross that line in your mind and tell yourself that you will use this best self defense weapon if an attack is to happen.

Considering Fancy Brass Knuckles as a Gift

Because of its importance and popularity among people, it is also best that you consider brass knuckles as a gift to a friend or a family member. There are so many things that can give as a gift such as jewelry, shoes, bags, and many more. All these things are undeniable more fascinating compared to this self defense weapon but they may not be very helpful in time of danger. Giving a knuckle duster is definitely a great idea that you should consider because it is something that can save your dear ones’ life.

For instance, if you are going to give a knuckle to your friend as a birthday present, especially if your friend is a woman, you can even look for fancy knuckles which can be used as fashion accessories. Apart from this, it will also function as a self defense weapon. At first, your friend may not think that it is the best gift among all but she will soon realize that the knuckle is very beneficial and useful. In the event that your friend has been attacked by a robber, she can make use of the knuckle to get away from the attacker. However, as you give it as a gift to her, you have to inform your friend that she should always bring this little weapon in her bag or pocket wherever she will go. You can also tell her to make some practice on how to use a knuckle properly or you can teach her.

Another thing that makes brass knuckles a great gift is that they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors and are relatively reasonable as far as pricing. So, buy a high quality knuckle duster and give it as a gift to your loved ones! It will express your feelings that how caring you are about them.

Buy a Powerful Knuckle Duster Model

If you are looking for brass knuckles for sale online to buy one, don’t settle for one of the cheap models that you can get at any retail store. You want serious stopping power. There are some high-quality knucks out there that are manufactured by well-renowned companies such as MTech and Z-Hunter. To get one of them, Knife Import is the most recommended online store.

We have a large collection of fancy and real brass knuckles in our store. You can explore it and confidently place an order for your desired one to get it at home. Well, below are some of the best knuckles that you can purchase from us:

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So, get your hands on a quality knuckle duster and use it for personal protection or as a gift for dear ones.


That's about it for today folks. It is a fact that you want a real defensive weapon and not a toy to defend yourself against violent attackers. So, in this article, we told you how the brass knuckles are the most popular and useful self defense weapons for you. As well, if you want to buy one, you can give a try to the above-mentioned products or simply visit our store to check out more collection.

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